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4/ 11/ 6 0 <br />MINUTES OF THE R&XLAR MEETING OF THE: EDXNA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HFAD IiIBNDAY, APSXLT, 11, 1960 <br />AT 7:OO P.M., AT THE: EPTNA WlllL4GE ML <br />Nenibers answering Rollcall were Beim, Kohler and Tupa. <br />Nayor in the absence of Bayor Bredesen and Mayor Pro Tem Dickson. <br />NINUTES of the Regular Neeting of Monday, March 28, and of the April 4th Adjourned <br />Portion of the Bfarch 28th Fleeting, were approved as submitted, by motion Beirn, <br />seconded by Kohler and carried. <br />Trustee Tupa acted as <br />PUBLIC HEARING'ON PROPOSED VACATION OF '#THAT PART OF LARKSPUR LANE LYING WEST OF <br />TRE EAST 60 FEET THEREOF AND IPSMEDIATELY ADJACENT TO LOT 11, BLOCK 3; LAKE EDINA <br />ADDITION. <br />March 17 and 24, and of Posting, Narch 18, of "Notice of Hearing"; and, pursuant <br />to said notice, Mayor Tupa called Public Hearing on the above named proposed <br />street vacation. Planning Director*Hite explained that this action has been <br />recommended by the Planning Commission, in tieing the two Lake Edina Additions; <br />that the Gas Company does need an easement in the street, and that if Council <br />does vacate, proceedings should not be put on record until such easement is <br />assured. <br />received prior thereto, and Kohler offered the following Resolution and moved <br />its adoption: <br />Clerk presented Affidavits of Publication in Edina-Norningside Courier <br />There were no objections registered at the Hearing, and none had been <br />RESOLUTION VACATING PORTION OF LARKSPUR LANE <br />-WHEREAS, two PJeekS' published notice and'posted notice of a hearing to be had <br />on April 11, 1960, at 7 :00 P.M., on the proposed Vacation of the following portion <br />of Larkspur Lane: <br />-"That part of Larkspur Lane lying West of the East Sixty (60) feet thereof <br />and immediately adjacent to Lot 11, Block 3, Lake Edina Addition, mre <br />particularly ,described as follows : * I <br />'Commencing at the Southeast-corner of Lot 10, Block 3, Sake Edina <br />Addition; thence South along the extension South of the East line of <br />said Lot 10, a distance of Five (5)'feet to the actual pointof <br />beginning; thence continuing South along the Southerly extension of <br />the East line of said Lot 10, a distance of One Hundred Five (105) 1: <br />feet more or less; thence West at an angle of 87 degrees and 46 <br />minutes to the last described line, a distance of Fifty-four (54) <br />feet more or less to a point on the Southerly line of said Lot 11, <br />Block 3, Lake Edina Addition, said point being Fifty-five qnd <br />ninety-one hundredths (55.91) feet East of the Southwest corner of <br />said Lol 11; thence Northerly and Easterly along *the Easterly line <br />of said lot 11 to the actual point of beginning' <br />has been given and made, and a hearing has been had thereon by the Village Council: <br />NOV, THEREFORE, B& IT RESOLVE0 by the Village Council of the Village of Edina, <br />Hennepin County, Minnesota, that <br />That that portion of Larkspur Lane hereinbefore described be and hereby is <br />vacated. <br />Notion for adoption of the Resolution was seconded by Beim, and on Rollcall there were <br />three ayes and no nays, as follovs: <br />Resolution was adopted. <br />Beim, aye; Kohler, aye; and Tupa, aye; and the <br />(%illage Clerk *. <br />(- <br />(Kohler then moved that Clerk be instructed to delay transmittal of resolution for <br />record until such time as the requested easement has been secured by the Ninneapolis <br />Gas Company. Notion seconded by Beim and carried. <br />PUBLIC REARING ON PROPOSED VACATION OF "THAT PART OF SHERWOOD AVENUE LYING LEIMEDIATELY <br />NORTH OF 17.69TH STREET, AS DEDICATED FOR PUBLIC USE IN THFt PLAT OF 'BROST ADDITION'" . <br />Clerk presented Affidavits of Publication in Edina-Norningside Cburier March 17 and 24, <br />1960, and of Posting, llarch 18, of "Notice of Hearing", which were approved as to form <br />and ordered placed on file. <br />the proposed Vacation of that part of Shemood Avenue described in this title, and the <br />following action taken. <br />been recommended for approval by the Planning Commission; that the opmers of property <br />facing Normandale Road have set their houses so far back from the Highway that it is <br />impossible for them to divide their deep lots into two building lots and they, there- <br />fore are unwilling" to dedicate 30 feet for a 6O-foot right-of-way; and'that the <br />Brittany Road property owners prefer deep lots. <br />of whom gave his name, stated they would much prefer not to have the road come north. <br />Their were no objections to the proposed Vacation at the Hearing, and none had been <br />filed prior thereto. Beim offered the following Resolution and moved it5 adoption: <br />Pursuant to said Notice, Public Hearing was conducted on <br />Planning Director Hite told Council that this Vacation has <br />Two Normandale Road residents, neither