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119 7 / 10/6 1 <br />COMPLIMENT TO OFFICER C#AX\~FO& &AB AND ORDERED PLACED ON PILLE. Complimznt <br />to Officer Crawford, registered, by Mr. 1q.C. Townley, Bloomington, Illinois, <br />was read by Coulicil and ordered placed on file. <br />CLAIMS PAID. <br />Park, Park Const. and Swim Pool, $4,576.49; Waterworks Fund, $4,816.98; <br />Liquor Fund, $14,290.79; Sewer Rental Fund, $851.36; Improvement Funds, $93.00; <br />Poor Fund, $113.63 - Total , $32,956.86. Motion was seconded by VanValkenburg <br />and carried. <br />I Tupa moved for payment of the following Claims, as per Pre-List dated July 10, 1961: General Fund, $5,696.52; Construction Fund, $2,518.09; \ <br />The evening's agenda's having <br />seconded by Beim and carried. <br />been cov_ered, Tupa moved for adjournment. Motion <br />MINUTES OF THE MEZTING OF THE EDINA <br />BOARD OF REVIEFl, HELD THURSDAY, JULY 14, <br />1960, AT 5:OO P.M., AT THE VILLAGE HALL <br />Village Trustees VanValkenburg and Tupa were present for the annual Board of <br />Review Meeting, in accordance with Publication and Posting of 'Totice of Board <br />of Review Meetingf', which specified this place and time for said Meeting, <br />Assessor Kearns appeared with' his assistants , to report that his Books of <br />Valuation are not yet finished, but that, insofar as he is not7 able to <br />ascertain, there is a $1,569,000 Real Estate Valuations increase over last <br />year. <br />No one appeared before the Board who considered himself aggrieved by the <br />assessment, or who complained that the property of another is assessed too <br />1 ow. <br />Inasmuch as there was not a quorum of the Board present, the two members in <br />attendance agreed that'Meeting be adjourned to Monday, July 31, at 5:OO P.M. <br />pending confirmation of date and