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&/ 12 /6 1 67 , <br />? <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED SEAL COATING OF W.65TH STREET FROM EAST LOT LINE OF <br />LOT 3, BLOCK 1, SOUTHDALE OFFICE PARK 2ND ADDITION TO FRANCE AVENUE. Affidaizit <br />of Publication of "Notice of Hearing" ~7as presented by Clerk, approved as to form, <br />and ordered placed on file. Pursuant to said Notice, Public Hearing was called <br />on the above-entitled proposed improvement. Estimate of Cost for t e Seal Coat <br />was given as $642.31, proposed to be assessed against Lots 1, Block Southdale Office <br />Park, and Lots 3 and 4, Block 2, Southdale Office Park 2nd Addition, for $.70 per <br />Assessable Foot. <br />be included in Street Improvement No. BA-33. <br />Southdale Management Company, asking that that portion of the cost of this work <br />proposed to be assessed against Lot'4 and theWest 56.44 Ft. of Lot 3, Block 2, <br />Southdale Office Park 2nd Addition be assessed againSt the remainder of Lot 3, <br />said Block 2. No objections were regisfered to'the pfoposed improvemsnt, or to <br />including it in Improvement No. BA-33, and Beim offered tihe following Resolution <br />and moved its adoption: <br />'1 <br />It was reported that it had been requested that this improvement <br />Clerk submitted letter from <br />RESOLUTION WNDING APRIL 24, 1961'RESOLUTION <br />ORDERING STREET IMPROVEMENT NO. BA-33 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the council of the Village of Edina, Minnesota, that this <br />Council heretofore caused notices of hearings to be duly published on'the follow- <br />ing proposed improvements: <br />1. CONSTRUCTION OF PERMANENT SURFACE AND CURBING IN iJ.65TH STREET FROM <br />FRANCE AVENUE TO VALLEY VIEW ROAD: and <br />2. SEAL COATING OF 'GJ.65'TH STREET FROM EAST LOT LINE OF LOT 3, BLOCK 1, <br />SOUTHDALE OFFICE PARK 2ND ADDITION TO FWCE AVENUE <br />and at the hearings held at the times and place specified in said notices the <br />Council has duly considered the views of all persons interested; and being <br />fully advised of the pertinent facts does hereby determine to amend the <br />"Resolution Ordering Street Improvement--Street Improvement No. BA-33, adopted <br />by this Council April 24, 1961, as follows: <br />Street Improvement No. BA-33 shall consist of the C6provement of <br />W.65th Street by Construction of Bituminous Surface Treatment and Concrete Curb <br />and Gutter from France Avenue to Valley View Road, and by Seal Coating from the <br />East6Lot Line of Lot 3,'Block 1, Southdale Office Park 2nd Addition, to France <br />Avenue. <br />all rots and tracts of rand abutting the street proposed to be improved, being <br />more "specifically Lots 1',2 and 3, Brock 1, and Lots 1 and 2, Block 2, Southdale <br />Office Park 2nd Addition for Construction of Bituminous Surface Treatment and <br />Concrete Curb and Gut'ter; Lots 3 and 4, Block 2, for Concrete Curb and Gutter <br />' only; and Lot 1, Block 1, Southdale Off'ice Park Addition, and Ldt'3, Block 2, <br />except the East'56.44 Ft. thereof, Southdale Office Park 2nd Addition, for Seal <br />Coat. <br />A. <br />B. The area proposed to be assessed for said Improvement shall include <br />I <br />Motion for adoption of Resolutibn was <br />were five ayes and no nays,- a's <br />Tupa, and on Rollcdll there <br />; Dickson, ayemupa, aye;' I <br />Village Clerk <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED STORM SEWER FOR BEST WOODLAND ROAD AREA BETWEEN WOODDALE <br />AVENUE AND CONCORD AVENUE. Affidavit of Publication of "Notice of Hearing" vas <br />presented by Clerk, approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />said Notice, Public Hearing was called on a proposed combination of STORM SEWER <br />NO. 59 (as approved at the April 24, 1961 Meeting) and a westerly extension thereof, <br />to serve, gpnerally, the block between SF.Johns and Concord Avenues along Vest <br />Woodland Road. <br />$29,050.56, proposed to be assessed against 329,200 Sq. Ft. fr$ $.088 per Sq.Ft. <br />Mr. Vinston Hurd, 4617 Tower St.., headed a delegation of property owners objecting, <br />and presented a petition in protest, signed by owners of the majority of the <br />owners in the "extension" area proposed to be assessed--which petition included, <br />several of those who had.originally asked the Village for relief--Messrs. Hansen, <br />Blackmar and Fisher--and, after some considerable explanation by Public Works <br />Director Gans, and subsequent reiterations by objecting petitioners that - 1. They <br />do not want the improvement; 2. The improvement won't benefit them; 3. Improvement <br />17on't help their wet basements because homes are built over underground springs; <br />4. They should not have to pay for improvement because water problem was caused <br />by a contractor's removing too much dirt - Manager Hyde recommended that the <br />proposed storm sewer "extension" be dropped-and Storm Sewer No, 59 be re-approved <br />as originally ordered. .Tups so.moved. MotSon secopded by Beim and carried. <br />Mr. Val Parker, a property owner in Storm Sewer No. 29 assessable area, objected <br />vehemently against this improvement, buf Council took no further action. <br />Pursuant go <br />Vu-Graph Slide was shown, and Estimate of Cost was given as