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1/11/60 <br />BI]ss &i&D$D ON STREET EQUIPH4NT Manager Hyde preseited Tabulation of Bids taken <br />December 14, 1959, together with-his recommendations, as follows, and action was <br />4 <br />taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />Tabulation showed Bement-Cahill Equipment Go. bidding 'on a <br />Tennaht Model 100 (2-Yd) at $8,793.00, Phillippi Equipment Co., bidding on Wayne <br />Model 220 Vacuumized *(2-Yd) at $9,790 and Model 200 (2-Yd) at $8,450; and Road <br />Machinery Go,, bidding on Austin-Vestern Bodel 40 (2-Yd) at $7,902; Public Works <br />Equipment Go., Phillippi Equipment Go., and Zeco Go. each bidding on 3-Yd. models <br />at $8,995.00, $9,300.00 and $7,788.27 respectively; and on the 4-Yd. Mode&, <br />Road Nachinery Go., bidding Austin-Western Model 60, at $10,367.00; Public Works <br />Equipment Go., bidding Elgin White i?ing IV, at $9,895.00; Phillippi Equipment Go., <br />bidding Wayne Model 1-550, at $10,180.00; and <br />at $9,018.78. <br />sweepers had not been,too thoroughly considered because he and the Public Works <br />Supt, had become convinced, after watching the Tennant last year, that the <br />vacuumized sweeper is not what the Village needs for heavy street work; that the <br />other four models had been considered; that the Mobil is a truck-mounted sweeper <br />and has not proved to be satisfactory in gett+g around low radius corners; that <br />the Village has had an Elgin for 4% years and has had trouble getting parts because <br />the local distributor does not carry a complete line of parts and they must be <br />shipped from Cleveland, thus causing delay in the repair. He stated that Phillippi <br />Equipment, bidding on Wayne Models, does carry a complete parts stock, and recommended <br />that bid be awarded to Phillippi at $10,180.00 for the Model 1-550 (4-Yd), stating <br />that this bid is higher than that for the Elgin by about $285 but that with the <br />Wayne a steel broom will be furnished, which will lessen the difference by about <br />$150; that he believes the availability of parts and service to be a big advantage, <br />and that this make has been satisfactory to both City of Minneapolis and Minnesota <br />Highway Department. <br />answered to the effect that this model is just not heavy enough for the type of <br />work which must be done here. <br />that the bid of Phillippi Equipment Go., for a Wayne Model No. 1-550, amount <br />$10,180 .OO be accepted in viey of the Manager ' s recommendations iherefor . <br />seconded by Beim and carried. <br />Pioneer GMC being low, with a bid of $5,030.40, and International Harvester Go., <br />second low, at .$5,091.06. <br />that of Handling Equipment Co., for a #850 GT Grapple Tilt nodal, at $3,090.00. <br />Manager recommended acceptance of the truck bid of International Harvester Go., <br />stating that this will standardize our requipment, and that the bid of GMN Pioneer <br />.mst be .increased by $150 because this truck's fenders are too wide for the mounting <br />of the loader without additional work.for adaptation, Tupa's motion, that <br />contract for truck be awarded to International Harvester Co., and that bid for <br />Loader be awarded to Handling Equipment Go., was seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />I. STREET WEEPER. <br />Zeco Go., bidding Mobil Model 1000-4, <br />Mr. Hyde told Council that the Tennant 2-Yd. and other vacuumized <br />Trustee Dickson asked Mr. Hyde about the Tennant and ~7as <br />Some further discussion was had, apd Kohler moved <br />Motion <br />2. TRUCK AND FRONT END LOADER. Tabulation showed six bidders on the Truck, <br />Only one bid was received on the Front End Loader, <br />CURB AND GUTTER AND BLACKTOPPING PETITION FOR ST. JOHNS AVE , FRO11 VAUEY VIEW TO <br />64TH ST.; ASHCROFT LANE FRO31 ST.JOHNS AVE. TO 64TH ST. ; 63RD ST., ASKCROFT LANE <br />TO CONCORD Am.; CONCORD AVE. FROM 62ND TO 64TH ST. ACCEPTED. <br />this petition, asking that it be considered with other petitions for work in 1960, <br />although submitted beyond the deadline established for said work. He explained <br />that petition had been circulated by a resident pursuant to Mr. Hyde's answer to <br />residents after receipt of a complaint about street conditions in this area.. <br />Kohler moved for acceptance of petition and for programming in line with regular <br />priority. <br />Manager presented <br />Motion seconded by mpa and carried. <br />MINNEAPOLIS GAS COXPANY'S PENDING RATE INCREASE was discussed pursuant to the <br />Company's January 7th notification to the Council, reason for increase being the <br />increase in the wholesale cost of gas to the Company. <br />to go into effect for all gas bills rendered after January 31, 1960. <br />No action taken. Increase <br />mD BIRD CAB GO. APPLICATION FOR LICENSE TO OPERATE TEN TAXICABS was submitted <br />and referred to Manager and Police Department, for investigation as to method of <br />operations in Richfield and Bloomington. <br />Suburban Yelloy, in Edina, Mayor Bredesen saying he has had only two complaints, <br />both being about the delay e-xperienced in securing a cab. <br />HEARING SCREDULED ON PETITION OF MR. L.J. CRAMER FOR 5-FOOT SIDE YARD SETBACK AT <br />5205 MINNEHAHA BLVD. Planning Director Hite reported that Planning Commission's <br />January 6th favorable recommendation to this petition, explaining that restrictions <br />on side yard setbacks have changed since this home was constructed; that, in convert- <br />ingh breezeway and garage (non-liveable 'space) into a kitchen and bedroom, the <br />applicant will be in violation of the present ordinance; that other homes in the <br />block are within five feet of the lot line. <br />Hearing on this petition for Monday, January 25, was seconded by Dickson and <br />carried. <br />Discussion was had on operations of <br />I <br />Kohler's motion scheduling Public