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4/16/62 68 <br />COUNCIL APPROVES ASPHALT CONCRETE SURFACE: DISAPPROVES WATERMAIN AND CURB AND <br />GUTTER, FOR VIEW LANE, SCHAEFER ROAD AND SCHAEFER CIRCLE. <br />Affidavit of Publication in Edina-Morningside Courier April 5 and 12, 1962, of <br />"Notice of Hearings", which Notice was approved as to form and ordered placed on <br />file. Pursuant to said Notice, Public Hearings were held on the following <br />proposed improvements: <br />South Knoll Drive to Schaefer Rd.; Schaefer Fd. frorh View Lane to Hwy.#169; <br />Schaefer Circle from Schaefer Rd. to Cul-de-sac. <br />was given as $32,167.47, for $7,69 perU$lsessable Foot - <br />Clerk presented <br />I. ASPHALT CONCRETE PAVING AND CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER in View Lane from <br />Estimate for this Improvement <br />AND <br />2. CONSTRUCTION OF VILLAGE WATERMAIN AND APPURTENANCES in Schaefer Road <br />from Hwy.#l69 to View Lane; Schaefer Circle from Schaefer Rd. to Cul-de-sac; and <br />on an easement line from Hwy.#l69 to cul-de-sac on Schaefer Circle. Estimate of <br />cost, $17,693.98, for $804.27 per Lot, <br />received; that it is recommended that water go into the streets before the <br />streets are permanently surfaced; and also is recommended that curb and gutter <br />be constructed , this from a street maintenance standpoint, because of the <br />grade. <br />grounds that the homes in this area are new and are served by new wells, and that <br />watermain will serve no purpose at this time. He objected to curb and gutter on <br />grounds that the balance of the Parkwood Knolls area does not have it. Mr. M1 G, <br />Christianson, 5717 Schaefer Road, and Mr. W. S, Robertson, 6209 Schaefer Circle, <br />concurred in these objections. <br />surfacing, told Council there has been no trouble in that portion of the Parkwood <br />Knolls area which does not have curb and gutter; that he feels there is no need <br />of it on Schaefer Road, <br />Asphalt Concrete Surface. <br />curb and gutter--his own objections being from an aesthetic standpoint--Mayor <br />Bredesen told audience the Council is aware of the validity of the Engineering <br />Department's recommendation for curb and gutter 5Dr reasons hereinbefore stated-- <br />that curb and gutter will improve drainage and result in a better wearing street; <br />that, should Council approve Asphalt Concrete without curb and gutter, complaints <br />against feathered edges, etc., in the future, will not meet with favor. <br />spoke in favor of the proposed watermain, <br />approve the surfacing improvement, eliminating the curb and gutter, and abandoning <br />the proposed watermain improvement. <br />Dickson then offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />It was explained that Petition for Asphalt Concrete Paving has been <br />Mr. J;P. McFarland, 5708 Schaefer Road, objected to watermain on the <br />Mr. Carl M. Hansen, who had petitioned for the <br />There were no objections registered against an <br />Stating that he agrees with those objecting to <br />No one <br />Dickson then moved that Council <br />Motion seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />RESOLUTION ORDERING IMPROVEMENT <br />STREET IMPROVEMENT NO. A-151 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Village of Edina, Minnesota, that this <br />Council heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published on the following <br />proposed improvement: <br />CONSTRUCTION OF PERMANENT STREET SURFACING AND CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER <br />IN THE FOLLOWING: <br />View Lane from South Knoll Drive to Schaefer Road; <br />Schaefer Road from View Lane to Hwy. #169; <br />Schaefer Circle from Schaefer Road to Cul-de-sac <br />and at the hearing held at the time and place specified in said notice the <br />Council has duly considered the views of all persons interested, and behg <br />advised of the pertinent facts does hereby determine to proceed with the <br />construction of said improvement as follows: <br />CONSTRUCTION OF PERMANENT STREET SURFACING, BY CONSTRUCTION OF ASPHALT <br />CONCRETE PAVEMENT in the above named streets; that said improvement is hereby <br />designated and shall be referred to in all subsequent proceedings as STREET <br />IMPROVEMENT NO, A-151; and the area to be s,pecially assessed therefor shall <br />include all lots and tracts of land abutting the streets proposed to be <br />improved. <br />Motion for adoption of the Resolution was <br />were five ayes and no nays, as follows: <br />VanValkenburg, aye; and Bredesen, aye;