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IO/ 24/60 <br />Ki3?'LJTES OF TI33 REGULAR I*UETIRG OF TKE: EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCXL, HELD MONDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1960 <br />AT 7 :00 P.H., IN THE EPINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Council members answering Rollcall were Beim, Diclcson , Tupa , VanValkenburg and <br />Bredesen. <br />NIhWTES of Council Iieetings of October 6 and 10, 1960, were approved as submitted, <br />by Notion Dickson, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED IBLPROVl3lENTS. Clerk presented Affidavits of Publication <br />in Edina-Norningside Courier October 13 and 20, 1960, of %Notice of Public Hearing- <br />Sanitary Sewer;" "Notice of Public Hearing-!latermain ," and 070 "Notices of Hearings- <br />Storm Sewer"; and , pursuant to said Notices, the following Public Hearings vere <br />conducted, and action v7as taken as hereinafter recorded. <br />1. PUBLIC IiEKRIEG 021 PROPOSZD SANITARY SEPlER IN DUNCRAIG ROAD FR0l.i TH% NORTH <br />END OF DUNCRAIG TO AYRSHIRE BLVD. : AYRSHIRE BLVD. FROM DUNCRAIG RD. TO TI33 S. SIDE <br />OF STATE HIGJ3IAY #169; TI-ENCE SOUTIiFJESTERLY ACROSS VILLAGE PARK TO INTERSECTION OF <br />FlARDEN AVE. AND CAROL DRIVE . <br />2. PUBLIC HEARIXG ON PROPOSED IIATED~KIN DONCASTER VAY FROH N. LINE OF <br />ROSENDAHL'S 2ND ADDN. TO EDINA HIGHLANDS TO CROYDEN LANE: CROYDEW LANE PR0T.I <br />DOPICASTER FlAY TO LOCHLOY DEVZ: LOCHLOY DRIVE FROX CROYDEI? LANE AROUND LOOP ATID <br />BACK TO CROYDEN LUE: <br />DUNCPaG ROAD FRO31 AYRSHIRE BLVD. TO N. END OF DUNCMIG, TH. IJESTERLY Oi? EASEE~IZIJT <br />TO LOCHLOY DRIVE: /.lSR§IiIRE BLVD. FROI. LOCHLOY DRIVE TO STATE HIGHYAY 3169, i3Nu STA'JX <br />HIGHWAY #169 FRGI AYRSHIRE BLVD . TO IWSm RD . (UNDER CONSIDERATION THIS 'LEETIEG) <br />being for construction of the Sanitary Sewer prior to the Watermain. Estimates of <br />Cost were gben as fOllOF7S: <br />SANITARY SEXR - $50,308.86, proposed to be assessed against 26 Lots, for <br />$1,934.95 per Lot; this project being high for the reason that all of the Blacktop <br />Replacemznt Cost is made against the Sanitary Sewar. <br />VATEREWCN - $64,336.91, proposed to be assessed against 69 Lots, for $932.42 <br />per Lot; providing the entire improvement is constructed at one timz. (The north <br />part of the improvement has already been approved by the Council). <br />line vith Zstimate as regards sewer; thus, the Estimate on that project vL11 not <br />change. <br />which should reduce the assessable cost to about $850 per Lot. <br />actually the only portion under consideration tonight,) is proposed to bc added <br />to the northern portion (already approved) because this latter construction will <br />form the "loop" required for good water circulation and pressure for the whole <br />area. <br />There were no objections made against either improvement. Nr. h.' 13. Gardner, <br />5316 Ayrshire Blvd., inquired as to service connections across the wide portion of <br />Ayrshire, and was <br />all cases. Hr. N. L. Rush, 5321 Ayrshire Blvd., inquired about relief from an <br />assessment for the "estra-heavy" blacktop the school buses require. <br />by the Nanager that the Council does have the power to grant such relief, if it <br />is deemed to the public interest to do so; however, no action was talcen on this <br />request . <br />Manager Hyde told audience that two lots on Glenbrae Circle cannot be served <br />by the sewer as it is presently planned (Lots 32 and 33, Block 1, Edina Highlands) <br />because they are too low to get into it; that it is the plan not to assess these <br />lots, but to permit private lift stations at owners' own expense at such time as <br />connection to sewer is desired <br />(APPROVXD BY COUNCIL SEPT.12,1960 AS tIATZlU*IAIN NO. 152) <br />AND - <br />These two iqrovem.rJnts Bere taken together in Public Hearing, recomzndation . <br />Nanager Hyde told audience that bids taken this morning were substantially in <br />Relative to the Watermain, low bid was some $7,000 less than Estimate, <br />Audience was informed that the southern portion of the improvemznt (which is <br />infonnzd that connections will be put in to the curb line in <br />He 17as told <br />Dickson offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOLUTION AHENDING SEPTDBER 12 , 196U RESOLUTION <br />0N)ERIEG ?lATERbSAIN IELPROVE3*fENT NO. 152 : AND ORUEKIEG <br />SANITARY SEWER 114PROVEI4ENT NO. 175 I IEEREAS, this Council, by Resolution Adopted September 12, 1960, after Public <br />Hearing, ordered Ilatennain Improvemznt No. 152, consisting of the following: <br />CONSTRUCTION OF VILLAGE IlATER4AIN AND APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLOYING STREETS : <br />Doncaster ?lay from the N. Line of Rosendahl's 2nd Addn. to Edina Highlands <br />to Croyden Lane; <br />Croyden Lane from Doncaster llay to Lochloy Drive; <br />Lochloy Drive from Croyden Lane around the Loop and back to Croyden Lane; <br />BHEREAS, this Council heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published <br />CONSTRUCTIOU OF VILLAGE PIATEFNAIN AND APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLOYING STREETS : <br />and <br />on the following proposed improvement : <br />Duncraig Rd. from Ayrshire Blvd. to N. End of Duncraig; th. Illy on an Easement <br />to Lochloy Drive; <br />Ayrshire Blvd. from Lochloy Drive to State Highway #169; <br />State Highway 9169 from Ayrshire Blvd. to Hansen Rd. <br />and at the hearing held at the time and place specified in said notice the Council