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1/9/61 <br />4. dlternaise Bid - 1961 "Jconomy Hodeltg withouis trade-in: Null-Dobbs, 249 <br />'I <br />Ford, on a Falcon, at $1,552.13; Brellenthin, on a 1961 Co-mair, at $1,732.10 <br />and on a 6-Cyl. Sedan, at'$1,989.99. <br />llanager Hyde recommended award of bids on the t1zre.z standard make caxs, <br />sisating there will be considerable expense to sire the economy models for the <br />extra equipmnt necessary for police cars; and Geim moved that: award ba made <br />to Crzllenthin Chevrolet for two cars, with the trade-ins listed, at $950.00 <br />and $1,700 respectively, and to Suburban Chevrolet, at $2,034.81. Hokion <br />seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />Of;l-S,Gd DEER LICENSE GPUNTED CILTk+lORE LATqES., IWC . Ur . Hyde explained to <br />Council that chis license x67as originally held by the applicant; that transfer <br />v7as made early Chis past year Lo Cedric's Fin6 Foods; that there is no objection <br />io reisurn or' l-icense to applicant. Beim's motion for approval of license to <br />Ziltmore Lanes, Inc. for term expiring April 1, 1961, ~7as seconded by <br />Van Valkenburg and carried. <br />- <br />I/ <br />"SIL4TING PATH" l?.@XXIVES COMPLIMENT. Mrs . Cujzler Adams ' compliment on the <br />new "skating path" between the Browndale Bridge and Highway No. LOO, on -- - Ninnehaiia Creek, was read and ordered placed on file. <br />CEOSSTOTIN I-IIG€E.JAY-TRhCY AVENU4 INTERCEWJGE DISCUSSZD. 1Ir. Bite presented <br />Kennepin County Ilighway Department's plan for a proposed diamond interchange <br />at the j-ncersection of the Crosstown ETighway with Tracy Avaue, explaining <br />that if: involves taking Tracy straight south to tie in with Valley Viet7 at <br />about 6Grh Street. <br />SONZ considerable discussion was had, during t7hich it was suggested that <br />"sie County be asked to surfaca the south link of Tracy Avenue, from Valley <br />Via? Road to the proposed interchange, and Che queseion of responsibiliey <br />for purchase of a house (which will have to be removed) was raised. <br />Xyde told Council he would like to discuss the plan 77Fth the pastor of <br />Nomandale Lutheran Church before any final action is taken; char he <br />believes there are some beneficial aspects to the plan, namely that Tracy <br />as planned will fit in well with proposed platting. <br />pending further study, and report by Nanager on Church's comments and other <br />questions raised this evening. <br />t, -4 StJ <br />In a 32 <br />&;r4) <br />The Highway Department has asked Council approval. . <br />Uanager <br />Action postponed <br />NdIDEPJLOI-I ADDITION VRRIA&iCE EEARING SCI33DULED. <br />tha proposed dj-vtslon of the property at 54.01 V.60th Street, Planning Director <br />Bit2 explainad thae the lots involved ~611 have widths of 127 feet and 165 <br />feet, but only 30- foo'i street frontages , whereas zoning ordinance rzquires <br />75 Ecet. <br />becausz this appzars to be the only alternative for division of the property. <br />Cairn's motion scheduling Public Rearing for Eonday, January 23 ,, on the <br />carried . <br />In presenting a sketch 05 <br />He reported that the Planning CommLssion has recommded approval <br />-1.3 quest for a variance from the zoning ordinance, v7as seconded by Tupa and <br />KIPGLOB LAI3 FJIX;E-BILLI&~S REPLAT PRELIMINARY PLAT APPROVED. <br />being a proposed replat of Lot 3, Nirror Lake Mdgc and Lot 34, ~Iuditor's <br />Subdivision 8325 , was presented carrying Planning Commission' s January 4th <br />accord t7iLh. Conmission's recommendation, Uotion secondad by Beim and <br />carried. <br />This plat, <br />--3c omadat ad at ion ?or approvaly and Tupa moved for Counci_l approvgl in <br />EUI VI31 FIRST ADDITIOIT FINAL PLAT APPROVED. This Final Plat, for eleven <br />lots to the west of Chapel Bills was presented aith Planning Conmission's <br />Jcsnuary 4th recomzndation for approval subject to the granting of a road <br />eaeerfienc on I1hc St .Patrick's Church proparqy to the MBS~. <br />that Final plat be approved sub jcct to compliance viisb Planning CoriTiiiss<-oit' B <br />stlpulwtion, vas seconded by Van Vallienburg and carrj-ad. <br />Esim' s motion <br />21IE?Z' S PAW3LA TfiP2&C% PIRAL PLAT APPROV&D. <br />Final Plat Fn accordancE! with Plannhg CorLm<ssion's Jaiiuarg 4.& ricoiumidaclun, <br />as r..portcd by Planniilg Director EIite. <br />carried. <br />Tupa moved for approval of <br />1,Sotion seconded by Van Valkenburg and <br />Ci-LT20KEE HILLS TEIIIPB ADDITIOiI FI1TA.L PLAT iCiPPR0VED. <br />Jamazy 4.Ch recomxmdation for approval 02 this plat 17as duly noted by <br />Council, and Tupa moved for Councll approval. <br />Valhnbui-g and carried. <br />PlannLng CormLssion' s <br />I;oklon seconded by Van