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@/4?/p5+ ?IINUTES OF THE CONTINJED PORTION OF THE ZDUA <br />.. <br />53ARD OF REVIEW MEETIXG OF FRIDAY , JULY 13,1962, -> <br />8ELD THURSDAY, AUGUST 2,1962, AT 2:OO P.N., <br />AT THE EDIIdA VILLAGE HALL <br />The continued portion of the Meeting of the aoard of Review convened at 2:OO P,M,, <br />Thursday, August 2, 1962, at the Village Hall, following "Board of Review" notice of <br />"Second and Final Meeting", published in the Edina-Morningside Courier July 26, 1962, <br />Flembers present were MacMillan and Tupa. <br />Board , .Village Manager Hyde , Village Assessor Kearns , Mr , dayne A Johnson, County <br />Supervisor of Assessments, Robert Martin, Assistant Supervisor, Deputy Village <br />Assessors Lukas Angelus and Charles Feitz, and George Langmack, Administrative' <br />Assistant, attended. <br />Ilr, Hyde announced to the audience that there would not be a quorum as Fdr. Dickson <br />had been unavoidably detained and would attend later. <br />Nr. Hyde that a tape recorder would be on at all times during the meeting and the <br />tapes played back to Mr. Dickson so that he would be made aware of all that had <br />transpired at the meeting, <br />with the aoardls decision, after Mir, Dickson had heard the records, was entitled to <br />appeal before the County Board of Equalization and the State Board of Equalization, <br />or that they may wait until after the assessment has been levied and make a direct <br />appeal to Circuit Court, <br />Miss Bonnie Boyd acted as Clerk for the <br />The audience was informed by <br />. <br />Mr. Hyde also told those present that anyone dissatisfied <br />Nr, Kearns then asked all'those present who wished to appear before the Board to <br />give him their legal descrip-Lions so that he might have the property cards available, <br />. NR, DVAYNE TRONES - 4712 Phlox Lane, PLAT NO, 76006 - PARCEL 4250, stated he felt his <br />property was valued too high in comparison with other houses in his neighborhood. He <br />referred to a list which cited the locations, square footage, number of baths, etc, <br />of comparable houses in the neighborhood and pointed out to the Board that his home <br />tias not very favorably situated on his property, that there was masonite siding on <br />it and that he felt these factors should be taken into consideration by the 3oard. <br />It was his feeling that the valuation should be at about $31,000, <br />' <br />*~ <br />. <br />At this point Mr. Hyde suggested to Mr. Tupa and Mr, Nac!4illan that in view of the <br />number of people to be heard by the Board and for the benefit of the audience, that <br />they listen to all protests and comments, go over the records, and then notify the <br />persons appearing, <br />by the doard must be made that day, <br />It was pointed out that under the law all findings and resolutions <br />FIRS. 'PI. J. BANMITZ - 5008 Fremont Avenue South, Ninneapolis - PLAT NO. 73972 - PARCEL <br />9910; PLAT 73607 - PARCEL 5520, told the Board her property was in the hands of the <br />Edina Realty Company and she had received only one offer of $20,000 for all the property, <br />Since the land has proved difficult to sell Mrs. dannitz said she doubted very much <br />that the property could be at a premium and for this reason she thought the valuation <br />too high. <br />installed in the area, which would effect her. <br />this factor also be given consideration, <br />MR. H. T. t.TORSE - 1933 James Avenue South, Minneapolis - PLAT NO. 73607 - PARCEL 9000, <br />who owns 12-1/2 acres; stated he did not believe his land south of Valley View had <br />been assessed correctly as it was more or less a peat bog which would require a <br />great deal of fill to make it usable, <br />tionate, and that a total value of $15,250 would be more equitable, !Ira Kearns <br />advised the 3oard the summer cottage on Nr. Morse's land had been reduced to a <br />full and true value of $300, and that the south one-half of land should be revieweti. <br />:n <br />" <br />It was also mentioned that there is a possibility of sanitary sewer being <br />Nr. Hyde suggested to the EJoal?d-that <br />' <br />' He felt the raise in valuation was dispropor- <br />. <br />. MR. G. L. SCHUSTER - 4809 Dewey Hill Road - PLAT NO, 73608 - PARCEL NUI.IBERS, 4300, <br />* m0, 6200, 5710, 4270, 4100 and 6310; contended a good deal of land assessed was - under water; part of his land was used for raising livestock; +the property had not <br />been bought for speculation, but to live on, and it was his opinion the valuation <br />was too high. Mr. Kearns said be had taken into consideration the land under water <br />when he made his valuation, but he realized tnis condition made the land much harder <br />to develop. <br />I*IRS, VERNON MORGREid - 6009 Dewey Hill Road - PLAT NO. 73608 - PARCEL 5600 - stated <br />her property was low land, thought increase in valuation too high. Mr. Kearns said <br />the total assessed value was much less than sales of land in area, and the land was <br />more valuable than the house; therefore, his valuation was based on bringing the <br />house down and the land up. <br />MR. R. A. BEWTELSOI?, SR. - lll-22nd Ave, 140. - representing EDINA SAND G GRAVEL - <br />PLAT NO. 73861 - PARCEL 600 - felt valuation too high, much of land just sand, about <br />25% swamp. <br />dedicated to the Village of Edina for park purposes and consequently this should have <br />been deducted. Plr. Xearns stated if this was correct, the deduction should have been <br />made, and it was agreed that the amount of acreage be changed fDom 40 to 32.2 acres. <br />Mr, Bertelson also brought out that 7.7 acres of the property had-been