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2/27/61 <br />Motion €or waiver of second reading and adoption of Ordinance was seconded by <br />Dickson, and on Rollcall there were four ayes nays, as follows: Dickson, <br />INSURANCE CONTRACTS AWARDED. Finance Director Dalen presented Tabulation of Bids <br />taken February 20, on VOLUNTEER FIREMEN-GROUP ACCIDENT, COMPREHENSIVE ON AUTOMOTIVE <br />EQUIPMENT, AND WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION INSURANCE, in. response to Advertisement for <br />Bids published in Edina-Morningside Courier on February 9 and 16. <br />1. VOLUNTEER F1:RGMEN-GROUP ACCIDENT. Mr. Dalen recommended award to Charles <br />W. Sexton Company bidding Firemen's Fund Insurance Co., coverage at $147.82 for one <br />year; $399.11 for three years, asking that award be made for three-year period. This <br />is the low bid of three bids submitted. <br />accord with Mr. Dalen's recommendation was seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />2. COMPREHENSIVE ON AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT. Five bids submitted, Hardware <br />Mutuals and Employers Mutual of Wausau being low bidders with bids of $405.61 each. <br />Mr. Dalen recommended award to Employers Mutual of Wausau, an Edina taxpayer. <br />Dickson's motion that award be made in accord with Mr, Dalen's recommendation was <br />seconded by VanValkenburg and carried. <br />3. WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION. Tabulation showed eight bidders bidding a total <br />of eleven bids. <br />presented, he hesitates to make a recommendation. <br />Edina's experience for the last five years, and the return which would have been made <br />on this experience, for each of the recently-received plans. Mr. Haley, 5205 Grove <br />Street, who represented himself as "merely an interested citizen", asked that Council <br />consider the bid of Federated Mutuals, saying he sees a savings of some $1,200 in <br />their plan over that of the Anchor Casualty coverage bid by Norris-Nordeen, Brandow <br />Insurance, and Charles W. Sexton Company. Some discussion was had by the Council, <br />and Tupa moved that coverage be awarded for three years to Anchor Casualty Coo, <br />Charles W. Sexton Company, agents. Each bidder then spoke briefly on the merits <br />of his company's plan and/or service; and, after discussion, Mayor Bredesen asked <br />for action on Trustee Tupa's motion. <br />Sexton Company. <br />EMPLOYEES' BOND TO BE RE-ADVERTISED. <br />February 20 in response to Advertisement in Edina-Morningside Courier on February 9 <br />and 16. Because each of the six bidders had bid on different plan there was no <br />basis for comparison; and it was decided to obtain a rider on the present bond, to <br />expire March 15; to prepare more precise specifications and secure new bids, rejecting <br />those bids presented tonight. Said motion made by Tupa, seconded by VanValkenburg <br />and carried. <br />I <br />Tupa's motion that award be made in <br />Mr. Dalen told Council that because of the many different plans <br />He presented a tabulation showing <br />Motion carried, and bid awarded to Charles W. <br />Mr. Dalen presented Tabulation of Bids received <br />PAMELA PARK DRAGLINE RENTAL CONTRACT AWARDED. Manager Hyde presented Tabulation of <br />Bids taken today for 200 Hrs., more or less, Dragline Rental, in response to Adver- <br />tisement for Bids in Edina-Morningside Courier and Construction Bulletin February 16 <br />and 23. <br />a 3/4 Yd. 1955 Byers, and Phelps-Drake and H.WoGrim being tied for second-low at <br />$14.00 per Hr. for a 1% Yd. Bucket, and an American 1-Yd. Bucket, respectively. Mr. <br />Hyde told Council he reconnnends that award be made to Phelps-Drake Company at $14.00 <br />because they have bid on the largesg machine; their machine is newer than that of the <br />low bidder, and they are ready to proceed immediately, whereas a week's delay will <br />be experienced with Grim. <br />Co. at $14.00 per Hour, was seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />Fifteen bids received, M.E. Kraft being low bidder at $13.95 per Hr. for <br />Dickson's motion for award of contract to Phelps-Drake <br />TRUCK PURCHASES AUTHORIZED, FOR PARK AND PUBLIC WORKS DEPARTMENTS. <br />Bids was presented covering bids taken today on a 19,500 GVW truck for the Park <br />Department, and on a 21,000 GVW Dump Truck for the Public Works Department. <br />lation showed four bidders, as follows: <br />Trucks on GMC, $4,835.38; Downtown Chevrolet, $3,658.99; and International Harvester, <br />$3,658.87. <br />second-low bidder, at $3,658.99. <br />that their service has been very good; that he feels, however, that in the interests <br />of saving money on parts replacement, and continuing competitive bids, Chevrolet <br />should be tried, at this small difference in cost. <br />Trucks on GMC, $6,099.00; Downtown Chevrolet, $5,455.00 and International Harvester <br />Co., $5,075.91. <br />GW? Truck, and for award of contract to International Harvester on 21,000 GVW Truck, <br />was seconded by VanValkenburg and carried. <br />Tabulation of <br />Tabu- I FOR'19.500 GVW TRUCK FOR PARK DEPT. Woodhead Co. on Ford, $4,274.00; McGee <br />Manager recommended award of contract to Downtown Chevrolet Company, <br />He stated that he has no quarrel with International; <br />FOR 21,000 GVW FOR PUBLIC WORKS DEPT. Woodhead Co. on Ford, $5,605.00; McGee <br />Here, it was recommended that contract be awarded to low bidder. <br />Tupa's motion for award of contract to Downtown Chevrolet Company for 19,500