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26 2/5/62 <br />CMlfS PAID. <br />dated February 5, 1962, was seconded by Dickson and carried: <br />General Fund, $26,603.87; Construction Fund, $3,607.25; Parks, Park <br />Construction and Swimming Pool Funds, $26,381.28; Waterworks Fund, $18,140.4.7; <br />Liquor Fund, $26,998.12; Sewer Rental Fund, $24,591.37; Improvement Funds, <br />$522,088.89; Poor and PIR Funds, $440.97 - Total, $649, 152.22. <br />Tupa's motion for payment of the following Claims, as per Pre-List <br />Dickson's motion for adjournment was <br />adjourned at 8:45 P.N. <br />Village Clerk <br />14INUTES OF THE*REGULAR*IIEETING OF TNE EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL HELD NONDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1962, <br />AT 7:OO P.H., AT THE EDINA VILLAGE NALL <br />I. <br />Members answering Rollcall were Dickson, MacMillan, Tupa, VanValkenburg and <br />Bredesen. MINUTES of Meeting of February 5, 1962, approved as submitted, by motion <br />VaEValkenburg, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />POLICE SERGEANT J&BS H. CRAWFORD RECEIVES CERTIFICATE. Hayor Bredesen presented <br />to Sgt. Crawford the International City Managers' Association's Certfficate of <br />Completion in its correspondence course on Nunicipal Police Administration, together <br />with commendation of the Council. <br />"REVISED" SUNDAY CLOSING ORDINANCE ADOPTED. <br />_- on Proposed Sunday Closing Ordinance, this being a continuation of the Hearing held <br />February 5. He read letter by Thos. Jackson, President of Edina Chamber of <br />Commerce, informing Council that Chamber is in favor of proposed ordinance. Blr. <br />Thomas Hodgson of the Minnesota Retail Federation, Inc., reviewed briefly the <br />changes suggested at the last meeting - 1. That Saturday option be deleted; 2. <br />that ordinance be inapplicable to confections, ices, ice creams, dairy products, <br />eggs, electric fuses, light bulbs and other items essential to the safe operation <br />of heating, lighting and plumbing equipment already installed; and Mr. H0sme.r Brown, <br />representing Clancy's, told Council his client feels that with these changes the <br />ordinance is as clear as possible without being unwieldy, is in favor of it and <br />believes he can live under it. Er. Joe Francis, 6805 Creston bad, protested <br />once again, saying that with the adoption of this ordinance the Council is simply <br />asking for a %hole host." of laws, not only from retailers but also from other <br />groups. Mayor Bredesen reported receipt of letter, this evening, from filr. <br />Kingston Nelson, 5917 Kellogg Avenue, protesting the proposed ordinance; and Hr. <br />Nelson was present and supported his letter verbally. Mr. Nelson's protest was on <br />the point that the Council does not have the authority to legislate as to what <br />can and what cannot be sold at any certain time. Nr. Hodgson reported that five <br />recent SupremzAourt decisions have ruled can legislate on one part of. a problem <br />at one time and another part of same problem at another time. <br />read to the audience the changes proposed in the ordinance as first heard on <br />February 5, and Dickson offered for its first reading the following Ordinance <br />No. 183, moving that Council dispensz with the second reading thereof and adope <br />Ordinance as submitted: <br />Mayor Bredesen called Public Hearing <br />Nayor 'redesen then <br />* OWINANCE NO. 183 <br />AB ORDIN&?CE RELATING TO BUSINESS ACTIVITIES <br />01; SWAYS, PROHIBITING CERTAIE OF 6UCH ACTIVITIES, <br />AND PROVIDIKG PENALTIES FOR VIOLATIONS <br />THE VILLAGE COUNCIL OF-THE VILLAGE OF EDINA, FIINNESOTA, OlXDAfNS: <br />Section 1. Purpose. It is determined to be in the interest oE the public <br />health, order, convenience and general welfare to observe certain days, hereinafter <br />specified, as days of rest and recreation, free from unrestricted commercial activity, <br />and it is the purpose of this ordinance to aid in the preservation of such days for <br />such purposes. <br />Section 2. Definitions. Subd. 1. "Person" means any individual partner- <br />ship , corporation, association, or other group, however organized, and includes agents <br />and employees. <br />Subd. 3. "Restricted Item" means any of the following: Clothing and wearing <br />apparel; cloi3iing accessories; footwear; furniture; furs; housewares; chinaware, poirtery <br />and glassware; household or business or office furnishings and appliances; hardware; <br />tools; paints and varnishes; building materials and supplies; jewelry; cameras; silver- <br />ware; watches; clocks; luggage; musical instruments; musical recordings; radio reckivers; <br />television receivers ; phonographs and record and tape players; lawn mowers; boats; <br />outboard motors; automobile parts; automobileaaccessories; toys other than novelties <br />2nd souveniers; lumber; floor covering; farm implements and machinery; groceries; mzats <br />and foods, not prepared and served on the premises or served elsewhere by food caterers.