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121 12/60 237 <br />Municipal <br />on certain streets in LaBuena Vista and the Heighks. <br />PETITION FILED AGAINST ST0Rf.I SEWER. Par. A. P. Weingartner, 5721 lJ.68th <br />Si.$ led a delegation presenting a petition against storm sewer in this area. <br />Nr. Fleingartner told Council that the LaBuena Vista residents are burdened <br />with assessments for sanitary sewer and water--which the Heights people do <br />not have--that, with storm sewer assessmznts will be prohibitive. <br />association of this araa, asking that a meeting be scheduled for som2 tima <br />in Janumy, iin order that full information on street improvements can be <br />given go property owners <br />be had , and that Bfr. Hyde would schedule the requested information meeting <br />at the earliest possible time. <br />by Beim and carried. <br />State Aid; that there are.drainage problems which must be solved <br />Blanager Hyde reported receipt of a letter from the neighborhood <br />Delegation present at this meeting v7as told that Storm Sewer Study would <br />Dickson moved to accept Street Improvement Petition. Eotion seconded <br />II+SPROVEFENT P8TITIOI;IS ACCEPTED. <br />presented, and were accepted and referred to Village Engineer for programing, <br />by motion Tupa, seconded by Beim and carried: <br />The following Improvemmt Petitions were <br />1. <br />2. Curb and Gutter, Virginia Lane from Virginia Avenue to Concord Avenue. <br />Storm Sewer along Valley View Road (to serve "The Heights" area) <br />filed by Roy Peterson. <br />TRUSTEE VAN VALKENBURG entered the Meeting at this time and remained for the <br />balance of' the Meeting. <br />SEPTIC TANK ORDINANCE ADOPTED. <br />of December 5th, for adoption of the follo~~ing Ordinance on Septic Tank <br />Installation, and setting forth his reasons for said recommendation; and <br />Sanitarian Hensley explained provisions of the Ordinance. <br />v7as had, and Council was in agreement that provisions of Ordinance were <br />necessary for the preservation of public safety and health. <br />were made to these'provisions. Tupa offered the folloxcing Ordinance, moving <br />that Council dispense with second reading and adopt Ordinance as submitted: <br />Council reviewed Nanager Hyde * s recommsndation <br />Some discussion <br />No objections <br />ORDINANCE NO. 235 <br />AN ORDINANCE REGULATING PR1cVATE SEWAGE <br />DISPOSAL SYSTENS REQUIRIl?G ISSUANCE OF <br />A PERNIT AI'D PAWINT OF A FEE FOR CON- <br />STRUCTION THEREOF, AND PRESCRIBING PENALTIES <br />TILE VILLAGE COUNCIL OF TIIF, VILLAGE OF EDIWA, HINNESOTA, ORDAINS: <br />Section 1. Definitions. <br />Enforcing Officer 2 The term "Enforcing Officer" shall mean the <br />Premise - The term "premise" shall mean any tract of land containing <br />gutomatic Siphon - The term "automatic siphon" shall mean a bell and <br />The following words and terms used in this <br />ordinance, unless otherwise expressly stated, shall have the follov~ing meanings: <br />Village Health Officer or his deputy. <br />a habitable building. <br />siphon arrangement which controls intermittent fh7 of ef€luent from the dosing <br />tank into the subsurface disposal system according to the compression of air <br />under the bell. <br />or receptacle used, or intendad for use, for the purpose of receiving and <br />retaining the effluent or overflow 0.F a septic tank until discharged by an <br />automatic siphon or pump. <br />receptacle made of loosely laid materials not of watertight construction and <br />which receive the effluent or overflow from a septic tank to be <br />directly by the surrounding soil. <br />Flush Toilet - The term "flush toilet" shall mean a type of closet or <br />plumbing receptacle containing a portion of water which receives human excreta <br />and so designed as by means of a flush of water to discharge the contents of the <br />Dosing Tank - The term "dosing tank" shall man a watertight tank <br />Seepage Pit - The te-rm "seepage pit" shall mean an underground <br />absorbed <br />% receptacle to an outlet connection. s Other Toilet Devices - The term."other toilet device%" shall <br />privies, septic toilets, chemical closets, and other such devices used <br />the di-sposal of human excreta. <br />Septic Tank - The term "septic tank" shall man a watertight <br />mEan <br />for <br />tank or <br />i-ecepcacl-e used for the purpose of receiving aastes from flush toilets, sinks, <br />lavatories, bathtubs, showers, laundry drains and any other similar tiaste lines, <br />and intended to provide for the separation of substantial portions of the <br />suspended solids in such wastes, and for the partial destruction by bacterial <br />action of the solids so separated.