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8/29/60 <br />I*IINUTES OF THE ADJOURNED- PORTION* OF. THE AUGUST 22, 1960 <br />FSGULAR IIEETING OF THE'EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD ON <br />HONDAY, AUGUST 29, 1960 AT 7 :00 P;lf. AT TIE <br />EDINA VILLAGE WL <br />Menibers answering Rollcall were Beim, Dickson, Tupa , VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />ACCESSORIES ,INC . TO GET PEIZEPT FOR BUILDING ON "I7ESTERN MEAT, INC . '' SITE, SOUTH <br />OF HIGm7AY 7% AT CAHILL ROAD. Council met with Planning Commission with regard <br />to possible rezoning of this site from Comercial back to Open Development <br />District. <br />Vilkinson and Gustafson. Matter was discussed at some length, a thorough review <br />of developments since the rezoning of this property for Western Meats, Inc.,being <br />made by both Commission and Council, including review of Commission Meeting of <br />August 18, and Council Meeting of August 22. <br />certain restrictions on plantings, parking, etc., was brought out. <br />the Planning Commission moved that the Commission re-affirm its previous <br />recommendation to the Council--that while the present zoning (Commercial District) <br />may be ill-advised in respect to the best development of the land around it, the <br />Village is morally obligated to grant purchaser (Accessories, Inc.) the property <br />seconded by Gustafson and carried. <br />Dickson then moved for approval of permit for wholesale display and warehouse <br />on this property, subject to compliance of applicant with the following require- <br />ments : <br />Planning Commission members present were Todd, Lewis, Griswold, <br />During discussion the matter of <br />Lewis of <br />rights for which he has paid. Motion was ** <br />1. Submission of site plan showing: <br />with particular attention given to use'of plantings as screenings around <br />parking areas and loading docks. <br />areas and all approaches to loading docks, and driveways to be hard <br />surfaced. <br />C. Lighting. <br />all such lights to be directed away from adjacent properties. <br />D. Signs. Location and size. <br />Outside Storage and Display to be prohibited. <br />Adequate provision for waste and hbbish disposal, Village to be notified <br />A. Plantings. Location and types of proposed plantings should be indicated, <br />B. Provision for Parking. Parking to be for from 40 to 60 cars; parking <br />., <br />All outside lighting to be indicated on site plan, with <br />2. <br />3. <br />of method to be used. <br />Motion was seconded by Beim and carried. <br />I COXDEMNATION OF LANDS AUTHORIZED BY RESOLUTION. Pursuant to recent action taken by <br />the Council in accordance with recommendation by the Village Entineer, Trustee Tupa <br />offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTION <br />l.JHEREAS, It is necessary, advisable and in the public interest that the Village - of Edina acquire land for public road purposes and for storm sewer purposes; <br />of Edina to acquire perpetual easements across, over and under certain lands, <br />to-wit : <br />WEREAS, In order to accomplish such purpose, it is necessary for the Village <br />A. FOR PUBLIC ROAD PURPOSES: <br />1. The Best thirty (30) feet of that part of Government Lot Four (4), <br />Section Thirty-three (33), Township One Hundred Seventeen (117), <br />Range Twenty-one (21) described as follows : <br />feet Best of the Southeast corner of said Government Lot 4, thence <br />North and parallel with the East line of said Government Lot 4 a <br />distance of 180.0 feet; thence West and parallel with the South <br />line of said Government Lot 4, a distance of 140.0 feet; thence <br />South parallel to said East line 180.0 feet to the South line of <br />said Govement Lot 4; thence East along said South line of-sald . <br />140.0 feet to place of beginning, according to the United States <br />Government Survey thereof and situate in Hennepin County,Hinnesota. <br />The 17est thirty (30) feet of that part of Lot 1, Garden Park <br />Hennepin Co., Minn., according to the map or plat thereof on file <br />and of record in the office of the Register of Deeds in and for <br />Hennepin County, llinnesota, described as fOllOF7S, to-wit: <br />along the South.line of State Highway 169 a distance of 150 feet; <br />thence Southeasterly 181 feet to a point 174 feet East of the <br />West line of said Lot 1; thence West 174 feet to the Nest line <br />of said Lot 1; thence North along the West line of said Lot 1 to <br />point of beginning. <br />Commencing at a point on the South line thereof, distant 1106.5 <br />2. <br />Beginning at the Northwest corner of Lot 1, thence Northeasterly