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-i 1/22/62 <br />i <br />must be resurfaced vithout undue delay, both for the convenience of the residents <br />and to save maintenance costs. With the aid of slides, showing plans for all the <br />proposed improvements , Captain Gans gave the following estimated costs : <br />amount of $2,480.00 per connection, for,78 connections, for a Total of $193,900; <br />but that because some properties can be served by gravity and others must be <br />served by means of lift stations, the costs are estimated to be as follows: <br />Green : <br />14 <br />1. SANITARY SENER - He explained that the public notice had set forth an I <br />A. Bn the comprehensive project, which would serve all lots in Rolling <br />For the lots to be served by gravity - $1,520 per connection. <br />For the lots to be served by force main and lift station - <br />$2,800 per connection. <br />1. <br />2. <br />B. On a reduced improvement, in Bywood West, Annaway Drive, and Plait I Lane to cul-de-sac only: <br />1. <br />2. For the lots to be served by force main and lift station - <br />2. UATERHAIN - This line would serve four additional connectidns south of <br />For the lots to be served by gravity - $1,770.00 per connection. <br />$2,800 per connection. <br />Interlachen Blvd. <br />per connection for 82 connections. <br />Estimated Cost is $101,400, proposed to be assessed at $1,240 <br />3. STOR31 SEVERS, of which there are four, identified briefly, as follows: <br />A. Bywood Vest-Crescent Terrace. Estimated Cost, '$5,000. proposed to <br />be assessed against 248,800 Sq.Ft. for $.02 per square foot. <br />E. Annaway Drive. Estimated Cost, $7,700.00, proposed to be assessed <br />against 988,800 Sq.Ft., for $.001 per Square r'oot. <br />C. Annaway Drive-Mait Lane. Estimated Cost, $8,000.00, proposed to be <br />assessed against 130,000 Sq.Ft., for $.06 per square foot. <br />D. Opposite No. 7 lierilane - Estimated Cost, $1,050.00, proposed to be <br />assessed against 438,000 Sq.Ft. for $.002 per square foot. <br />A. For Bituminous Surface Only - $101,100.00, for $5.02 per Assessable <br />B. For Portland Cement Concrete Curb and Gutter and Bituminous Surface - <br />4. STmET SURFACING - <br />Foot. <br />$153,450.00, for $7.62 per Assessable Foot. <br />At this time Hanager Hyde explained to Council and the audience, which numbered <br />about 150 persons, that the Village does not have evidence of water contamination <br />in this area; that, last October 3rd the Village Sanitarian tested the three <br />largest ponds in the area and there ~7as no indication that there ~7as sewage <br />running into these pools; that, very recently, eight tests have been made on the <br />water €,om private wells of Rolling Green residents, and that all eight have been <br />free of the colcbform organisms and nitrate nitrogen which prove contamination; <br />that, in adaition to this, three tests have been made this past year,(as the <br />result of an ordinance adopted by Council which requires a "percolation" test on <br />the ground to determine if the soil will, absorb 1iquid.i-and the satisfactory <br />results of such tes,p--before a sept'ic tank is permitted to be installed); that <br />all three tests have proven satisfactory, and there is no evidence to the effect <br />that the soil will not support septic tanks and drain fields in this area. <br />PROPONENTS: Mrs . Gladstone Stenson, 4811 Bywood Best , sponsor of the <br />-petitions for Sanitary Sewer, Watermain and Storm Sewer, was first to .speak for <br />the proponents. <br />evening, with the resurfacing of the street--which, she stated, has caused <br />considerable confusion because it is proposed ?n a per-front-foot basis--to be <br />considered at a later time. <br />Sewer, saying that many in the neighborhood are having to have their private <br />sewage facilities pumped constantly at some considerable expense; that these <br />residents are suffering serious inconvenience because of sewage's backing up <br />into their basements; that there ~~7as a sewage back-up at the S.R.Berglund <br />residence,4808 By~./oodT.Test, before the son, James Berglund, became ill; that a <br />worker at the <br />on ajp-rivate sewer sys tem; that Rolling Green is getting a bad 'name throughout <br />the entire area because it does not have public sewer service. <br />called on DrJEakm, a former resident of Hilldale, to substantiate her contention <br />that the Rolling Green area sewage may be contaminating the water supply, even <br />though Rolling Green water does not show contamination. <br />Dr. Baken gold the Council that, tqh'&le he and his family were living in <br />Hilldale, on the property backing to No. 14 Paddock Road in Rolling Green, his <br />infant daughter, and subsequently the balance of his family, had become ill with <br />dysentary, he had had his well water tested; that it showed 23 parts-per-million <br />of nitrates--wnich the State Health Department had told him today, shows definite <br />evidence of cross-contamination of the well water by someone's cesspool or <br />drainfield. <br />Dr. Wen told Council - 1. That there is a large swamp behind his house; 2. <br />That his house faces a street in Hilldale and is many yards from any dwelling in <br />Rolling Green; 3. That the street in Hilldale which his house faces now has a <br />Village sewer; 4. That the illness about which he spoke occurred in February, <br />1960, and he moved from this location in October of 1960; that the test on the <br />water 1.7as made at his 01711 laboratory in the St.Louis Park Nedical Center. <br />I <br />She asked that only the three petitions be considered this <br />Nrs. Stenson streas,ed the special need for Sanitary <br />G.F.Raymond residence, 4801 Bywood Vest, was killed while working <br />Nrs. Stenson <br />I <br />At questions from Attorney Neville, who represented the opponants,