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I <br />l/ii/60 3 , *: MINUTES OF THE: NGULk MEETING OF THF: EDINA VIELkE COUNCIL, HELb MbNDAY, <br />YANUARY 11, 1960, AT 7:OO P.M., AT TIE - <br />EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Beim, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of December 30, 1959 were approved as submitted, <br />and Minutes of the Regular Meeting of December 14, 1959 were approved,.with the <br />following amendments, by motion Tupa, seconded by Beim and carried: <br />1.: Page 296, Book 22 - Paragraph entitled "DUMP TRUCK AND BUCKET LOADER" shall be <br />changed to read, %r. Hyde reported receipt 04 bids from six bidders on the Truck <br />and Loader; that bids differed as to the type of body to be furnished;.that Pioneer <br />GMC Co. is apparent low bidder at $5,030.40 for truck plus $3,098 for Loader"-- <br />2. <br />LAND" - The sentence in the middle of paragraph, beginning "For purposes of <br />straightening the creek channel" is amended by substituting the word "easet1 for the <br />word west as written into the Minutes. <br />3. Page 297, Book 22 - Paragraph entitled "BROOKVIEW HEIGHTS FOURTH ADDITION <br />PRELIMINARY PLAT DISCUSSED" shall be amended by substituting the word llpublicll for <br />the word "drainage" in the sentence beginning "It showed Outlot One". <br />4. Page 300, Book 22 - Paragraph entitled "HYLAND ACRES FINAL PLAT WITHDRAWN" <br />shall be amended to read "Planning Director Hite reported that this Plat, of the <br />McDonald Property on Blake Road just south of Mirror Lake, has been withdrawn from <br />this evening's agenda because Planning Commission has not yet taken definite action <br />on it.'# <br />Amendments to Minutes of December 14, 1959: <br />Page 297, Book 22 - Paragrpph entitled "CONGREGATIONAL CONFERENCE DONATES PARK <br />PUBLIC JBARINGS ON ZONING VARIANCES. 'Public Hearings were called by Mayor Bredesen <br />on the following Zoning Variances, pursuant to "Notices of Hearings" as mailed by <br />Planning Director. <br />1. PETITION OF MR. EARLE W. DIERCKS for 8-foot Side Yard Setback for Lot 9, Block <br />3, Birchcrest 2nd Addn. (5220 Birchcrest Drive). <br />proposed location of dwelling on lot, being 8 feet from one lot line, 8% feet from <br />the other. <br />request because the other homes in the .block had had the privilege of building to a' <br />five-foot setback in accordance with former provisions of ord-inance. <br />were registered at the Hearing, and no written object-ions had been received prior <br />thereto, and Tupa moved that requested setback be permitted.Botion seconded by <br />Beim and carried. <br />2. <br />It was explained that this tract was a 'left-over' parcel at the time of platting <br />neikhboring property; that it has had a house on it for some years and that matter <br />has come to Council's attention only because owner cannot, now, give clear title <br />under provisions of recent regulations of Village zoning ordinance. There were no <br />objections to the establishment of- this tract as a legal lot, and none had been <br />received prior to the Hearing. Dickson offered the following Resolution and moved <br />its adoption: <br />Action taken as hereinafter recorded. <br />Mr. Hite presented survey showing <br />He explained that Planning Commission had recommended favorably on this <br />No objections <br />PETITION FOR ESTABLISHMENT OF LEGh LOT--58-FOOT-FRONT TRACT AT 3922 W.49TH ST. <br />RESOLUTION GRANTING VARIANCE <br />FROM ZONING ORDINANCE <br />BE IT RE3OLVED' by the Council of the Village of Edina, Minnesota, as follows: <br />requirements of previous and present zoning ordinances of this Village impose a <br />demonstrable and unusual hardship upon the owners of the following described <br />property: <br />1: It is hereby found, determined and declared that the minimum frontage <br />"That part of the Northeast 1/4 of the Southeast 1/4 of the Northeast <br />1/4 of Section 18, Township 28 North, Range 24 West of the 4th Principal <br />Meridian, described as follows: 'Commencing at a point in the South <br />iline of sa5d Northeast 1/4 of Southeast 1/4 of Northeast 1/4 of said <br />Section 18 distant 255 feet Westerly from the Southeast corner of said <br />Northeast 1/4 of Southeast 1/4 of Northeast 1/4; thence West along said <br />South line 58 feet;- thence North parallel with the East line of said <br />Section, 143 feet; thence East parallel with the South line of the <br />Northeast 1/4 of Southeast 1/4 of Northeast 1/4 a distance of 58 feet; <br />thence South 143 feet to the point of beginning'". <br />that such hardship was not created by act or omission of the present owners, who <br />will be deprived of the reasonable use of their property unless relieved from the <br />application of such frontage requirements; and that a variance with respect to <br />said property will not impair the public health, safety, comfort, morals or <br />welfare of the inhabitants of the Village. <br />granted, and the property above, described is hereby relieved, retroactively and <br />prospectively, from the application of the minimum frontage requirements of the <br />zoning ordinance of the Village. <br />Motion for adoption of Resolution was seconded by wler, and on Rollcall there were <br />five ayes and no nays, as follows: Beim, aye son, aye; Kohler, aye; Tupa, aye; <br />and Bredesen, aye; and the Resolution was ad <br />2. The application of the owners of said property for a variance is therefore <br />Mayor 8-N w <br />illage Clerk