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*. .\, 2/29/60 <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR 3IEETING OF THE EDXNA <br />VTLLAGE COUNCIL, HEL~ MONDAY, kEBRUARY 29, 1960 <br />AT 7 :00 P .M. , IN' THE EDINA VILLAGE HbL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Dickson-, Kohler,' Tupa and Bredesen. <br />25 <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of February 8, 1960 were approved as submitted, by <br />motion Dickson, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED TREE TRIMMING IMPROVEMENT. Pursuant to Affidavit of <br />Publication of "Notice of Hearing" published in Edina-Morningside Courker on <br />February 18 and 25, 1960, said affidavit having' been presented to Council, approved <br />as to form and ordered placed on file, Mayor Bredesen called Public Hearing on the <br />matter of trimming boulevard trees in the areas listed in said notice. Estimate <br />of cost given in the Notice was $22,500, it being proposed to assess all lots in <br />these neighborhoods at approximately $25 per lot, but Manager Hyde explained that <br />the low bid on this project is much less than the estimate, and that the proposed <br />assessment based on bid would be approximately $14.75 to $15 per lot. <br />Young, 5804 York Ave., voiced his objection on the proposed assessment, stating he <br />has no boulevard trees to trim; therefore receives no benefit. <br />that the matter of tree trimming is thought to be a general benefit, and that it <br />is common practice to assess all neighborhood properties. Mr. H. P. Albrecht, <br />4515 Browndale, expressed himself as being heartily in favor of the project provided <br />his trees get some trimming--that, last time, Browndale trees were not well trimmed. <br />Council explained that supervision for this project will rest with Mr. French, Parks <br />and Recreation Director, and his Foreman who is an experienced dree man--that a much <br />better over-all job is expected than six'years ago. <br />explained that he had his trees trimmed last spring and does not want a further <br />assessment. It was explained that credit will be given to any residents who have <br />had such work done within a year and who will present receipted bills for same to <br />the Village office. One gentleman, at 5912 Beard Avenue, explained that he has <br />no tree to be trimmed, and feels that the same base should be applied to his lot <br />as to Mr. Bucher's. He asked to be allowed to go on record as favoring a "per <br />tree" assessment and not the proposed "per lot" assessment. Mr. Carpenter, 5121 <br />Indianola Avenue, inquired about Dutch Elm Disease, and Mr. French explained that <br />one of the very best ways to guard against this blight is to keep the trees trimmed <br />and pruned and free from dead wood. Mr. Cox, 5001 Bruce, stated that he is very <br />much in favor of any program which will save the American Elm; and Mr. Huber of <br />Huber Tree Service asked that all persons present be placed on notice that the <br />trimming of boulevard elms, alone, will not curb Dutch Elm Disease--that trees on <br />private properties must also be trimmed . Trustee Tupa inquired as to the best time <br />for trimming and was informed that elms may be trimmed at any time. The owner at <br />5924 Beard Avenue, told council that there are no trees on the West side of the <br />street and that the boundary of the assessable district should be the middle of this <br />street. Council promised to give this matter some consideration, but told the <br />gentleman that it could be decided at the assessment hearing. Clerk presented a <br />file of letters received during the week in response to the Notice of Hearing, <br />being as follows: Letters of Assent - From F.O. Selseth, 4912 Maple Road, and from <br />Cliff Lutz, 4504 Moorland Ave. <br />Ave., L.B. Lawrence, 4627 Arden Ave., J. L. Lehar, 5018 Arden Ave., J.J. Margart, <br />5917 Beard Ave., Mrs. Ingolf Lee, 5110 Arden Ave., Carroll A. Clark, ,5024 Bruce <br />Ave., and Mr. Lee Potter, 4610 Brotmdale. Trustee Kohler, stating that everyone <br />seems to agree that the improvement must be accomplished for the safety and pre- <br />servation of the trees, offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTION ORDERING IMPROVEMENT <br />STREET IMPROVEMENT NO, T-2 <br />Mr. K. W. <br />Mayor explained <br />Mr.'Bucher, 5021 Bruce, <br />Letters of Protest - From B.b. Owens, 4512 Casco <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Village of Edina, Minnesota, that this Council <br />heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published on the proposed improvement <br />of the following streets : <br />Maple Road between W.48th and W.5Oth Streets, <br />Arden Ave. between Sunnyside Rd. and W.52nd St. <br />Bruce Ave. between Sunnyside Rd. and Bruce Place. <br />Casco Ave. between Sunnyside Rd. and Country Club Rd. <br />Drexel Ave. between Sunnyside Rd. and Country Club Rd. <br />Wooddale Ave. between W.44th and W.50th Sts. <br />Moorland Ave. between Sunnyside Rd. and Country Club Rd. <br />Edina Blvd. between Sunnyside Rd. and Country Club Rd. <br />Browndale Ave. between W.44th St. and 17.50th St. <br />Edgebrook Place. <br />Edina Court. <br />W.44th St. between 4301 and 4520, both Nos. inclusive. <br />Sunnyside Road between E. Village Limits and Highway No. 100. <br />57.46th St. between Arden and Browndale Aves. <br />N.5Oth St. between Halifax and Wooddale Aves. <br />Halifax Ave. between W.50th St. and W.54th St. <br />Juanita Ave. between Indianola Ave. and W.52nd St. <br />Indianola Ave. between W.50th St. and W.52nd St.