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MINUTES OF THE REGULARMEETING OF THE EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, FEBRUARY 13, 1961, <br />AT 7:OO P.M., AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Meubers answering Rollcall were Beiu, pickson, Tupa and Bredesen. <br />VanValkenburg arrived and took his seat in ueeting during the Public Hearing on <br />hendmnt to Zoning Ordinance. <br />Trustee <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of January 23, 1961, were approved as submitted, <br />by notion Dickson, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS ON ZONING XATTERS. <br />Courier, Posting on official village bulletin boards, and Mailing to affected property <br />Owners, of the following were presented, approved as to form, and ordered placed on <br />file; and, pursuant to these Notices the following Public Hearings were conducted <br />and action taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />Affidavits of Publication in Edina-Horningside <br />L 1. <br />2. <br />"Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Anendment to Village Zoning <br />Ordinance Section 10, Office Building District." <br />"Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Rezoning froaMultiple Residence <br />District to Office Building District." <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO VILLAGE ZONING ORDINANCE, SECTION 10, <br />Council reviewed Planning Commission's recorrrendation of <br />There were no objections <br />I. <br />OFFICE BUILDING DISTRICT. <br />February 4, 1961, for adoption of the proposed anendnent. <br />to the proposed amendment registered from the floor, and no written objections had <br />been received prior to the Hearing. <br />that Council dispense with second reading thereof and adopt <br />Dickson offered the fol noving <br />ORDINANCE NO. 261-59 <br />AN ORDINANCE AMEWING ORDINANCE NO. 261 (ZONING <br />ORDINAWE) OF TF .VI'F;.OF EDINA AS T0,USES AND <br />RESTRICTIONS ON USES IN- THE OFFICE BUILDING -DISTkICT <br />THE VILLA[;E COUNCIL OF THE VIUAGE OF EDINA,. MINNESOTA, ORDATNS: .. <br />Section 1. <br />Section 2. <br />"2. <br />"(a) Principal Uses. Buildings suitably designed may be erected, main- <br />(1) Offices, business and professional. <br />"(b) <br />Paragraphs 2 and 3.of-Section $0- (Office Building District of <br />The following new paragraphs 2 and 3 are hereby enacted, and <br />Ordinance No. 261 of the Village, as amended, are hereby repealed and rescinded. <br />shall take the place of said rescinded paragraphs 2 and 3 in said Section: <br />Uses Permitted within the Office Building District. <br />I tained and used within the Office Building District for the following purposes: <br />Accessory Uses. Within office buildings having either a gross floor <br />area of 40,000 or more square feet or at least 200 full-time office employees, a <br />limited amount of the ground floor area may be used for facilities providing con- <br />venience goods and/or services for the office area occupants and their visitors. <br />These uses shall be termed "Accessory" and shall include those listed below and <br />any other uses whose primary function will be to supply needed convenience goods <br />and/or services for the office building occupants. <br />devoted to such accessory uses shall not exceed 10% of the gross floor area of the <br />The total net floor area <br />building . <br />(1) <br />(4) <br />Barber shops. <br />Book and stationary shops. <br />Candy stores. <br />Dry cleaning and laundry receiving and pick-up statipns, <br />with processing to be done elsewhere. <br />Gift shops. <br />Office supply equipment, sales and service. <br />Restaurants, cafes, or coffee shops. <br />Telegraph or postal sub-stations. <br />Drug stores. <br />Newsstands. <br />Pipe and tobacco shops. <br />"(c) Uses by Special Permit. The Council, after consideration and <br />recommendation by the Planning Commission, may issue a special use permit for the <br />following uses within the Office Building District: <br />(1) Motels and motor hotels. <br />(2) Mortuaries. <br />(3) Heliports. <br />(4) <br />(5) Hospitals. <br />(6) (7) Accessory buildings. <br />"3. <br />Multiple residence dwellings which conform to requirements of the <br />Multiple Residence District. <br />Clubs and lodges which are private and non-profit organizations. <br />Restrictions on Uses Permitted Within the Office Building District. <br />The following minimum restrictions shall apply to all buildings Chat may be erected, <br />converted or structurally altered in Office Building Districts: