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7/9/62 <br />(1 the ponding of water in the street is a hazard in both winter and summer; and <br />that in addition to the problem of repairing the surface, there is the necessity <br />of the maintenance crew's dropping whatever it might be doing to pump the area, <br />He reported that the only permanent solution to the problem is the construction <br />of the storm sewer--that whether this is the time for 3uch construction, or <br />whether there is some other time for it, it must be done some time, <br />stated he would much prefer that the Village continue to pump the pond; that <br />he feels it would be fair for each property owner in the proposed assessment <br />area to pay his share of the pumping cost on a basis conlparablc to that shown <br />in the assessment area. <br />chance of getting a voluntary neighborhood agreement for payment of pumping <br />costs, Dr, Rice said he would think so. Mrs. Roy Larson told Council she finds <br />it difficult to believe that owners of abutting properties are rosponsible for <br />drainage of the street; that she and Nr. Larson and the Schaefers gave the <br />street in its present condition to the Village some 24 years ago, and that it <br />has had surprisingly little maintenance since that time, <br />of the Schaefer Road water drains north past her house, to a pond that the <br />Larsons formerly owned; that there was no water on Schaefer Road last Friday <br />afternoon, immediately after a downpour, Mrs, Harold Schaefer reported that <br />there is a tile from a pond just north of the Dahlquist house draining into her <br />pond; that she is perfectly willing that Schaefer Road water be pumped into the <br />large pond, and would like storm sewer project delayed if possible, <br />Dahlquist reported he, too, believes project is unnecessary; 'chat he differs <br />as to the reason for maintenance problems--that part of the. problem is the high <br />speed at which those to the south tpavel Schaefer Road. He, added he feels tha? <br />those concerned could get together to lay tile, at a cost lower than the project <br />proposed. <br />and carried. <br />that neighbors bear their share of expense of pumping. <br />an:engineer representing the Roy Larsons, suggested that the problem could be <br />worked out at a much smaller cost than that proposed, by raising the level of <br />the road at the time it must be torn up for a good base. Captain Gans answered <br />*that the Village Engineering Department has taken cross sections and made careful <br />study of the problem; feels that storm sewer is the solution--and, further than <br />that, knows that in the future the Schaefer P.ond must be drained, eventually to <br />Nine-Mile Creek. <br />be the gift of the Village, <br />construction must be an assessment project if and when it is determined to be <br />necessary. <br />AND, GUTTER, IN GOYA. LANE FROM, HIGHTilAY NO,. 169, TO-anager i-Iyde reviewed <br />for Council and audience the proceedings on this proposed project to date: <br />filing of a supposedly 100% petition for Portland Cement Concrete Paving, and the <br />resulting ordering of the improvement by the, Council without a Public Hearing; the <br />taking of bids, and the subsequent discovery that the petition was signed by <br />owners of only seven of eight benefited lots; the rejektion of the bids because <br />of this discovery and because bids had been tied to bids for improvoments on other <br />streets for which lower Asphalt Concrete bids had been received; the decision to <br />call this Hearing. Estimated Cost of proposed improvement was given as follows: <br />$6,863.02, proposed to be assessed against 784,78 Ft., for $8.75 per Ft, <br />B, PORTLAND CEMENT COidCRETE PAVING WITH INTEGRAL CUR3 - $9,250.57, proposed <br />to be assessed against 784.78 Ft,, fro $11.79 par Ft. <br />Mrs. Mabel H. Johnson, blayzata, owner of Lot 8, which fronts on Highway #169 but <br />abuts Goya Lane, protested the cost, reporting that she has just been assessed for <br />a Sanitary Sewer after installing a new drain field, <br />Lot 2, told Council that owners of Lots 1 through 7 have no objection to an <br />alternative of Asphalt Concrete Paving if the Village feels it will serve as well <br />and be less expensive, <br />between construction this year in contrast to waiting until next year for the <br />Portland Cement Paving, the consensus is definitely that the Asphalt be used. <br />Captain Gans reported that because there is very little Portland Cement work this <br />year, the difference in cost may possibly be as much as $3,00 per foot--which is <br />'coo much of a difference for comparable construction, <br />developed Goya Lane, reported Egan, Field and Wowak had surveyed the street for <br />her; had assured her it would drain to Highway #169. Captain Gans informed her <br />that water wiLl drain after street is surfaced. <br />the taking of bids on both Poptland Cement Concrete and Asphalt Concrete Surfacing <br />for this proposed improvement was seconded by Mac Millan and carried, <br />then moved that the Proposed Street Improvement for Goya Lane be ordered, and <br />that property abutting the street be proposed to be assessed therefor; that the <br />type of street surfacing be determined after bids have boen received, Notion <br />seconded by MacMillan , and on Rollcall vote carried unanimously , with Dickson , <br />MacMillan , Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen all voting aye, <br />Dr. Rice <br />Asked by Mayor Bredesen if he thought there was a <br />She added that some <br />Mr. <br />Dickson's motion, that project be abandoned, was seconded by Tupa <br />Mr, E. B. MacBonald, <br />Mayor Bredesen suggested that Dr. Rice organize something to see <br />. <br />Wrs. Larson added that she presumes any road construction t70Uld <br />Mr, Hyde immediately informed her that road <br />2, PUBLIC HEARIIJG ON PROPOSED PERMAMEI?T STREET SURFACIKG AHD CONCRETE CUR3 <br />I <br />The <br />A. ASPHALT CONCRETE PAVING 'IJITH PORTLAHD CEMEUT COI*ICRSTE CUR3 MID GUTTER - <br />Mr. Charles Proctor, owner of <br />He added that should the alternate mean the difference <br />Hrs. Johnson, who had I <br />Dickson's motion, authorizing <br />Dickson