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12/12/60 <br />,;*. ,* <br />*" .- I.ILIIUTZS OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF TU EDINA <br />VILLAGS COUk4CIL , HELD T*lONDAY , DECEUBZR 12, 1960 , <br />AT 7:OO P.M. AT EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />ROLLCALL was answered by Henbers Bein, Dickson, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />VanValkenburg entered the meeting later, as hereinafter recorded. <br />Trustee <br />PUBLIC HEARIMG OX PETITION FOR VACATION OF PORTION OF t7.49% STREET. <br />submitted A€fidavits of Publication and Posting of "Notice of Public Hzaring on <br />Petition to Vacate Portion of T7.49g Street", publication having been made in <br />Edina-Iiorningside Courier on November 24 and December I, 1960, and PosttFng <br />on November 21, 1960. Sotice was approved as to form and ordered placed on <br />file, and pursuant thereto Council conducted Public Hearing on the petition of <br />Hr. Nark Z. Jones for Vacation of that portion of 3.49% Street described as <br />fo~~ov7s: "The North One and Twenty-Five One-Hundredths Feet (1.25 Ft.) of the <br />East Sixty-Eight and Seventy-Six One-Hundredths Feet (68.76 Ft.) of that part <br />of 11.49% Street abutting the South boundary of the tract of land described as <br />'Lot 1, lieplat of Lot 6, Block 1, Lund-Kruse Addition and the Vest 35 <br />the East 172 Feet of the South 125 Feet of the North 272.5 Feet of Lot 36, <br />Auditor's Subdivision No. 172'." Attorney Hosmer Brobm representing the <br />petitioner, told Council <br />Building is noxi situated 1,25 feet into the street right-of-way. <br />Attorney Hasselquist's opinion, stating that the Village cannot sell the <br />vacated street, was reported. Nr. Brovm told Council that financing of the <br />building cannot be completed until the matter of encroachmznt on public right- <br />of-way has been settled. There were no objections to the proposed Vacation <br />registered at the Hearing, and none had been received prior to this Hearing. <br />Bein offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />Clerk <br />Feet of <br />that because of a surveyor's error the new Post Office <br />Village <br />RESOLUTION VACATIKG STREET <br />(PORTIO3 OF ?I. 49% STWET) <br />TJIEIIEAS, a majority of the owners of the land abutting on that portion <br />of 17.49% Street hereinafter dascribed in this Resolution have petitioned for the <br />Vacation of said street; and <br />11~3EREAS, two sieeks' published notice and posted notice of a hearing to <br />be had on said petition on December 12, 1960, at 7:OO P.X., has been given and <br />made, and a hearing thereon has been had by the Village Council: <br />MOX, THZP&FOEE, Bi3 IT F;ISSOLV..D by the Village Council of the Village <br />of %dina, Remepin County, 1-linnasota that: I T'hat portion of 8.49.:- Street described as follo.F7s : <br />of the East Sixty-Eight and Seventy-Six One-Eundredths Feet <br />(68.76 at.) of that part of 2.49% Street abutting the South <br />boundary of ths tract of land described as 'Lot 1, Replat of <br />Lot 6, Block I, Lund-Kmsd Addition, and the 'I.Jest 35 Feet of <br />the East 172 Feet of the South 125 Feet of the North 272.5 <br />Feet of Lot 35, Auditor's Subdivision No. 172','' <br />The 2lorth One and Twenty-Five One-Hundredths Feet (1.25 Fc . ) <br />shall be and hereby Ts vacated. <br />Uotion for adopeion of tha Resolution was se by Dickson, and on Rollcall there <br />sen, aye; and the Rasolution was ad <br />PETITIGJ PlGSZiJTED FOR STRtET IflIPROVENENTS IN "THZ HXIGHTS-LA3UELJA VISTA" ABSA: <br />STORE1 SINEB STUDY TO BE W. Eiessrs. L.B. Strachan, 6617 Galway Drive, and E. <br />S. Ruhlmzy, 6601 Hillside Lane, presented a substantial petition, as follows: <br />Galway Dri17e from Brook Drive to T.7.66th Street; W.GSth St., Antrim Rd. <br />FOR COBCTGTE CUPS, &*ID GUTTER ANQ BLACKTOPPING AND/OR CONCRBTE PAVIKG 114 <br />to Limzricl: Lane; T.7.6Gth St. , County Road No. 39 to Limerick Lane; <br />Nillside Lane, tI.70th St. to W.66th St.; Limerick Lane, Ta.70th St. to <br />W.66th St. ; Brook Drive, NcGuire Road to Limzrick Lane. <br />citing, also , earlier petitions for improvemznts in ChapelDrive , and in Lim2rick <br />Lane. Stating that they ars not speaking for any group, as such, that they want <br />only to speak in support of the most recently filed petition, sponsors of petition <br />told Council that it is signed by owners of 51.SX of the property abutting the <br />streets; that, considering all petitions filed to date for this area, 151 people <br />have signed for street iqrovemznts, representing opmership of 60% of the 252 <br />lots in Lhe area. Stating that it has been reported to then by the Village <br />that a storm sever vi11 ba needed before Street Improvements can be accomplished, <br />they asked that a study bs made of these needs and the people of the area be <br />informed of the results. <br />constructed in 11.70tl.r SLreet, as part of the improvemznt of that street under <br />Uanager Hyde explained that a storm sewer sill be