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244 12/27/60 <br />1. <br />2. <br />3. <br />4 <br />5. <br />8. <br />A Spec.ia1 Elaction in and €or the Village of Edina shall bz conducted on <br />the question, "SUALL TI% VILLAGE CONTINUE TO OPERATE ITS 1iUt?ICIPAL LIQUOR <br />STOEZS RATIBR "EIAU ISSUE PRIVATE LIQUOR LICENSES?" <br />Said Special Election shall ba held on Fleclnesday, February 1, 1961, <br />bzLv7een the hours of ?:00 o'clock a.m. and 8:OO o'clock p.m. <br />Election Districts and Polling Places therefor are Iizreby established <br />as the samz election districts and polling places as heretogore establishcd <br />€or rsgular mnicipal elections. <br />voting machines sliall not be used. <br />Election as Election Judges: <br />Bertha T. ZicCraney, Camille Kortum, Grace Odrll, and Jane I&~rthorne. <br />Bailey, Franccis Sonnenberg, IXalen 11. Ball, and Erma Iloyt . <br />Volk, Kuth 11. Zipoy; Constance Ryan; and Claire 3jornass. <br />BzLen L. Jam3s; Alam-.da ICenerson; Bi32tty hn HcKaig; and 3lary Rj7an. <br />Lorraine 3rIass~lquist:; Uary J. ICarr; and llarie Kanz. <br />fiyrtle Zlyilr; Ida Kakela; and E. L. llodlin. <br />Hary :?right; I.Iargaret Borsch; and Alice PIcFadscan. <br />VotinS in all seven elcccion distri-cts shall 52 by Paper Ballot, and <br />The following persons arc hzraby appointed to serve at szid Spzcial <br />FOB EXCTIOI? DISTRICT NO. 1 - Eimzs. llarjoric S. Rossiter (Chairman); <br />FOR ELECT102 DIST,WCT BO. 2 - Eim2.s. N2llic Stratc (Chairman); tfarian <br />FOR EL%C%r_Oil DIs'ilrJC'il 1'10. 3 - I.imas. Florence I-IalI'oerg (Chaiman) ; Rut11 1:. <br />FOR ELECTIOII DISTFJCT 110. 4- - Ymzs . Virginia Ashenbrcnner (Chairman) ; <br />FOR ELECT1023 DISTRICT NO. 5 - Ymss . Liz. Kesler (Chairman) ; Gladys Camaron; <br />FOR l3:LECTIO;l DIsTrJcT i10. 6 - Ym.=s. Olga Bye (Chairman); ZElna Spencer; <br />FOR ELECTIOX DISTPdCT NO. 7 - Ihes. L. Jones (Chairman); Lzla Hagen; <br />The Villag? Clzrk is heraby directed to publish and post noticzs of said <br />special elzction as provided by lav. <br />lhtion for adop'cion or' zh.> Resolution ms seconded '037 Tup, and on lhllcall thxi <br />vare four ayes and no nays, as Eo1lo.c;~~: <br />aye; and Brzd?sen, ays; and the <br />ayt ; VanValkanburg ,