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4/ 25 16 0 <br />blINUTES OF Ti% MGULAR Io~ETING OF THE EDINA VILL&E <br />COUNCIL, HZLD MONDAY, APRIL 25, 1960, AT 7:OO P.M., <br />AT TI33 EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />1-lembers answering Rollcall were Beim, Dickson, Kohler, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />BIREPIAN ALFRED B. JOHNSON 57as publicly wished well by the Village Council, on <br />the occasion of his retirement from the Fire Department. <br />i <br />6% <br />3. <br />PUBLIC IUARINGS ON PROPOSED INPROVEMENTS FOR WOODDALE AVENUE. Affidavits of <br />Publication in Edina-Morningside Courier on April 14 and 21, 1960, of "Notice <br />of Public Hearing-Concrete Curb and Gutter", and "Notice of Public Hearing- <br />Storm Sewer" were submitted, approved as to form and ordered placed on file; and, <br />pursuant to said notices, hearings were conducted on the following proposed <br />improvements, and action taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />Street to Tower Street; and <br />Minnehaha Creek. <br />Manager Hyde explained that it is the plan to widen Wooddale Avenue from W.50th <br />Street to Tower Street, to surface it, and to install curb and gutter in it; <br />that widening will be four feet on either side; that State Gas Tax Funds will be <br />used to pay all the cost of construction except a portion of the storm sewer and <br />all of the curb and gutter; that, with gas tax funds paying most of the cost of <br />these improvements, thf $os&~.&os&-@ited property owners would be approximately <br />$.031 per square foot/ $1.64 per front foot for curb and gutter, whereas the cost T'IOUld otherwise beabout $6.50 per front foot for curb, gutter and blacktop, <br />and about $.12 per square foot €or storm sever. <br />be widened all the way to Valley View Road. <br />Wooddale, south of Tower Street, is only four years old; that the traffic <br />pattern is heavier North of 56th Street. PIr. Hyde told audience that one <br />reason for widening is that the State imposes cercain nunimum specifications-- * ' <br />rhat their minimum is actually 44-foot width but that, with a restriction of <br />"No-Parking" on the west side of the street we can get by with a 38-foot width. <br />the widening of the street on the grounds that widening will be an invitation for <br />more people to use Vooddale Avenue; and that putting more traffic on the street <br />is not to the liking of owners of abutting properties. <br />protesting petition carrying some forty-seven signatures, stating that the <br />property owners who have signed this petition feel so strongly about this matter <br />that they will be willing to pay a full assessment for the surfacing of Wooddale <br />Avenue to keep it a residential street. <br />1. Construction of Concrete Curb and Gutter in Wooddale Avenue from W.50th <br />2. Construction of Storm Sewer in Wooddale Avenue from 17.54th Street to <br />Mr. Nyland, 5609 Wooddale Avenue, asked why the street isn't proposed to <br />He was told that the surfacing of <br />Mr, Everett W. Davies, 5601 Wooddale Avenue, led a delegation protesting <br />Mr. Davies presented a <br />Asked by llr. Bredesen about traffic, Mr. Hyde told audience he believes <br />- that, eventually, there must be a restriction against parking on both sides of <br />the street-that the street is so located that there will be heavy traffic <br />regardless of whether or not the street is widened. <br />Nr. John Hopkins, 5309 ldooddaie, pointed out that the petition circulated <br />takes no cbgnizance of the four blocks of abutting property owned by the Edina <br />Country Club. He expressed himself as being in favor of widening the street <br />because he thinks it ~70uld be safer; also, that he is in favor of a sidewalk <br />right next to the curb because he believes this would be safer for the children <br />who must not7 walk in the street. <br /> as told by I4r. Hyde that, with a 30-foot street, "No-Parking" restrictions for <br />both sides must come eventually. He Ehen asked if a storm sewer will be needed <br />if the street is not widened, and was answered that this improvement will be <br />needed, whether or not the street is widened--that one important reason t7hy <br />the present surfacing has not held up is that insuffxcient provision has been <br />made for drainage. <br />Mr. Davies inquired as to why the General Fund cannot bear half the cost <br />of surfacing, as ~7as done on the previous improvement. Mr. Bredesen told him <br />that the General Fund might bear the cost of any surfacing "over and above <br />residential specifications" but that he felt that no more than that could even <br />be considered; and Mr. Hyde inquired as to whether che use of general funds <br />could be considered sound, with gas tax money available. <br />* A representative to St.Stephens Church inquired as to whether the proposed <br />ban on parking t70Uld be on Sundays as well as.weekdays, and t7as answered in the <br />aixirmative. <br />assessed in full for the curb and gutter, surfgcing and storm sewer, ne expressea <br />himself: as being in favor of the project presently proposed. <br />will bear no part of the cost of the storm sewer, should the SO-foot width <br />street be resurfaced; that: they, therefore, have less to lose by a cnange in <br />plans than do those north of 56th Street. <br />Nr. Tom Perpich, 5217 Wooddale, inquired about the parking problem, and <br />Stating that it would be a great hardship for the Church to be <br />Mr. Hopkins then pointed out that the petitioners south of W.Soth Street