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5/14/62 <br />WAYNE 3ENNETT APPOINTED PUBLIC SAFETY DIRECTOR AND POLICE CHIEF. <br />recommended the appointment of Police Chief Wayne Bennett to the position of <br />I1Public Safety Director and Police Chief", to head Fire, Polise, and Health <br />Departments and continue as head of Civil Defense, at a total salary, including <br />Civil Defense salary, of $11,100 per year, effective June 1, 1962, and looking <br />toward a salary adjustment for both Mr. Bennett and Mr. J.N. Dalen, Finance <br />Director, to $11,7QO for the year 1963. <br />Manager Hyde <br />(See action after next recommendation) <br />SALARY ADJUSTHENTS MADE, <br />Director of Public Morks and Engineering and the Assistant Engineer, being <br />$25 per month each, scheduled for July 1, be set ahead to June 1; and that <br />the wage'for the classification "Seasonal Temporary Labor, Way 1 to October 1" <br />he established at $1.75 per hour. <br />Mr . Hyde recommended that salary increases for the <br />I VanValkenburg's motion, appointing Wayne Bennett as Public Safety Director and <br />Police Chief at a total salary of $11,100 per year, and authorizing salary <br />adjustments as recommended by the Village Manager, was seconded hy Tupa and <br />carried. <br />CLAINS ACCEPTED FOR PAYI.IEI\IT : ONE EXCEPTED Council reviewed Pre-List dated <br />May 14, showing Claims for payment in the following amounts: General Fund, <br />$15,481.76; Construction Fund, $868.00; Park, Park Construction, and Swim <br />Pool Funds, $3,190.22; Watertiorks Fund, $1,120.13; Liquor Fund, $91,936.61; <br />Sewer Rental Fund, $356.75; Improvement Funds, $113,787.77; and Poor Fund, <br />$241.92--Total $226,983 . 16. Some discussion was had relative to the Village <br />"law library"; and Tupa moved that all claims on Pre-List dated May 14, 1962 <br />be paid except Claim No. 19435, from General Fund, to Bancroft-Whitney Cos, <br />amount $61.10. Motion seconded by VanValkenburg and carried, <br />/ WEETINS ADJOURNED at 12:1Q,ACt4., TUESDAY, NAY 15, pursuant to motion by <br />/ NacHillan , seconded by VanValkenburg <br />/ <br />/ <br />/ Village Clerk * <br />/ / TREASURER'S REPORT FOR WARCH, 1962, AND A SUMMARY OF FINANCIAL "HIGHLIGHTS OF <br />1961t1 werF submitted by Mr. Dalen for Council review. - <br />t*IINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF <br />THE EDINA VILLAGE COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, <br />HAY 28, 1962, AT 7:OO P.W., AT THE EDINA <br />VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Dickson, MacMillan, Tupa and Vanitalkenburg. <br />Mayor Pro Tem Dickson presided in Mayor Bredesen's absence, <br />MacMillan's motion, that May 14, 1962 Minutes be approved subject to the <br />changing of the word <br />"Planning Commissiont1 , was seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />in line six, paragraph 3, Page 93, to <br />Trustee MacMillan introduced to Council and audience a guest from <br />Rotterdam, Holgand, and her :son, who lives in Minnetonka. . <br />COUNCIL GRANTS RAUENHORST CONSTRUCTION COMPANY'S PETITION FOR FEZONII?G. <br />First matter on the agenda was continuation of the May 14, 1962 Public <br />Hearing on the petition of Rauenhorst Construction Company for the rezoning <br />from Open Development District to Community Store District, Office Building <br />District, and Planned Industrial District of certain tracts of land along <br />the South Village Limits, bounded on the I.lest by Normandale Road, on the <br />East by Wooddale Avenue extended, and on the North ky Normandale Center Golf <br />Course and Registered Land Surveys Nos. 679 and 938; and otherwise described <br />as llNorrnandale Center Industrial Park". <br />the entire area, 14r. Hite again reported that the Planning Commission's <br />recommendation for rezoning pertains to only part of the original application <br />area , because the Commission is not willing to commit itself as to the whole <br />area at this time, but prefers to wait for the development of the area now <br />under consideration before considering the area to the north and east. <br />There were no objections registered to the proposed rezoning; and, inasmuch <br />as this matter had been discussed at some length at the last regular meeting <br />by the Council and without objection at that time, VanValkenburg offered <br />the following Ordinance, moving that Council dispense with second reading <br />thereof and adopt Ordinance as submitted: <br />With the aid of a display showing