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1/23/6 1 <br />HIiWTiSS OF TI# PdGULAR hGETING OF TW d:DXNA <br />VILWG COUNCIL, II&IJ, NONDAY, JANUARY 23, 1961, <br />AT 7 :00 P .$I., AT TEE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />(1 <br />Zfembers answering Rollcall mere Bzim, Diclcson , Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />Nr. Allen Loch acted as Clerk. <br />tIINUTES of the Regular Keet5ng of January 9, 1961, were approved as submitted, by <br />motion Tupa, seconded by VanValkenburg and carried. ~ . <br />PUBLIC HEARIKG ON PLATTIXG VARIN?CE FOR "NEIDERLOH N)DITIOiJ". <br />'&te presented AHidavit of mailing of "Notice of Hearing", shich was approved <br />and ordered placed on file; and, pursuant to said Notice, Council conducted <br />Hearing on petition for permit to divide the property at 5401lJ.6Oth St. into <br />lots which would be 127 feet and 165 feet in i~idth, but vhich 17ould have only <br />30-foot street frontage. Planning Commission recommendation of January 4, in <br />favor of this subdivision, ~7as reviewed. <br />Ilearing, and none had been received prior thereto. <br />permit for variance and for approval of Preliminary Plat was seconded by Beim <br />and carried. <br />Planning Director <br />No objections t;lere offered at the <br />Dickson's motion for <br />PUBLIC II%ALTH NUIISIKG DISTRICT REPORT FOR DECEEBER, 1960, was submitted , reviewed, <br />and ordered placed on file. <br />II.;PROVEI4ENT PETITIONS ACCEPTED. The following petitions sere submitted, and, by <br />Eotion VanValkenburg, seconded by Diclcson and carried, were referred to the <br />Engineering Departmznt for programming, being accepted: <br />1. SANITARY SEWER - Schaefer Road from Interlachen Rd. to and including <br />2. CURB AND GUTTER AND BLACKTOP - Chapel Lane, Valley View Rd. to Chapel Dr. <br />5012 Schaefer Road. <br />PROPOSED IHPROVEXZZJT tWA.LDON%D BY PETITION WITHDWIAL. It 17as raported that <br />because a number of persons who had signed a petition for Curb and Gutter and <br />Blacktopping of Rolf Avenue between G3rd and 64th Streets have now withdrawn <br />their namzs the petition no longer carries the signatures of opmers of 51% of <br />the affected property. <br />be abandoned, and that affected property ovmers be so notified. <br />Council was in agreement that initiation of proceedings <br />REPUBLICAN CONEIITTEE COZ.IPLUJ,ENTS EDINA ON CONDUCT OF GENERAL ELECTION. The <br />Hemepin County Republican CommFttee's compliment on Edina's conduct of the <br />November 8, 1960 General Election ~75s submitted, reviewed, and ordered placed on <br />file. <br />PERSONAL INJURIES CLAIM REFERRED TO INSURER. <br />Personal Injuries Claim, in amount of $20,000, fromllrs. Hedwig Olson, for injury <br />suffered in a fall in front of the Post Office. <br />reported that this claim has already been referred to Amzrican Casualty Company. <br />Ilanager I3yde reported receipt of <br />Village Attorney Hasselquist <br />APPOINTI4ENT WiOE TO PARR BOARD. <br />Giebink, 5400 Dundee Road, to the Park Board, for a three-year term beginning <br />January 1, 19.61, had Council's unanimous confirmation. <br />Mayor Bredesen's appointmznt of Nr. Gilbert <br />REQUEST FOR PEI3IIT FOR BILLIARDS at Biltmore Lanes and Southdale BO171 ~7as reported <br />by Hanager Hyde, discussed by Council, and referred to Village Attorney Hasselquist <br />€or the drafthg of regulations and restrictions for sams. <br />50TH STBEET-FRANCE AVENUE BUSINESS DISTRICT PARKING has been discussed at a recent <br />Chamber of Commerce Keeting, Hanager Hyde reported. <br />had told the Chamber that he or any other Village official will be glad to meet with <br />a Chamber-appointed Committee to try to w0rk out problems. <br />Mr. Hyde informed Council he <br />LICENSIKG PROCEDURES were briefly discussed, with further report to be presented <br />at nest meeting. <br />LEGISLATIVE COI*EiITTEE OF LEAGUE OF MINNESOTA IIITNICIPALITIES TO RECOl*lI*END OPTION <br />FOR SOCIAL SECURITY-PEM OR PERA ALONE. Manager Hyde reported that, at the meeting of <br />Legislative Codttee 05 the Lcague, held Friday, the Committee went on record as <br />approving legislation enabling municipality employees to have the option of either <br />PEP&, or combined Social Security-PERA--the latter of which would mean a saving of <br />about one percent of payroll to the Village. <br />PRE-PRINTED AGENDA HEADING ~7as presented for Council consideration. <br />informally approved, no objection being raised. <br />Council