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248 / <br />Nembers ansscring Rollcall varc Bcirn, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />IIIIXJTES of the gegular lketingjs of Dacember 12 and 27, 1940 172re approved as <br />suSdtged, by motion Beim, seconded by Tupa and carrizd. <br />TRGFIC COURT PXCXIVZS .WSRTl. <br />i7kt.h the Ani=rican Ear Association Traffic <br />"for outstanding progress in the iniprovemsnt of traffic court practices and <br />procedures in cltizs bet~7een 10,000 and 20,000 population" during 1959-1960. <br />Kunicipal Judges Burris and Jan2s ~?arz prasented <br />Court A~7ard, being Honorable Ihntion <br />PUBLIC ;BARJXG 011 PZTITIOX OF ILWL KRAJ3L FOR 1tT~.POPXi3Y ~X'CLWATIO~? DISTPJCT1'. <br />Pursuant to Woticn, of Public Htari-ng", publishad in Edina-14ornfngsidz rourizr on <br />Dzcembzr 29, 1968 and January 5, 1951, posted, and mailed to affected property <br />owners, Xayor Eredaszn opened Public I&aring on the petition of IGr. Xarl 1:rahl for <br />establishmt of a Tcqorary Excavation District, under thz terns of Ordinance <br />No. 262, on the follo~7ing described property: All that area vitliin the follov7fng <br />described boundaries : "Conmxicing at ST.1 Cor. of SF?l/4. of SEl/L:.; th. E. 500 Ft . ; <br />th. N. 400 Ft.; th. 11. 530 Ft.; th. S. 400 Ft. to the pt. of bzginning--All in <br />Src. 31, Twp. 117, R. 21". It vas exzlained that this legal dsscription covers <br />a 5OOsL;OO' area in tha soutliwast corner of the tract at Gleason Road and Highvay <br />210. 159; that the proposzd relocation of I-I.igli~7ay No. 169 ail1 cut the property; <br />and that the hill now proposed to be cut by lir. Krahl Tzould be taken, anyway, when <br />the highway is relocateci. Pir. Hite told Council the Planning Commission is <br />recomanded that Kr. Krahl be given a permit for one ytar, in con€ormance with <br />the grading plan prepared jointly by 1:essrs. ICrahl and Ilite, and that a bond <br />for perfomnce be rzquired. $ir. EIitc suggested a $5,000 bond. There ~7ere no <br />objections from the floor, and none had been received prior to the Iiaaring. <br />Tupa then offered the fo11ovin.g Ordinance, moving that Council dispense wit11 <br />second reading and adopt Ordinance as submitted: <br />OFBI??NtICE NO. 262-2 m orxmmm AIBNDIKG OP~I~:CE EO. 262, REGULATIRG <br />TEE USZ OF LAID IN TI% VILLAGE FOB I*III?IXG, STRIPPING <br />AX) ZXTRACTIOZ PUPZOSES, EiY ADDIKG ADDITIGUL <br />Section 1. Section 2, (Excavation Districts Created) of Ordinance 240. 262, <br />"An Ordinance Regulating Lhs Use of Land in the Village for llining, Stripping <br />and Extraction Purposes," as ananded, is hereby further anznded by adding at the <br />end of said section @he following: <br />"Area Ro. 5. <br />A11 that area v7ithin the following describad boundaries: <br />'Comzncing at Southwest Corner of S71/4. of SXl/l:.; th. %. 500 <br />Ft.; th. "1. 400 Ft.; th. W. 500 Ft.; th. S. 400 Ft. to the pk. <br />Pf begLnnLng'-.XLl in Sec. 31, TupP. 117, R. 21." <br />Section 2; This ordinance shall be in effect lmcdiately upon its passaze <br />and publication. <br />llotion for waivkr of szrond reading and adoptlbn of Ordinance as submikted was <br />seconded by Van Val!sadxrg, and on Rollcall there four ayes and no nap, as <br />20110~s: Seim, aya; Fupa, aye; VanValkenburg, as**; and Bredesen, aye,; and the <br />Tupa tlien rcoved <br />with the rfzcorr <br />and carried. I that &cavacion Pzmit be granted to PEr. Karl Krahl in accordancc <br />Zndations 02 the Planning Comdssion. Iiotion seconded by Van ValLsnburg <br />POLICE CARS PURCFL4SSD. <br />three Police Cars, nith tvo trade-ins. Bids were as follows: <br />Chzvrolet , $350 .OO; Hopkins Iiotor Salzs, Plymouth, $1,4b6.80 ; Eull Dobbs , Ford, <br />$1 470.40. <br />2. oI1. a 1961 2-Dr. Szdan, vith a 1958 Ford 4-Dr. to ba tradad; Brellznthfn <br />Clievrolet, $l,700.00; Xopkins I.:otor Salzs, Plymouth, $1,816.80; I-Iull Dobbs, Ford, <br />I:anager Hyde presented Tabulation of Bids talien today on <br />1. On a 1961 2-Dr. Szdan, with a 1960 Plymouth Jagon to bz traded: 3rellzntZiin <br />$1,810. 40. <br />3. On a 1751 2-Br. Szdan, iritli no trade-in: Suburban Chevrolat, $2,Q34.11; <br />GrzllenthCn CI1m.7roleta $2,151.71; EIopkins Kotor Salzs, Plymouth, $2,151.80; and <br />Eull-Dobbs, Ford, $2 , 144. L:O,