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6/11/62 ( STATEMENTS OF GENERAL FUND AND PARK FUND REVEI?UE AND EXPENDITURES FOR FIRST FOUR <br />MONTHS OF 1962 were filed. <br />AUDIT REPORT FOR YEAR 1961, as prepared by Ernst and Ernst, was presented to <br />the Council for. review. <br />CLAIMS PAID. <br />by VanValkenburg and carried: <br />and Swim Pool Funds, $1,655.71; Water Fund, $266.60; Sewer Rental Fund, $61.01; <br />Liquor Fund, $59,127.65; PIR Fund, Poor? Fund E J.S,Dc #1 Fund, $5,792.64, <br />TOTAL, $73,882.63 . <br />The agenda's having been covered, Tupa moved for adjournment to Monday, June 18, <br />1962, at 7:OO P.M. Hotion seconded by EiacMillan and carried. <br />Dickson's motion for payment of the following Claims was seconded <br />Claims as per Pre-List dated June 11. <br />General Fund, $6,747.02; Construction Fund, $232.00; Park, Park Construction <br />I Adjournment at <br />I 11:05 P.14 , <br />MINUTES OF THE ADJOURNED PORTION OF THE <br />REGULAR VILLAGE COUNCIL MEETING OF JUNE 11, <br />1962, HELD MONDAY, JUNE 18, 1962, AT 7:OO P.M., <br />AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />Members answering Rollcall were Dickson, MacMillan, Tupa, VanValkenburg, and <br />Bredesen . <br />COUNCIL CONDUCTS PUBLIC HEARINGS ON PROPOSED BSSESSNENTS FOR IMPROVENENTS <br />Clerk presented Affidavit of Puhlication in Edina-Morningside Courier May 31 and <br />June 7, of "Notices of Assessment Hearings", and Affidavits of Mailing of notices <br />to owners of affected properties. <br />ordered placed on file and, pursuant thereto, Public Hearings were conducted, <br />and Council action was taken as hereinafter recorded: <br />Affidavits were approved as to form and <br />I. PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED ASSESSFSEW FOR ShFITARY SEVER IMPROVEMENT <br />NO. 181 - In Wooddale Ave. from Garrison Lane to 480 Ft. .If. and Valley View Rd, <br />from Centerline of Oaklawan Ave. extended, to 380 Ft. West. Total Assessable <br />Cost was read as $12,540.29, proposed to be assessed against seven connections, <br />for $1,791.47 per Connection. This improvement had been estimated at $1,448.48 <br />per connection, It was explained that because high bids had been-received, the <br />Council had rejected bids and re-advertised at least once in an endeavor to <br />get lower bids; that the job was difficult because of the necessity of digging <br />through concrete fill. There were no objections registered at the Hearing, <br />and no written objections had been received by the Clerk prior thereto. <br />(See Resolution of later in Meeting, Adopting and Confirming Assessments). <br />2. PUBLIC HEARINGS Of? PROPOSED ASSESSMENTS FOR SANITARY SEUER INPROVEEIENT <br />NO. 180 AND I.IATERI4AIM IMPROVEMENT NO. 159 (TONNECTIOftS ONLY) - In Lynmar Lane <br />from W.72nd St. North 220 Ft. Assessable Costs were read as follows: <br />For Sanitary Lateral Sewer No. 180 - $709.54 per Connection <br />For Hatermain No. 159 (Connections <br />Only) - $178.03 per Connection <br />Total 3887.57 <br />Estimate of Cost given at Improvement Hearing <br />Total Assessable Cost for these improvements was $2,128.62, proposed to be <br />assessed to three connections. <br />was $846.79 per Connection. <br />no written objections had been received prior thereto, <br />in Meeting, Adopting and Confirming Assessments). <br />There were no objections made at the Hearing, and <br />(See Resolution of later <br />3. PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED ASSESSNENT FOR SANITARY SEVER IMPROVEPENT <br />NO. 168 -'Jive <br />from Grove St. to Highway No. 169; Highway No. 169 from Johnson Drive to Goya Lane; <br />Goya Lane from Highway No. 169 to Cul-de-sac. <br />$36,257.20, proposed to be assessed to 28 Connections for $1,294.90 per Connection, <br />as compared with an Estimate of $1,382.89. <br />the Hearing, and no written objections had been received prior thereto. (See <br />Resolution of later in PIeeting, Adopting and Confirming Assessments). <br />Total assessable cost was given as <br />There were no objections offered at