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1/S/62 e <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULARIaETING OF THE EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD NONDAY, JANUARY 8, 1962, <br />AT 7 :00 P .M, , AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Dickson, MacMillan, Tupa and VanValkenburg. <br />Nayor Pro Tem Dickson presided in Mayor Bredesen's absence. <br />NINUTES of the Regular Rleeting of December 11, 1961, and the December 28,1961 <br />adjourned portion thereof, were approved as submitted, by motion VanValkenburg, . <br />seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />TRUSTEE Hugh J. MacMillan was welcomed to the Council by Mr. Dickson, and <br />formally sworn in by Clerk. <br />TREE TRIBDIING IMPROVEMENT TO BE ASSESSED ON A "PER TREEED BASIS AGAINST ONLY THOSE <br />PROPERTIES ON WHICH BOULEVARD TREES ARE TRIMMED. <br />the Village Council on December 11, 1961 (to approve a proposed tree trimming <br />improvement and ask for bids thereon, but to continue Public Hearing to,this <br />date to decide on the method of assessment for said improvement), Mayor Pro <br />Tem Dickson called Public Hearing on the matter of the Tree Trimming Improvement <br />as set forth in the Minutes of the Meeting of December 11, 1961. Manager Hyde <br />advised the Council he had received communications from Mr. Charles S. Hoyt, <br />20 Circle Vest, Mr. R. I?. Lannan, 5119 Tlooddale Glen, and Mr. Charles Horn, owner <br />of property in Rolling Green, all advocating assessment on a "per tree" basis <br />against only that property on which work is done--rather than.on a "neighborhood" <br />basis as proposed at the last meeting. Mr. E. H. Hedean, 4837 Vestbrook Lane, <br />spoke in favor of the "per tree" basis, objecting to assessing on a neighborhood <br />basis. No one was present to advocate the neighborhood basis of assessment. <br />VanValkenburg moved that the Council go on record favoring the "per tree" <br />assessment rather than the "per lot" or "neighborhood" method of assessment. <br />Motion ~7as seconded by Tupa and carried. (NOTE: Please see minutes of action <br />taken later in meeting, during discussion on bids for this improvement). <br />Pursuant to action taken by <br />/'COUNCIL ISSUES PEAIXT FOR MOVING OF HOUSE TO 5205 NINDSOR AVENUE. Mayor Pro Tem <br />Dickson called Public Hearing on the matter of Plr. Ralph Sampson's request for <br />permit to move a one-family dwelling from 6142 Oliver Avenue to 5208 Windsor <br />Avenue--this hearing being pursuant to Council's action of December 11. <br />Hyde presented a letter of concurrence with Mr. Sampson's proposal, signed by <br />Messrs. K. Stevens, 5217, Stanley Orazem, 5213, Charles E. Slocum, 5204, and <br />E .M. Toft , 5209 Vindsor Aveniie -- said proposal including complete restoration <br />and decoration of house and garage, grading and establishment .of lawn on grounds <br />as soon as weather allows, and utilization of dwelling as Mr. Sampson's residence <br />and not as a speculative venture. Mr. J. J. Marthaler, 5205 Windsor Ave., told <br />Council he lives directly across the street from this property; that it is his <br />opinion the letter of concurrence was signed by neighbors only because they feel <br />this is the best they can get on this land, which has been vacant for fifteen <br />years. He said he cannot understand why this dwel.ling should be considered <br />compatible with his neighborhood when it was rejected for Zenith Avenue. <br />Petitioner Sampson showed pictures of the homes on the street (FJindsor) reciting <br />their ages and dimensions as compared with his house. He told Council the lot <br />in question is undesirable in that it backs to the railroad trackssand is oddly <br />shaped; that he plans on brick-veneering the front of the house, putting in a <br />driveway and landscaping the property. Planning Director Hite reminded Council <br />that by authority of Ordinance No. 52A, adopted by Council in March of 1960, <br />moving permits require action by the Building Inspector only, and hearings before <br />neither Planning Commission nor Council. Asked by Mr. Dickson if there were any <br />reason why the permit should not be issued, Mr. Hite replied that there are none. <br />VanValkenburg moved that permit to move be granted. Motion seconded by MacMillan <br />and carried. <br />COUNCIL REMOVES SUSPENSION OF tJONG' S GRANDVIEW CAFE FOOD ESTABLISHMZNT LICENSE <br />FOR 30 DAYS, SUBJECT TO OWNER'S tEETING CERTAIN TERMS. This being the next <br />Regular Village Council Meeting to be held after the suspension', December 13, <br />1961, by the Public Health Sanitarian of'the Food Establishment License issued <br />to Mabel Wong dba lqong's Grandview Cafe, 5002 Vernon Avenue, Manager Hyde <br />presented to the Village Council a memorandum dated January 5, 1962, which, <br />based on an inspection made by the Sanitarian January 3, 1962, recommended <br />that the suspension be temporarily removed for a period of thirty days, <br />subject to the owner's meeting eight stipulations stated in the memorandum. <br />Manager's memorandum was accompanied by a report of inspections of the cafe <br />by J. H. Hensley, Public Health Sanitarian, and conditions found on such <br />inspections, on November 3, 1960, September 6, December 13 and December 18, <br />1961, and January 3, 1962. Mr. Hyde confirmed his recommendation verbally, <br />in public meeting. Asked by Council when the 30 days' removal should begin, <br />l4r- Hyde told Council he believes it should start as of this date. <br />Manager <br />\