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10/27/60 <br />MINUTES OF THE SPECIAL %B&TING OF THE EDIf?A <br />VILLAGE COUIKIL, KELT, ITURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1960 <br />AT 4:OO PA., AT EPINA VILLAGl3 I. HALT, <br />li Pursuant to due call and notice, the. Edina Village qoyncil convened in Special <br />Session on Thursday, October 27, 1960, at 4:OO P.If., with Messrs. Beim, <br />VanValkenburg and Bredesen present. <br />Neeting v7as convened for two purposes: <br />of contract on two Iron Removal Plants. <br />Districts as stpaper Ballot" Districts for the Movember 8 , 1960 General-Village <br />Election. <br />1. <br />2. To review Voters' Registration relative to establishing two Voting <br />To review action taken at Regular Neeting.of October 24 relative to award <br />COUHCIL DECLAHS VOTING DISTRICTS NOS. 6 AND 7, "PAPER BALLOT" DISTRICTS FOR <br />NOVEMBER 8, 1960 GENE&%-VILLAGE ELECTION. Clerk reported to Council that 2,300 <br />voters have registered since the State Primary in November; that because of this <br />unexpectedly large registration it will be impossible to adequately serve the " <br />expected vote. <br />. registration be authorized to vote by paper ballot, and that the eight machines' <br />used in these two districts be freed for use in the remaining five large districts; <br />that additional counters be appointed to expedite count of the vote in the two, <br />"paper ballot" districts. <br />voters left the polls without voting because of the long wait expzrienced. <br />Beim offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />She recommended that the two districts having the smallest <br />~t 97as noted that in the 1958 State Election some <br />RESOLUTION PEWiTTING USE OF PAPER BALLOTS <br />.- IN EDINA VOTING DISTRICTS NO. 6 ANU NO. 7 <br />FOR NOVEXBER 8, 1960 GENERCYL-VILLPGE <br />ELECTION <br />BJ~ IT i@SC)LVEI> by the Village Council of the Village of Edina, Plinnesota, as fo~lo%~s: <br />1. <br />cannot be adequately served by the 50 voting machines now in the possession of <br />this+Village. <br />2. Delivery of additional voting machines cannot be had in time for the <br />November 8, 1960 General-Village Election. <br />3. Voting Districts Nos. 6 and 7 of this Village have the least number of <br />kegistered voters of the seven voting dfstricts within this Village, and can be <br />more easily and efficiently transferred from Voting Machine use to Paper Ballot <br />use than any of the other voting districts. <br />It is herebyedetermined and declared to be in the interests of the <br />general public to authorize and permit the use of paper ballots in Voting Districts <br />Nos. 6 and 7 in Edina, for the General-Village Election to be held Tuesday, November 8, <br />1960; and qhe Village Clerk is hereby authorized and directed to do all things <br />necessary to effect such transfer to the use of paper ballots in said voting <br />districts in said election. <br />Notion for adoption of the Resolution was second <br />there were three ayes and no nays, as follows: , aye; VanValkenburg, aye; and <br />Bredesen, aye; and the Resolution was adopted <br />It is hereby determined and declared that the voters of this Village <br />4. <br />I <br />VanValkenburg, and on Rollcall <br />COUPJCIL CONPIPXS PHELPS-DRAIa"C0NTRACT FOR IRON REMOVAL PLANTS. <br />technical data in relation to the Iron Removal.Plants bids with Mr. Banister. The <br />subject was reviewed because of representation$ by Layne-Ilinnesota that their bid <br />on General Filter Equipment called for considerably larger tanks than those proposed <br />by the Nueller Company. Nr. Banibter pointed out that because General Filer uses <br />sand as a media he would not approve plants with tanks smaller than those bid on by <br />Layne, and that the reason the Nueller Company can use smaller tanks is because <br />of having BIE4 as a filer media. <br />had specifically indicated that the Hueller tanks were smaller. <br />Council that he had received notification from at$orneys Eor General Filtxr Company <br />that there is a possibility of a patent infringement by the Mueller Company. <br />Because of this the contract with Phelps-Drake Company should contain additional <br />safeguards for the Village. <br />by the Council at Blonday night's meeting , awarding contract to Phelps-Drake , <br />constitutes some liability on the part of the Village to complete execution of <br />contract with them. 312. Beim had to leave meeting before its end. After " <br />consideration of all the facts it was decided to go ahead ~7ith execution of the <br />cbntrakt with Phelps-Drake C6mpany, using MGeller equipmmt. <br />The Council reviewed <br />Nr. Beim brought out that 14r: Banister's letter <br />Mr. Hyde advised <br />Mr: Hasselquist also brought out that the action taken <br />There baing no further business to come befAre this meeting it was adjourned. <br />Q&fi4/- <br />Village Clerk