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1/23, '60 <br />IIXWTES OF T€E REGUL& NEXTING OF Tm kDINA VILLAGE' ' <br />COUNC'LL, HELD MONDAY, JANUARY 25, 1960, AT 7:OO P.W. , <br />AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Nembers answering Rollcall were Beim, Dickson, Kohler and Bredesen. <br />Minutes of the Regular IIeeting of January 11, and of the I Joint Hopkins-Edina Meekng <br />of January 4, 1960, were approved as submitted, by motion Dickson, seconded by Beim <br />and carried. <br />PUBLIC REARING ON PETITION OF L.J, CRABBR, 5205 MINNEHAHA BLVD., FOR FIVE-FOOT SIDE <br />YARD SETBACK. <br />Hearing" and, pursuant to said Notice, Mayor Bredesen called this Hearing, being on <br />petition of the L.J. Cramers, at 5205 Minnehaha Blvd., for permit to convert a <br />garage and breezeway to living quarters, with a five-foot side yard setback, no longer <br />legal under terms of present ordinance. <br />Mr. Hite explained the Planning Commission had recommended favorably on the request <br />inasmuch as the other homes in this block had enjoyed the privilege of this setback <br />under old terms of ordinance, Blr. G.E. Carroll, representing Dr. and Mrs. Tudor, <br />next-door neighbors, presented the Tudors' objections, being - 1. <br />is on side of building which adjoins the Tudors' patio; 2. New building will be <br />almost two storeys high; 3. <br />value to their dwelling for sale. Elr. Carroll presented proof, by a listing with <br />a real estate company, that the dwelling is now for sale. Mr. Hite told Council <br />that Planning Commission had not been aware of owners' intent to sell when their <br />recommendation was made. <br />should be allowed only in cases where there is no possibility of harming surrounding <br />properties, moved for denial of request. <br />Planning Director Hite presented affidavit of mailing of "Notice of <br />I The Cramers were not present at the Hearing. <br />That conversion <br />Cramers are asking for this privilege only to add <br />Trustee Kohler, stating he feels thaf ordinance variances <br />Motion seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PETITION OF C.K. KATTER FOR PERMIT FOR DOUBLE BUNGALOV AT 6224 <br />BEARD AVE. Pursuant to Mr. Hite's Affidavit of Mailing of Notice of Hearing, Council <br />heard publicly Nr. Hatter's request for permit. There were no objections made at the <br />Hearing, and none had been filed prior thereto. Council reviewed Planning Commission's <br />recommendation for approval, member Griswold objecting. It was pointed out that the <br />property abuts the Crosstown Highway Service Road; that there will be multiple dwellings <br />across the Crosstown, but that this will be the only double on the North side of the <br />Crosstown in this vicinity--and Council evidenced concern that a precedent might be <br />established in allowing this one. Mr. Katter explained that because of the shape of <br />the lot he plans to build the double with one entrance facing Beard and the other <br />facing the Crosstown;'that he is building it as a buffer between his proposed one- <br />family dwellings and the Crosstown; that, had he any.idea that the double would be <br />other than a benefit to the area he would not think of building it inasmuch as it <br />would be his own property that would be damaged. <br />request. <br />I Beimmoved for approval of the <br />Motion seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PETITION FOR PERMIT TO MOVE*DTJELLING FROX 6301 SHERWOOD AVE. TO <br />6217 RYAN AVEZ <br />pursuant to said Notice, Nayor Bredesen called public hearing on this matter. <br />Hopkins, 6225 Ryan Avenue, led a delegation in protest, saying this is a two storey <br />building, not consistent with the neighborhood homes, which are all ramblers except <br />one; that the proposed site is a hill; approximately 15 feet higher than his own <br />lot next door; that this high house, located on a hill, would be a "sore thumb'' <br />sticking up above the other dwellings. llessrs. Levander, LaGrandeur, Paul Swanson, <br />all added their objections, some being violent--and Mrs. E.H. Mahlberg.explained <br />that, although the home has been allowed to run down it is fundamentally a good <br />house--but just is not right for the neighborhood. Mr. Hustad, petitioner, stated <br />he expects to build a walk-out basement at the location, which made the neighbors <br />even more unhappy; and, after Mrs. Caswick, 6217 Pamell, had stated that the <br />neighbors had been hopeful of a rambler on this high lot, and Mr. Hyde had explained <br />that the Council cannot prohibit the moving of a dwelling on aesthetic grounds, <br />Trustee Beim asked Mr. Hustad if he would be willing to attempt to obtain a more <br />suitable lot for the house. Mr. Hustad was agreeable to making such an attempt, <br />Mr. Beimmoved that the matter be tabled. <br />Mr. Hite presented Affidavit of Mailing of Notice of Hearing, and, <br />Mr. <br />4 <br />Motion seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />I TEXACO REQUEST FOR SIGN ORDINANCE AMENDMENT REFERRED TO PLANNING CONMISSION. Mr. <br />Sargent, representing the Texaco Company, requested permission to construct a large <br />sign on the Taxaco Service Station property, the front edge to be at the property <br />line. He stated the sign would be 27 feet long. <br />makes a restriction against setting a sign beyond the building line. <br />Kohler, expressing his disapproval of the proposal, then moved referring matter to <br />Planning Commission for recommendation. <br />Problem is that Sign Ordinance <br />Trustee <br />Motion seconded by Beim and carried. <br />COumGIL DECLARES 5101 WINDSOR A "LEGALtf LOT. Mr. R. L. Schaub, 5101 Vindsor Avenue, <br />appealed to Council for relief from provision of the Zoning Ordinance which makes it -- impossible to give clear title to thk premises, being "Lot-1, Block 3, 'Westchester <br />Knolls, except that part lying Northwesterly of a line drawn from a point on the <br />Northeasterly line of said lot distant 20 feet Southeasterly measured along said <br />Northeasterly line from the most Northerly comer thereof, to a point on the south line of said lot distant 5 feet Easterly of the Southwesterly comer thereof".