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9 /18/6 I <br />1961 REGULARMEETING OF THE EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, <br />NINUTES OF THe ADJOURNED PORTION OF THE SEPTEMBER 11, ' <br />HELDMONDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1961, AT 7:OO P.M., AT THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Beim, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED ASSESSMENTS FOR IMPROVEMENTS. Clerk reported receipt <br />of Affidavits of Publication in Edina-Morningside Courier, August 31 and September 7, <br />1961, of "Notice of Hearings"; also reporting that notice had been duly mailed to <br />affected property owners. <br />and action taken as hereinafter recorded, on proposed assessments for the follow- <br />ing improvements : <br />Addition. Tabulation of Assessment was read at a Total Assessable Cost of <br />$51,699.90, proposed to be assessed against 70 lots, for $738.07 per Lot, as <br />compared with Estimate given at Improvement Hearing of $932.42 per Lot. Mr. <br />George Watson, 5301 Ayrshire Blvd., asked if it is correct that the improvement <br />hearing estimate had included an amount for street replacement which the assessment <br />does not include. He was informed that this is correct. There were no objections <br />against the assessment at the Hearing, and no written objections had been received <br />prior to the Hearing. <br />SANITARY SENER INPROVEIENT NO. 170 - Lateral Sanitary Sewer in northern <br />portion of Edina Highlands. <br />Cost of $63,254.40, proposed to be assessed against 40 Lots for $1,580.86 per Lot, <br />as compared with Improvement Hearing Estimate of $1,580.86. <br />that the proposed assessment includes $27,225.00 for Blacktop Replacement, which <br />will be credited against the work which got under way today. <br />that when this project was put in it was with the hope that the connection would <br />be put in by the developer, but that because of change in Highway No. 169 plans <br />this had been delayed; that a contract has now been awarded on the connection. There <br />were no objections from the audience, and none had been received prior thereto. (See <br />Resolution of later in Meeting, Adopting Assessment). <br />portion of Edina Eghlands. <br />Cost of $47,361.51, proposed to be assessed against 27 Lots, for $1,753.63 per Lot <br />as compared with Improvement Hearing Estimate of $1,934.95. No objections filed. <br />(See Resolution of later in Meeting, Adopting Assessment). <br />Countryside Addition, and adjacent areas - Sub-trunk and Lateral Sanitary Sewer. <br />Tabulation of Assessment was given at Total Assessable Cost of $209,639.52 for the <br />Lateral Sewer, proposed to be assessed against 144 Lots, for $1,455.83 per Lot; and <br />$82,087.44 for the Sub-trunk (District) Sewer, proposed to be assessed against <br />422 Assessable Lots, for $194.52 per Lot. Manager Hyde made it clear that a21 <br />those proposed to be assessed for the Lateral service would also be assessed for <br />the sub-trunk, which would make the assessment to those having Lateral service a <br />Total of $1,650.35 per Lot, as compared with Improvement Hearing Estimate of <br />$1,495.00 per Lot; that, in addition, as the project progressed, it became apparent <br />that additional areas will be able to use this sewer, and that these areas, which <br />do not actually abut the line, will receive the sub-trunk charge only. <br />reported that because of unusual soil and weather conditions the Village is giving <br />credit for some $26,000--$7,782.32 for Blacktop Replacement not done; $13,546.42 for <br />soil and wather conditions to the Lateral portion of the project, and $5,320.46 to <br />the Sub-trunk portion for the same reason. Mr. Hyde pointed out that one reason <br />for the increase in assessment is the "loss" of 39 lots originally proposed to be <br />assessed for lateral service. Mr. Gordon Anderson, 6320 Valley View Road, asked <br />what had happened, and it was explained that in several areas lots are not being <br />platted to face Valley View Road. Mr. Anderson told Council that job had gone in <br />badly, and inquired as to whether the contractor had been paid more than the <br />original contract had called for. It was explained that he had been paid more, <br />because more rock was necessary on the project, and the project required deeper <br />digging than had been anticipated in the estimated quantities. Mr. Anderson asked <br />why the contractor should get into deeper digging than anticipated, inasmuuh as <br />contours and elevations were known before contract was awarded. <br />answered that, although he had not been here at the time, he understands the job <br />was done under "crash program" conditions, and estimates could not be as accurate <br />as usual. He also reported that a lot more ground water had been experienced than <br />anticipated, and the necessity of installing a rock saddle was one reason for the <br />overage. <br />because the streets have not been replaced. <br />replacement has been delayed because of storm sewer now going in; that time for <br />compaction is necessary, here, because of bad soil conditions. Mr. Hyde explained <br />further that the unseasonable rains during the Christmas season, which caused the <br />ground to thaw, then to freeze, and then to thaw again, contributed untold troubles <br />on this job; that contractor had been unable to move his equipment many times <br />because of the mucky, water-logged soil. <br />will be assessed from $3,000 to $3,500 in this one year and that he would like this <br />particular assessment reduced if possible, told Council he believes either the <br />Pursuant to said Notice, Public Hearings were conducted, <br />1. WATERMAIN IMPROVEMENT NO. 152 - Lateral Watermain in Edina Highlands <br />(See Resolution of later in Meeting, Adopting Assessment). <br />2. <br />Tabulation of Assessment was given as Total Assessable <br />Mr. Hyde explained <br />He also told Council <br />3. SANITARY SEWER IETPROVEMENT NO. 175 - Lateral Sanitary Sewer in southern <br />Tabulation of Assessment was given as Total Assessable <br />4. SANITARY SEWER IMPROVEMENT NO. 159 - Valley View Heights Addition, <br />He also <br />Captain Gans <br />One gentleman told Council that he feels the job is not yet complete <br />Mr. Hyde replied that this street <br />One gentleman, who stated his property