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224 1 i MINUTES 03' THE! ADYOUWED PI)RTION OFsT?dE SEPTEMBER 25, <br />1961 lll3Gm MEXTXNG OF THl3 EDXNA VILLAGE CBUNCXL, <br />H?lLD MONDAY: OCTOBER 2, 1961, AT 7200 P.M., AT THE: <br />WOODDAU SCHOOZ, W .50TIi ST: &D WOODDALE AWE .- <br />Members answering Rollcall were Dickson, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. Trustee <br />Beim arrived later, as hereinafter recorded. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON APPLICATION OF EDINA POST 1471, PIMERICAN LEGION, FOR CLUB ON- . <br />SALE RETAIL LIQUOR LICENSE AT AMERICAN LEGION HALL, 4900 EDEN AVENUE. <br />Bredesen reviewed for the audience present--about fifty persons--the proceedings <br />to this point on Post #471's application for an on-sale liquor license, being as <br />Mayor <br />follows: <br />application at 4900 Eden Avenue, and the Council's action appointing the Mayor <br />to discuss the matter with Mr. Richard E. Olson; the Mayor's discussions with <br />Mr. Olson, during which Mr. Olson was told that the location at 4900 Eden Avenue <br />would be unsatisfactory, mainly because of limited parking facilities; the <br />subsequent letter fromMr. Olson, dated June 26, asking that the Council consider <br />a license for Post #471, at "Cedric's Cafe", and requests by the Council for <br />financial information and rules of conduct; Mr. Olson's letter of August 25, <br />setting forth the rules of conducterequested; the discussions from time to time <br />on rules governing limitation of membership, in which Mr. Olson had stated that <br />the by-laws of the organization will not permit limitation of membership and <br />also that the member of any American Legion Post is entitled to the hospitality <br />of any other Post; Trustee VanValkenburg's letter of September 6th, to llr. Olson, <br />asking for additional information; the Village Attorney's letter of September 14, <br />stating that the Attorney General has ruled that in the event a license is <br />iasued to an American Legion Post, "liquor may not be sold to persons other than <br />members of that post"; and the September 25th letter of Mr. Millard B. Steady, <br />Commander of Post #471, to Mr. VanValkenburg, setting forth the answers to most <br />of Nr. VanValkenburg's questions of September 6, and asking that the license <br />be issued for the location at 4900 Eden Avenue, stating, too, that the Posts <br />expects to control its membership to 1,000. Mayor Bredesen ended his review <br />by protesting a statement in the notice sent by the Post to its members concerning <br />the meeting this evening, stating, "This hearing for our liquor club license was <br />set up for the sole purpose of defeating us by the Edina Village Council". <br />Bredesen told audience that hearing was called to get the sentiment of the public <br />as to whether additional on-sale outlets are desired. <br />number of members, Mr. Olson introduced Mr. John G. Kressel, the Department Judge <br />Advocate for the American Legion Department of Minnesota, who stated that under <br />the constitution and by-laws of both the national and the state organizations each <br />Post is the sole judge of its own membership--that not only does each post have <br />the privilege of limiting its membership as to number, but other limitations may <br />be imposed. He added that <br />the laws of the State of Minnesota do prohibit the sale of liquor to any except <br />members of the particular club or organization, stating this last was relative <br />to the parking situation--that if parking is adequate for "X" members but would <br />be inadequate to ''Yrr members, Post 8471 could properly restrict its membership <br />accordingly. <br />membership to Edina residents, and was told by Mr. Kressel that there is none. <br />its own members. <br />Legion members, spedifying their particular posts--that these cards would be used. <br />Edina residents, or to any certain number. <br />don't all live in Edina. <br />successful operation, that it has been operating about five years and the Richfield <br />Police Chief reports that there has been absolutely no difficulty with respect to <br />its operation. <br />Commerce, favoring the granting of the license providing the membership is limited <br />in number and fairly and reasonably operated. <br />Mr. George Nugent told Council that neither the clubhouse nor the parking <br />facilities at 4900 Eden Avenue will accommodate even 150 people at this time, and <br />Mr. Olson added that the parking lot is the Village Hall parking lot and should not <br />be made available for the purpose under discussion. <br />the question, "Shall additional on-sale liquor licenses be issued in the Village <br />of Edina?", 117 replies having been received, with 95 opposing and 22 favoring <br />additional licenses. <br />Receipt by the Councilaat its April 24th meeting of the Post's formal <br />. <br />Mr. <br />Stating that one of the Council's considerations seemed to be limitation on <br />He cited the B&P Post in Minneapolis as an example. <br />. <br />Trustee Dickson asked if there is anything to prohibit restriction of <br />Trustee VanValkenburg inquired as to how the Post expects to limit sales to <br />It was explained that identification cards were issued to all <br />2lr. Olson inquired as to why it should be necessary to limit membership to <br />He told Council that present members <br />Mr. Kressel told Council that the Richfield Post is a good example of <br />Mr. Jim Ellingson read a resolution adopted by the Edina Junior Chamber of <br />Mayor Bredesen read the results of a 221-letter poll taken of its members on <br />Trustee 3eim f.&k his seat at this time, and was present for the balance of the <br />meeting.