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1/4/60 2 <br />( SANITARY SEWER PROBLEMS. <br />Edina's need for a connection to the Hopkins sanitary sewer to serve some <br />four homes near the Interlachen Country Club, the Qilhoit- residence being one, <br />was brought out in discu'ss'ion, it being agreed that Hopkins would charge a <br />normal trunk assessment and monthly service charge, that Edina would cancel its <br />own trunk assessment and macnt'ain lateral to Hopkins border. <br />that even this arrangement would cost property owners approximately $2,000 per <br />lot. <br />It was pointed out <br />Hopkins agreeable to arrangement if lost owners wish it. <br />Hopkins' desire to make a connection to. the Edina trunk sewer and to use part <br />of Edina's capacity in the Richfield-Edina outlet to the Metropolitan Sewage <br />Disposal Plant was talked over at some length. <br />make a study to see if the capacity predicted for Edina will fall below estimates <br />made for the contract with the 'liietropolitan Sewer District and will, therefore, <br />allow for some capacity to Hopkins in the RichfBeld-Edina sewer; that Hopkins <br />will share ir; the cost of said study. The reasons for a possible differential <br />in estimates are - 1. purchase of the large Hays farm for park purposes; and <br />2. changes in the zoning ordinances. Hopkins stated that it will take as much <br />or as little capacity as can be given, large or small; that if an additional <br />sewer must be laid to meet the Hopkins sewer,financing will be determined at a <br />later date. <br />There being nothing further on the agenda for thik meeting, it was adjourned, <br />at approximately 6:OO P.M. <br />It was agreed that Edina will <br />b .* <br />Allen Locke, Acting Clerk * <br />I