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3/13/61 <br />MINUTES OF THE REXULARMEETING OF THE EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, MARCH 13, 1961, <br />AT 7:OO P.M., AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Dickson, Tupa and VanValkenburg. <br />Dickson presided in the absence of Mayor Bredesen. <br />Mayor Pro Tern <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of February 27, 1961, were approved as submitted, <br />by motion Tupa, seconded by VanValkenburg and carried. <br />TRACTOR-LOADER CONTRACT AWARDED TO H.C, OHMES CONSTRUCTION EQUIPElENT COMPANY. <br />Review was made of bids taken February 27, on a Tractor-Loader, as recorded on <br />page No. 273 of this MXnute Book. <br />for award of contract is to award to Road Machinery and Supplies Company, at a net, <br />with trade-in, of $10,545, on a Michigan 85A; this recommendation being made in <br />preference to awarq to low bidder, Ormes Equipment Company, on a Trojan Q164 at <br />net of $10,498,/~&&~e of availability of parts for the Michigan. <br />Council that there is no dissatisfaction with tk 320.j~; that both are excellent <br />machines for the work they will be doing for the Village. <br />that he definitely feels that the Case W-9, which was bid by Eagle Equipment <br />Company at a net of $7,998 does not meet specifications because of its capacity <br />(1-318 yd. bucket as against 1% yd. specified), horsepower (70, as against 90 <br />specified) and cylinders (4, as against 6 specified); that, while this machine <br />could serve village needs some 75% of the time, it could not do the heavy snow <br />work required, and the $2,500 saving effected in its purchase could be used up <br />in one year for rental of a heavy machine. Manager Hyde told Council that service <br />months for the Trojan. Mr. Harry Ormes, representing low bidder, told Council <br />that while tie is willing to agree that the a fine machine, he lieels <br />that he should be awarded the contract because the Trojan more than meets.speci- <br />fications and is low bid. He stated that he, too, is willing to guarantee parts <br />and service for 18 monthsl Tupa then moved that award be made to Ormes Construction <br />Equipment Company, low bidder, on a Trojan No. 164 Tractor-Loader, at Net Bid of <br />$10,498.00, with stipulation thah 18-month guarantee be furnished for parts and <br />service. A representative for the Case W-9 spoke for this machine; with Manager <br />Hyde making the points set forth above as to deficiencies in specifications. <br />Tupa's motion for award to Ormes was seconded by VanValkenburg and carried. <br />Manager Hyde told Council that the recommendation <br />He told <br />Mr. Hyde told Council <br />- and parts on the Michigan have been guaranteed for 18 months, as against six <br />t <br />STOBI SEWER NO, 58 CONTRACT MARDED TO SWANSON EXCAVATING COMPANY (LESLEE LANE- <br />KAYMAR DRIVE AREA. <br />bids in response to Advertisement for Bids published in Edina-Morningside Courier <br />and Construction Bulletin March 2 and 9, 1961; low bid being that of Swanson <br />Excavating Company at $13,916.00, second low, Northern Contracting Company at <br />$14,940.20, and third low, Wm. V. Terry Excavating Company at $15,991.05. <br />recommendation was for award of contract to low bidder, and Tupa so moved. Motion <br />seconded by VanValkenburg and carried. <br />Tabulation of Bids was presented, showing receipt of eleven <br />Manager's <br />EMPLOYEES' BONDS AWARDED TO BRANDT INSURANCE AGENCY. Finance Director Dalen <br />presented Tabulation of Bids taken today, in response to Advertisement for Bids <br />published in Edina-Morningside Courier, showing receipt of six bids; low bid for <br />Plan 2 being Brandt Agency, at total of $2,144.44 for three-year period. Plan <br />2 covers $5,000 Honesty Blanket Position Bond for Police Personnel Only, $50,000 <br />Faithful Performance of Duty Blanket Bond for all employees except Clerk-Treasurer <br />and Police personnel; $50,000 Individual Bond for Clerk-Treasurer; and Individual <br />Bonds for Assessor and two Deputies, and for Clerk of Court, in amounts of $500 for <br />assessors and $1,000 for Court Clerk. <br />Aetna Casualty Bonds, and third-low was C. A. Hayes, bidding Travelers, at $2,311.61 <br />and $2,327.47 respectively. <br />Agency, and Van Valkenburg moved for award in accordance with Mr. Dalen's <br />recommendation. <br />Second-low was Ed Arnold Co., bidding <br />Mr. Dalen recommended award to low bidder, Brandt <br />Motion seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />DMPROVEMENT PETITIONS ACCEPTED. <br />PETITION FORWATERMAIN IMPROVEMENT FOR HEATHER LANE from Highway $169 to Cul- <br />de-sac was filed, with request that it be considered with the former petition for <br />Sanitary Sewer in the same street. Manager Hyde told Council that because this is <br />such a small project he believes it can be considered as requested, even though <br />this present petition is filed after deadline for 1961 work. Tupa's motion accepting <br />petition and referring to Village Engineer for programming with Sanitary Sewer was <br />seconded by VanValkenburg and carried. <br />PETITION FOR SANITARY SEWER AND WATERMAIN FOR HANKERSON AVENUE from Interlachen <br />Blvd. to W.5lst St. was filed; and Council heard the plea of Mr. Robert W. Gislason <br />85024, who explained there are evidences of water pollution, that one new home is <br />about to be constructed on the street. <br />to Village Engineer for programming, looking to Public Hearing at the earliest possible <br />date, was seconded by VanValkenburg and carried. <br />accepted and rererred to Engineer tor programming, by motion Tupa, seconded by VanValkenburg and carried. <br />I <br />Tupa's motion accepting petition and referring <br />PETITION FOR OILING OF PORTER-LANE from Code Avenue to Birchcrest Drive was