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$90 8/13/62 <br />j part of the street under consideration tonight would result in a "comical appearance, <br />inasmuch as curb and gutter will begin in the middle of a block; that while residents <br />desire the street surface they do not want curb and gutter, <br />Engineer, reported that the grade, here, is fairly flat; also, that there are a <br />number of catch basins at the intersection of Dundee Road and t1.56th Street, and <br />that curb and gutter inakes it easier to pick up the water at this point; that <br />storm sewer in the area was shortened with understanding that a curbed street would <br />carry water on the surface, . At this time Trustee Macl-fillan suggested that, inasmuch <br />as street surface replacement will cost almost as much as the construction of <br />watermain, the street improvement be postponed until such time as the watermain <br />is constructed. t4anager Hyde agreed in principle, but added that the street is <br />definite maintenance problem; that, as long as residents are aware that the cost <br />of street surface replacement will be added to the cost of actual watermain <br />construction at such time as watermain is needed, and are still in favor of <br />street surfacing now (before watermain construction), there should be no problem. <br />Plr. Hac24illan asked that it go into the record that the Council has explained to <br />those present that if the street is surfaced now, before watermain construction, <br />owners of abutting properties will be assessed now for the original street <br />surfacing, and will bear another assessment for street surface replacement as <br />part of their watermain assessment at the time water is needed in the street-- <br />in effect paying for their street surfacing twice. <br />to hzving the street surfaced now. <br />proposed Curb and Gutter, saying that this improvement nil1 curb only half her <br />lot. <br />and was told this would be nominal, <br />and moved its adoption: <br />Nr, Hite, Acting <br />There were no objections made <br />Nrs, Peyer, 5516 Dundee Road, objected to <br />She asked concerning additional cost relative to construction of watermain, <br />Dickson offered the followins Resolution <br />RESOLUTI oi? ORDERIHG IMPROVEMENT <br />STREZT IIPROVEMENT NO. BA-52 <br />BE IT RESOLVED by the Council of the Villaze of Edina, Ninnesota, that this <br />Council heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published on the following <br />proposed improvement: <br />GUTTER ILJ: <br />COIJSTRUCTION OF PER[-IANENT STRZET SURFACIHG Al?D CONCRETE CUR3 AiUD <br />Ayrshire 31vd. from Dundee Rd, to Glengarry Parkway; <br />Piirror Lakes Dr. from the 3orth line of Lot 25, Rosendahl's Edina <br />Dundee Rd. from the N. line of Mirror Lakes 14eadow-'lIood 2nd Addn. to <br />V.56th St. from Dundee Rd. to State Hwy. 30. 169-212 <br />Highlands Addn. to t1.56th St,; <br />Edina Highlands to 11.56th St. <br />and at the hearings held at the time and place specified in said notice the <br />Council has duly considered the views of all parsons interested, and being fully <br />advised of the pertinent facts does hereby determine to proceed with the <br />construction of said improvement by the CONSTRUCTIOH OF ASPHALT COXCRETE PAVIITG <br />AiJD PORTLAXI CEiiENT COiJCRETE CURB AND GUTTER in said streets; that said improve- <br />ment is hereby SEsignated and shall be referred to in all subsequent proceedings <br />as STREET IlPROVEI4EfdT NO. BA-52, and the area to be specially assessed therefor <br />shall include all lots and tracts of land abutting the streets proposed to be <br />improved. <br />14otion for adoption <br />Rollcall there we <br />TRUITK SalITARY SEWER C-1 EXTENSIOi4. A3D SANITARY LATERAL SE';IER 1IIPROVEEIE;IT FOR <br />PORTIO;? OF PARK'dOOD MOLLS ADDITIOik APPROVED ; COUNCIL 'IO COi4DUCT ;?Et1 HEARIi?G <br />Oi? LARADA LAUE LATERAL SEVER. Trunk <br />1. Public Hearing was conducted on proposed Sanitary/Sewer C-1 Extension, <br />this being a continuation of the April 362:Ii and Nay 28th Public Hearings. <br />Hyde informed the audience that, since the public hearing on this improvement <br />held Nay 28, <br />that, at previous Hearings questions were raised as to the need for Sanitary <br />Sewer in this area, and that since that time the Village has made a survey which <br />shoxs very definitely that there is a need now and will be a greater Geed in <br />the future; that, in addition, th.2 Village has had several conferences with <br />Orr-Schelen-Islayeron and Associates, and has checked with other municipalities <br />which have Orr-Schelen designed sewers in the same type of land, receiving most <br />favorable reports from these municipalities; and Orr-Schelen has guaranteed their <br />design will meet standards for infiltration prevention--that as a result, the <br />Village is now willing to accept the proposed route designated by Orr-Schelen <br />as ALTERiJATE i?O. l-winich alternate route had been explained at the Hearing of <br />May 28, and was again outlined to the audience at this Hearing. <br />explained in detail the Estimate of Cost, and the proposed Assessable Cost <br />hlanager <br />considerable work has been done by many people on this project-- <br />Mr. Hyde <br />+ <br />f <br />*. <br />t <br />h