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4/24/61 . <br />Motion for adoption <br />Ro 1 lcal 1 there were <br />of Resolution was seconded by VanValkenburg, and on <br />four ayes and no nays, afillows: Dickson, aye; <br />Tupa, aye; VanValkenburg, aye; and Bred <br />was adopted. <br />/ <br />CLAIMS PAID. Dickson's motion for payment of the following Claims, as per <br />Pre-List dated April 24, 1961, was seconded by =pa and carried: <br />General Fund, $17,808.54; Construction Fund, $855.20; Park, Park <br />Construction and Swimming Pool, $1,526.73; Water Fund, $16,336.34; Liquor <br />Fund, $44,072.13; Sewer Rental Fund, $393.29; Improvement Funds, $315.98; <br />and Poor Fund, $16.00 -- Total, $81,324.21. <br />ADJOURNMENT OF MEETING was had at 12:lO A.M., Tuesday, April 25, by motion <br />Dickson, seconded by Tupa and <br />Village Clerk <br />IIINUTES OF THE RJ?.GULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HEI;D MONDAY, MAY 8, <br />1961 AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL. <br />Members answering Rollcall were Dickson, Tupa and VanValkenburg. <br />Pro Tem Dickson presided in Mayor Bredesen's absence. <br />Mayor <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of April 24, 1961, were approved subject to <br />a correction in the Resolution Approving Plans and Specifications, etc., as <br />recorded on Page 40 of this Minute Book, relative to the Permanent Surfacing <br />and Curb of West Shore Drive, by motion Tupa, seconded by VanValkenburg and <br />carried. <br />thought that the two lots at the south end of West Shore Drive were omitted <br />from the specifications. <br />Minutes of April 24). <br />Mr. Tupa explained that when he voted for this Resolution he had <br />(See Minutes of later in this meeting, approving <br />PUBLIC flEARING ON PETITION OF R.H. PETERSON FOR REZONING FROM "MULTIPLE <br />RESIDENCE DISTRICT" TO "OFFICE BUILDING DISTRICT" OF THE EASTERLY 240 FEET <br />OF BLOCK 9, STOW'S EDGEMOOR. <br />Edina-Morningside Courier April 27 and May 4, 1961, of "Notice of Public <br />Hearing", and Affidavit of Posting of same notice on April 29. Planning <br />Director Hite submitted Affidavit of Mailing. Telling the audience that <br />Council cannot take final action tonight on this request because adoption <br />of an ordinance to rezone requires a favorable vote of four, but that <br />Council will conduct Hearing this evening and take final action on <br />May 22. <br />obje&&nfa&& &en received prior to the Hearing, and Tupa moved, offering <br />for/its hrst Reading ORDINANCE NO. 261-61--f1An Ordinance Amending Ordinance <br />No. 261 (Zoning Ordinance) of the Village of Edina, Establishing an Additional <br />Office Building District," and scheduling Second Reading of said Ordinance <br />No. 261-61 for Monday, May 22. VanValkenburg's second accepted First Reading; <br />and motion for acceptance of First Reading this evening, and second reading <br />at May 22nd meeting, was carried. <br />Clerk presented Affidavit of Publication in <br />No objections were forthcoming from the floor, and no written <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PETITION OF DICK ANDERSON FOR SPECIAL PERMIT FOR DOUBLE <br />BUNGALOWS ON LOTS 7, 8 AND 9, BLOCK 2, MIRROR LAKES MEADOW RIDGE SECOND ADDN. <br />(SOUTK SIDE OF W.56TH ST., NORTH OF EII.Ty.#169) . <br />presented Affidavit of Mailing of Notice of Hearing, and, pursuant to said <br />Notice, Mayor Pro Tem Dickson invited objections and recommendations from <br />the audience. Planning Director Hite reported the Planning Commission's <br />favorable recommendation--the property inquestion being three large lots <br />having frontages on both Hwy.#169 and V.56th Street. <br />questioned the matter of storm sewer, here, and Manager Hyde reported that <br />the Colmnission feels Mr. Anderson's purchase agreements should make buyers <br />aware of a forthcoming storm sewer assessment. Mrs. Kenneth Boyd, 5532 <br />Mirror Lakes Drive, presented a petition in objection, which petition was <br />supported by a substantial delegation. <br />of objections, the matter be sent back to the Planning Commission for its <br />consideration May 10, and Tupa so moved. <br />and carried. <br />Planning Director Hite <br />Trustee Tupa <br />Mr. Dickson suggested that, in view <br />Motion seconded by VanValkenhrg