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3/13/61 <br />'. <br />CONSTRUCTION OF VILLAGE STORM SEWER AND APPURTENANCES IN THE FOLLCWING: <br />Along the'North line of Lot 12, Block 11, Normandale Addition from a point <br />160 ft. East of the NW corner thereof to Virginia Ave.; <br />Virginia Avenue fromwesterly extension of the N line of Lot 12, Block 11, <br />Normandale Addition to West 65th Street; <br />West 65th Street from Virginia Avenue to Wilryan Avenue; <br />Wilryan Avenue from West 65th Street to 280 feet South; <br />Josephine Avenue from West 65th Street to West.64th Street; <br />West 64th Street from Josephine Avenue to Wilryan Avenue; <br />Wilryan Avenue from West 64th Street to Easterly extensioneof North line of <br />Along the North line of Lots 6 and 25, Block 3, Normandale 2nd Addn.; <br />Lot 6, Block 3, Normandale 2nd Addition; <br />Zots 6 and 25, Block 4, Normandale 2nd Addn.; Lot 6, Block 5, Normandale <br />2nd Addn.; and Lot 4, Hawkinson Addition. <br />The area proposed to be assessed for the cost of the Storm Sewer Improvement <br />"Beginning at a pt. on centerline of Virginia Ave., 2402Ft. N. of Centerline <br />includes all lots and tracts of land within the following described boundaries: <br />of W.65th St.; th. W. 150 Ft.; th. Wly to NW Cor. of Lot 3,-B1. 2, Normandale; <br />th. SWly to a pt. 30 Ft. S. of NW Cor. of Lot 5, B1.13, Normandale; th. NWly <br />along a line through SE Cor. of Lot 3, B1. 15, Normandale to a pt. 120 Ft. NWly <br />of said SE Cor. of said Lot 3; th. NWly to NW Cor. of Lot 1, B1. 15, Normandale; <br />th. W. to E. line of Sec.4,T.116N9 R.21; th. N. along said section line a dist. <br />of 300 Ft.; th. Wly to the NW Cor. of Lot 28, B1. 1, Normandale Second Addn.; <br />th. Wly to NW Cor. of Lot 3, B1. 2, Normandale Second Addn.; th. NWly to <br />intersection of centerlines of Wilryan Ave. and W.63rd St.; th. Wly along <br />centerline of W.63rd St. to extended West line of Lot 1, B1. 3, Normandale <br />2nd Addn.; th. NWly to a pt. on N. line of Lot 12, B1. 4, James A. Roberts <br />Estate which is 40 Ft. Wly of NE Cor. of said Lot 12; th. Wly to NW Cor. of <br />Lot 9, said B1. 4; th. NWly to intersection of centerline of Rolf Ave. with a <br />line extending fromNE Cor. of Lot 4, B1. 3 of James A. Roberts Estate to SE <br />Cor. of Lot 2, B1. 5, James A. Roberts Estate; th. SWly to the said SE Cor, of <br />said Lot 2; th. Wly along-S. line of said Lot 2 a dist. of 50 Ft.; th. Sly along <br />a line parallel to E. line of B1. 5 to a pt. 50 Ft. N. of S. line of B1. 5; th. <br />West parallel to Genterline of W.63rd St. to Centerline of Warren Ave.; th. S. <br />to centerline of W.63rd.St.; th. SEly to a pt. on Centerline of W.64th St. <br />which is 50 Pt. W. of E. line of B1. 6, Normandale 2nd Addn.; th. SEly along <br />Centerline of W.64th St. to Centerline of Rolf Ave.; th. S. along Rolf Ave. <br />to extended N. line of Lot 21, B1, 11, Normandale 2nd Addn.; th. SEly to <br />intersection of extended N. line of Lot 10, B1. 11 and centerline of Tingdale <br />Ave.; th. S. along Centerline of Tingdale Ave. to centerline of W.65th St.; <br />th. SEly to SE Cor. of Lot 23, B1. 17, Normandale 2nd Addn.; th. E. along the <br />extended South line of said Lot 23 to a pt. 80 Ft. IJ. of the Centerline of <br />Wilryan Ave.; th, S. parallel to Centerline of Wilryan Ave. to N. line of <br />Lot 12, B1. 17, Normandale 2nd-Addn.; th. SEly to intersection of Centerline <br />of Wilryan Ave. and W.66th.St.; th. E. to Centerline of Josephine Ave.; th. <br />SEly to a pt. 230 Ft. S. of Centerline ofW,66th St. and 210 Ft. W. of E. <br />line of Sec. 4, T.l16N., R;21W.; th. SEly along a line directed toward a <br />pt. on extended Centerline of Roycar.Rd. which is 530 Ft. E. of W. line of <br />Sec. 30, T.28N., R.24WI;.th. N. along said W. section line to a pt. 80 Ft. <br />N. of Centerline of W;66th St.; th. Ely parallel to Centerline of W.66th <br />St. to a pt. 80 Ft. E. of Centerline of Virginia Ave.; th. Nly parallel to <br />Centerline of Virginia Ave. a dist. of 825 Ft.; th. Wly to a pt. on the <br />Centerline of Virginia Ave. which is 240 Ft. N. of the Centerline of W.65th <br />St., which is the point of beginning." <br />Assessments for the above improvement will be payable in ten equal <br />consecutive annual installments over a period of ten years, with first year <br />payable with taxes for the year 1961, collectible in 1962, with interest on <br />the entire assesSment at the rate of 5% per annum from the date of the <br />resolution levying the assessment to December 31, 1962. TO each subsequent <br />installment will be added interest at the same rate for one year on all <br />unpaid installments. <br />whole of the assessment-without interest to the Village Treasurer on or <br />before November 30, 1961, or make payment with accrued interest to the <br />County Treasurer. <br />The owner of any property assessed for the above improvement may pay the <br />BY ORDER OF THE VILLAGE COUNCIL; <br />GRETCHEN S. ALDEN <br />Village Clerk <br />(2) NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT HEARMGS ON SANITARY <br />. LATERAL SEWER IMPROVEMENTS NOS. 17, 173 AND 174; <br />LATERAL WATERMAIN IMPROVEMENTS NOS. 144, <br />145, 146, 148, 149, 150 <br />NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Council of the Village of Edina will meet <br />at the Edina Village Hall on Monday, April 10, 1961 at 7:OO o'clock P.M., to hear <br />and.pass upon all objections, if any, to the proposed assessment for the above <br />improvements. <br />Clerk and open to public inspection: <br />These assessments are now on file in the office of the Village