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a- m <br />Members answering Rollcall were Beim, Dickson, Tupa and Bredasen. Mrs. Laura Wright <br />aceed as Clerk. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of June 13, 1960 were approved as submitted, by motion <br />Dickson, seconded by Beim and carried. <br />TRUSTEE JOHN A. KOHLER RESIGNS. As the first matter of business before this meeting, <br />Mayor Bredesen announced the resignation of Trustee John A. Kohler from the Council, <br />for the reason that Mr. Kohler is-moving away from the Village. Trustee Dickson <br />moved for acceptance by the Council of Mr. Kohler's resignation, with regret, and <br />for the transmittal of a letter of commendation to Mr. Kohler on his service to <br />Edina in the last two and one-half years. Motion seconded by Beim and carried. <br />JAMES VAN VAJiKENBURG APPOINTED AS VILLAGE TRUSTEE FOR KOHLER'S UNEXPIRED TERM. <br />Mayor Bredesen then placed in nomination the name of Mr. James Van Valkenburg, 5025 <br />William Avenue, for the position of Village Trustee for the unexpired term of Mr. <br />Kohler (to January 1, 1961); and Dickson's motion appointing Mr. Van Valkenburg <br />to the position of Village Trustee for the term expiring Decembtr 31, 1960, was <br />seconded by Tupa, and unanimously carried on Rolicall vote as follows: Beim, aye; <br />Dickson, aye; Tupa, aye; and Bredesen, aye. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS. <br />in Edina-Morningside Courier June 16 and 23, 1960, of (1) "Notice of Public Hearing <br />Clerk read Affidavits of Publication <br />- on Storm Sewer" and (2) "Notice of Public Hearings on Bituminous burface Treatment, <br />Sanitary Sewer and Watermain", which affidavits were approved as to form and ordered <br />placea on file; and, pursuant to said Notices, the following Public Hearings were <br />conducted, and action was taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />1. PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED STORM SEWER - ALONG N. LINE OF LOT 12, BL. 11, <br />NORMANDALE ADDN. FROM PT. 160' E. OF NW COR. THEREOF TO VIRGINIA AVE.: VIRGINIA AVE. <br />FROM WLY EXTENSION OF N. LINE OF LOT 12, BL. LL, NORMANDALE ADDN. TO TJ.65TH ST.: <br />W.65TH ST. FROM VIRGINIA AVE. TO WILRYAN AVE.: WILRYAN AVE. FROM W.65TH ST. TO 280' So; <br />W.64TH ST. FROM JOSEPHINE AVE. TO WILRYAN AVE.: WILRYAN AVE. FROM W.64TH ST. TO ELY <br />EXTENSION OF N. LINE OF LOT 6, BLOCK 3, NORMANDALE 2ND ADDN.: ALONG N. LINE OF LOTS <br />6 AND 25, BLOCK 3, NORMANDALE 2ND ADDN. : LOTS 6 AND 25, BLOCK 4, NORMANDALE 2ND ADDN. : <br />LOT 6, BLOCK 5, NOWDALE 2ND ADDN. AND LOT 4, HAWKINSON ADDN. Manager Hyde <br />reviewed for the audience the reasons for this Hearing on a storm sewer project <br />approved in August, 1959, as "Storm Sewer Improvement No, 50" (Lateral No. 8 of <br />Storm sewer Main No. 1). <br />in 1959 are of sufficient extent to require a new public hearing; that, since the <br />1959 Public Hearing, the State has taken certain lands which were to have been <br />assessed (thus decreasing the amount of square footage available for assessment), <br />that contractors' unit prices are up because of the amount of construction work <br />available for contractors this year, and that contractors are bidding higher on <br />work in easements through private propprty than they ordinarily bid on regular <br />street work; that, for theserreasons, bids taken this morning are above the Estimate <br />of Cost of $.0637 per Square Foot given in the mailed notice of this hearing; that <br />the costs, based on bids taken today, would be $.0733 per Square Foot on the <br />Alternate Project (which involves smaller pipe than the originally designed project) <br />and $.0788 per Square Foot on the Base Project. Mr. Hyde reported that there are <br />possibilities of saving some of this cost: <br />year, in time for assessment, approximately $9,000 in Capitalized Interest can be <br />deleted: 2. If proper easements can be secured, so that contractor can eliminate <br />(a) moving a sanitary sewer manhole at +I6321 Tingdale, and (b) tunneling under a <br />large oak tree at 6324 Wilryan, about $7,500 in Construction Cost saved. <br />Mr. B. Weekley, 6308 Tingdale, stated he feels measurements given contractor with <br />regard to location of manhole are incorrect; and Mr. Zikan was instructed to re- <br />check . Mr. J. R. Swenson, 6425 Ryan Avenue, protesting that the proposed impwve- <br />ment will cost him some $1,000, plus interest, asked for an explanation of the plan; <br />and Consulting Engineer Douglas Barr explained it in detail, telling audience that <br />many plans have been made; that the present plan is the most economical. Mrs. <br />George Vanasek, 6424 Sherwood Avenue, stating that property owners east of the <br />Highway are not bothered by storm waters, asked whey they should be required to <br />pay for a sewer to drain the property west of Highway #loo. <br />6301 Warren Avenue, complained that there was a water hole in front of his garage, <br />on W.63rd St., and asked if the proposed storm sewer would correct. <br />informed that street must be graded to correct this condition, providing Highway <br />did not take careoof it; that grading cost is not in storm sewer cost. Mr. T. G. <br />Bergh, 6417 Ryan Ave., ws also appraised of this fact. Mr. Richard Dols, 6308 <br />Mildred Avenue, approved of project. Some considerable discussion was had, <br />and explanation given as to specific details of construction--location of catch <br />basins, etc, in answer to questions by the audience. Mr. Wm. Sibbach, 6336 Rolf <br />Avenue, inquired as to time expended in construction. <br />is a 30-day completion date set, with a penalty clause in contract, but that <br />, <br />He stated that requested changes in the route proposed <br />1. If project can be completed this <br />Mr. Gunnar Ostlund, <br />He was <br />He was informed that there