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2/5/62 <br />MTNUT3:S OF TIE VGUEAR MEETING OF THE EDrNA VILLAGE COUNCIL <br />ULD MONDAY, PEXWJARY 5, 1962, A" 7 :00 P.M., kf <br />1r.w ED'LNA VILLAGE ULL <br />1 Nembers answering Rollcall were Dickson, MacP'lillan, Tupa, VanValkenburg and <br />Bredesen. Meeting t7as held this date, because February 12, scheduled date of \ <br />Regular Meeting, is a legal holiday. <br />EiINUTES of Regular Meeting of January 22, 1962, were approved as submitted, by <br />Motion Dickson, seconded by VanValkenburg and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARING HELD ON WJNDAY CLOSING~I ORDINANCE: ACTION DEFERRED TO FEBRUARY 26. <br />Clerk presented Affidavit of Publication of "Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed <br />Sunday Closing Ordinance," published in Edina-Momingside Courier January 25 and <br />February 1, 1962, which Affidavit was approved as to form and ordered placed on <br />file. <br />proponents speak first, on proposed ordinance as published in Notice. <br />President of the Ilinnesota Retailers Association, spoke for the Ordinance, as <br />"sane and moderate". <br />przvent the troubles 17hici1 neighboring municipalities are now experiencing. <br />PIr. Hodgson asked that the ordinance be adopted for the purpose of "providing a <br />day for rest and family life on the day chosen by ninety-eight percent of the <br />American people for this purpose, and of keeping this day free of retail <br />come rc i ali zat i on. to <br />any employee who would be happy with a law permitting business to be open on <br />Sundays; that employees prefer @ to work on Sundays, regardless of the "double- <br />or-triple-time pay" privileges accruing to them for Sunday work. <br />Mr. Hosmer Brown, 4513 Moorland Avenue, representing Clancy Drugs, reported <br />that Clancy's has no objection to the intent of che ordinance; that they would be <br />glad to close dorm completely on Sundays, if this was economically feasible; but <br />that they would like clarification of the definttions contained therein, He <br />specifically requested clarification of the t~ords, "housev7ares ,I' Endairy products", <br />"groceries", and "foodsaP. Mr. Brown suggested that, rather than adopt an <br />Ordinance, now, tile Council go on record as to its intentions ~7ith ragard to <br />Sunday Closing, delaying formal action pending experience in St.Pau1, Minneapolis, <br />&Richfield and Bloomington, on enforcement of their respective ordinances. <br />Mr. Henry Bergdahl, 4501 Claremore Court, told Council that businessmen are <br />working sufficiently long hours, now; that they should not be asked to work seven <br />days a seek--that he favors ordinance because he, himself, would like shorter hours. <br />Mrs. Rachel Hill, 4512 Wooddale Avenue, speaking as a "housewife, mother and <br />grandmotaer", favored ordinance "just as a matter of standards", saying that one <br />day is needed as a family day. <br />he believes the American people are tired of laws,passed by all <br />Celling themwhat someone thinks is good for them; he believes it does not speak well <br />of a conservative district to have businessmen here, hat in hand, asking for a lar7 <br />to protect them. Saying that it is true that some business will be hurt by those <br />keeping open on Sunday, but that other places will open, 17ith new merchandisi-ng <br />methods--that the life blood of our system has been the "profit and loss system", <br />Mr. Frances told Council he believes it b70Uld be most inappropriate for a village <br />which is probably one of the most conservative in the entire state to pass an <br />ordinance mostly for the benefit of the businessman who has asked to have this la57 <br />passed. Plr, Frances was the only opponent. <br />Pursuant to Notice, Mayor Bredesen opened the Hearing , asking that the <br />PROPONENTS. Mr. Thomas Hodgson, 5500 Normandale Road, Executive Vice <br />He told Councii the passage of the ordinance, now, would <br />Mr. Regis Younkers of Hove's Super Market, told Counci.1 he has yet to hear sz <br />&' -!- E <br />DPPONENT. Mr. Joe Francis, 6505 Creston Road, speaking only for himself, said <br />phases of govenim2nt, <br />Village Attorney Hasselquist explained that the proposed ordinance was drafted <br />by a group of some ten municipality attorneys, in the interests of good enforcement, <br />at the time it became apparent that some of the municipalities wished to enact a <br />Sunday C 10s Fng law. <br />Some discussion was had in the Council, Council agreeing that some clarification <br />is necessary, and Mayor asking tnat the "Saturday" references be eliminated. Diclcson <br />then moved that action on Ordinance be set over to the next meeting, February 26, in <br />order that clarification of definitions might be effected and Saturday references be <br />deleted therefrom. Motion seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />BOY SCOUT TROUP NO. 114, ST. STEPHENS CHURCH, WELCOMED. On behalf of the Council, <br />Trustee Dickson, Treasurer of the Viking Council, Boy Scouts, welcomed to the meeting <br />Scout Troup No. 114 of St.Stephens Church. <br />RZCOSIENDATIONS OF ADJUSTMENT PANEL ACCEPTED. Mr. Larkin McLellan, representative <br />for "International Union of Operating Engineers Local #49'", presented to Council the <br />"Report of Adjustment Panel Relating to Dispute Between International Union of <br />Operating Engineers Local #49 and The Village of Edina", members of Panel being <br />Mayor Bredesen representing the Village, Mr. McLellan representing the Union, and <br />a neutral member, Mr. Harold A. Smith. Some discussion ~7as had, and Dickson moved <br />that the recommendations of the Panel be accepted. <br />carried. <br />Notion seconded by Tupa and