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4/2 1/60 <br />&KCMUTES OF THE k2RTL 21, 1960 ADJOURNED PORTION OF TKF: . c- 57 <br />. 'Fr, - '3. <br />APRIL 20, 1960 &IJOURN@ POkTIOR OF THE APRIL 11, 1960 <br />P?.GULAR MEETING OF THE EbINA VILLAGE COUNCIL "v j <br />14eeting convened at 7:OO P.M. , with Beim, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen answering <br />Rollcall. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS. <br />April 7 and 14, 1960, in Edina-Morningside Courier, of "Notice of Public Hearings on <br />Bituminous Surface Treatment, Grading and Graveling, Sanitary Sewer and Watermain <br />Improvements'1. Affidavit was approved as to form and ordered placed on file; and, <br />pursuant to Notice, the following Public Hearings were conducted, and action was <br />taken as hereinafter recorded. <br />1. PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION OF 8ITUMINOUS SURFACE TREATMENT <br />IN W.49TH ST., WESTBROOK LANE TO PUJGJANA LANE, <br />per assessable foot, being revised from the $4.96 originally estimated, because of <br />bids taken yesterday on this same type of work. Mr. Robert Soelberg, 5105 N.49th St., <br />asked about aid from the General Fund in surfacing Pulwana Lane, and W.49th St. <br />from Pukwana Lane across tracks to Brookside; and on the East end of block, from <br />I.7estbrookc Lane to Highway No. 169 service drive. <br />surfacing of this one black, in the middle of two unsurfaced entrances, is not <br />good planning, and reminded Council that general fund aid has been had in other <br />circumstances. Mayor Bredesen told him that general fund moneys have been used <br />on streets of specially heavy traffic; that it is his opinion that the traffic, <br />at this point, will not be sufficient to warrant anything but an assessment <br />project. Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson, 4840 Westbrook Lane, protestea the petition <br />for this short street, but stated they are in favor of oil. Mr. Jarnberg of the <br />Brltmore Apartments asked for permanent surfacing, and Mr. T.D. McKenznie requested <br />surfacing all the way to Brookside Avenue. Mr. Soelberg told Council he would be <br />in favor of both curb and gutter and blacktop all the way, but there was no other <br />evidence of interest in curb and gutter. It was suggested by Manager Hyde that <br />one compromise might be to permanently surface that portion of the street <br />petitioned for, and to oil both entrances with a'-heavy coat of oil. Some <br />suggestion was made that the railroad company be assessed for surfacing of the <br />portion over the tracks, but it was thought it would be difficult to prove <br />benefit. By common consent of Council Public Hearing was continued to Monday, <br />May 9, for investigation <br />service road. <br />IN RIDGE ROAD FROM INTERLACIJEN BLVD., NORTH TO AND INCLURING Estimate <br />of Cost, as originally given in notice to property owners, 17as revised from $4.23 <br />per assessable foot to $3.91. There were no objections to the proposed improvement <br />registered at the Hearing, and none had been received prior thereto. Beim's motion <br />approving:project was seconded by Kohler and carried. <br />meeting, ordering improvement). <br />3. PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION OF BITUMINOUS SURFACE TREATMENT <br />IN &IAN< TERRACE uKIVJ3 FROM VALLEY VIEW ROAD, TO AND INCLUDING TURN-AROUND. Estimate <br />of Cost, $4.59 per assessable foot, was revised to $4.04. Mr. R. F. Beedee, bY20, <br />asked for a temporary improvemznt, rather than permanent surfacing. <br />Council that the turn-around easement abutting his property is only a temporary <br />one; that when the 25-acre tract directly to the south is platted, Mark Terrace <br />Drive will be the entrance to it and the turn-around will be abandoned; that, if <br />turn-around is blacktopped, now, he and his neighbor across the street will be <br />forced to dig up the blacktopping upon abandonment of easement. <br />that there is neither sewer nor water in the street; that, while it would seem to <br />be some time before sewer will be available the water trunk is not very far away <br />right now. That, too, without curb and gutter, the south end of the roadway will <br />be washed away. Mr. Beedee asked that, if this improvement should be approved <br />over his objections, the turn-around be kept to as narrow a radius as possible. <br />To Mr, Zitan's reply, that Village maintenance equipment must use the turn-around, <br />he told Council that his driveway could be used by Village crews, thus eliminating <br />necessity of large radius. Mr. C.E. Edstrom,#6913, stated he does not feel that <br />this is the time for permanent surfacing, but that he would like to see some dust <br />coating. Inquiries were made to Engineer Zikan about Curb and Gutter, and he told <br />the group that it is not needed, because the water is carried away to the south; <br />however, there seemed to be some considerable sentiment for it, and, upon a show- <br />of-hands vote there were eight for curb and gutter and one against. <br />motion approving Bituminous Surface project was seconded by Beim and unanimously <br />carried. (See Resolution of later in evening, ordering improvement). Kohler then <br />moved scheduling Public Hearing for Monday, May 9, on proposed construction of <br />concrete Motion seconded by Beim and carried. <br />There v7as some question as to drainage at Valley View Road--installation of a culvert. <br />Mr. Zikan told group that because Valley View is a County Road, permission must be <br />received from the County before a culvert could be installed; that such permission <br />is questionable. <br />Clerk presented Af f-idavit of Publication <br />Estimate of Cost was given as $4.36 <br />He stated he felt that the <br />on costs of surfacing to Brookside and to Highway #169 <br />2. PUBLIC MAKING ON PROPOSED CONSTRUCTION OF BITU&ILNOUS SURFACE TREATMENT <br />(See Resolution of later in <br />He told the <br />He also stated <br />Kohler's <br />curb and gutter in Mark Terrace Drive. <br />DEAD END STREET SIGN REQUESTED FOR MARK TERRACE DRIVE. In connection with the <br />above discussion and the necessity for maintaining a turn-around, one resident asked for installation of a "Dead End Street" sign, to eliminate some of the non-resident traffic.