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5% <br />PICKUP TRUCK CONTRACT AWARDED TO HULL-DOBBS. <br />seven bids in response to Advertisement published in Edina-Morningside Courier' <br />and Construction Bullet-in April 27 and Ma 4 1961; Hull-Dobbs Ford being low ' <br />bidder at $1,639 .OO; Ken-Ray Chevrolet, &&blow at $1,686.21; Downtown <br />Chevrolet, second-low at $1,670.40. He explained that the budget allows $1,800 <br />€or a new truck, and recommended award to Hul:-Dobbs Ford. <br />moved. <br />Manager Hyde reported receipt of <br />VanValkenburg so <br />Motion seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />TRACY AVENUE FROM HIGHWAY NO. 169, SOUTH, PROPOSED TO BE PAVED THIS YEAR. Mr. <br />Andrew Miner, 5712 Tracy Avenue, was spokesman for a delegation asking that <br />Tracy Avenue between Countryside Addn. and Highway No, 169 be paved together <br />with the South section of the road. <br />sectiqn bears-the most traffic, -carries school buses; that there will be <br />considerable heavy building in the area which must use this section of stzeet. <br />Manager Hyde told delegation that it has been hoped for some time that this <br />work could be done; that the financing of bhe project has been the main <br />difficulty, but that, now, the Legislature has passed the necessary legislation <br />to make possible the financing of State-Aid Improvements in advance of receipt <br />of state funds, which will make this work possible: Asking if it is intended <br />that the work-be done this year, Mr. Hyde replied that it is certainly hoped <br />that it can be accomplished; that the Village will do all possible to have it <br />completed in 1961. <br />Mr. Miner told Council that the north <br />m SANITARY SENER-IN 'WHITE OARS" AREA TO RECEIVE PUBLIB HEARING MAY 22, AS RESULT <br />, OF EMERGENCY PETITION FILED FOR SEWER IN WHITE OAKS ROAD FROM MEADOW ROAD TO <br />W.48TH STREET. <br />support a petition filed today for Sanitary Sewer in White Oaks Road. <br />Hensley's report, that three private sewer systems are failing and soil <br />characteristics indicate that others will fail soon, was read. <br />asked that this petition be treated as an '*emergency" petition and expedite <br />this work. Manager Hyde reported that Suburban Engineering had made a Sanitary <br />Sewer study of the area some time ago, in response to a petition for botfi Storm <br />and SanitGry Sewer, sponsored by Mr. James Grzeskowiak, 4600 Meadow Road; that <br />the cost was so high property owners were not interes!ed. <br />the large sewer project will be more economical for the White Oaks residents <br />than a sewer to serve them alone, because the latter will need a lift station; <br />then recommended that, if possible, Public Hearing be held Monday, May 22, on <br />the following: <br />Mr. Robert J. Mickelson, 4702 White Oaks Road, was present to <br />Sanitarian <br />* , <br />Mr. Michelson <br />He stated he feels <br />1. Sewer in W.48th St. from 150' I?. of Meado& Road to Meadow Road; <br />Meadow Rd. from W.48th St, Northerly to the Village iimits; and <br />Flhite Oaks Road, from Meadow Road, westerly to the end-all in <br />accordance with the plan and estimate of Suburban Engineering Co.; and *. . (Alternate) <br />2. Sewer in White Oaks Rd. from W.48th St. extending north to and <br />including Cul-dg-sac--in accordance with plan and estimate to be <br />prepared by Village Engineer. <br />He asked, too, that Mr. Michelson see his neighbors bo interest them in the <br />large project. <br />Tupa's motion, that Public Hearings on Sanitary Sewer for the White Oaks area, <br />with an alternate for White Oaks Road only, be scheduled for Monday, May 22, <br />1961, in accordance with Managek's recommendation. <br />VanValkenburg and carried. <br />Motion seconded by <br />EMERGENCY PETITION FILED FORTJATERMAIN IN EAST SIDE OF NORMANDALE ROAD BETWEEN <br />8.68TH AND W.69TH STREETS. Mr. William J. Schulz, 6805 Nomandale Road, supported <br />this petition, stating that his well has failed and he is unable to have it <br />repaired; that his home is entirely without water. Report was made that Mr. <br />Westphal, 6821, has had difficulties, It was noted that Christ Presbyterian <br />Church is not a signer; also, that their property is assessed on W.70th St. <br />Captain Gans told petitioners that unless the Church participates, they will <br />have a very high-cost main. Some further discussion was had on the need for <br />the improvement; and Captain Gans was directed to make a study of the project <br />and to get it set up for Public Hearing just as soon as possible. <br />was asked to secure additional signatures on petition if possible. <br />Mr. Schultz <br />IMPROVEMENT PETITIONS ACCEPTED. <br />and were accepted and referred to Village Engineer for programking, by motion <br />VanValkenburg, seconded by Tupa and carried: <br />Paving and Curb and Gutter - Grove St., Tracy Ave. to Johnson Drive. <br />Oiling - Belmore Lane, Arthur St. to Alley between Harrison and Tyler Aves. <br />Sanitary Sewer - To serve Lots 1, 2 and 3, Scotland Heights Addn. <br />The Following Improvement Petitions were submitted,