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14 1/28 /63 <br />Motion for waiver of second reading, and adoption of Ordinance as submitted, was <br />seconded by E.iacMillan, and on Rollcall there we <br />PUBLIC,HEARING* ON-REZONING FOR NELSON FARM CONTINUED TO FEBRUARY 11. <br />mesented Affidavit om of mice of mlic Hearing on Petition for <br />Clerk <br />Rezoning from Open Development District to Planned Industrial District , Office <br />Building District, and 1-lultiple Residence District," published in Edina-Morningside <br />Courier January 17 and 24, 1963. <br />were also presented. <br />Pursuant to notice, Public Hearing was conducted on the petition of the Stow <br />Company for the following: <br />Affidavits of Posting and Mailing of said notice <br />Affidavits approved as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />1. <br />2. <br />3. <br />Rezoning from Open Development District to PLANNED INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT <br />Rezoning frm Open Development District to OFFICE BUILDING DISTRICT <br />Rezoning from Open Development District to IIKJLTIPLE RESIDENCE DISTRICT <br />all as set forth in the "Nelson Farm Preliminary Land Use Plan" prepared by Mr, <br />A. C, Godward dated December 1, 1962 as approved by the Planning Commission on <br />December 5, 1962. <br />Because the planning of this property has taken some years, Mr, Hite <br />presented to the Council a review of the past Planning Commission and Council <br />actions on it. With the use of visual aids he outlined the proposed land <br />use in some considerable detail, together with the road plan and its relation <br />to Highway No, LOO and Interstate Highway, <br />to remain "Open Development1' zoning, and will contain some 125 residential lots, <br />which will be "siggle-family" lots, with the exception of the few lots which abut <br />"Multiple Residence" or "Off ice Building" zones--which few lots will be "double <br />dwelling" lots, The Northwestern tract , planned for "Planned Industrial" zoning, <br />will be screened from the residential zone by a ridge. <br />the tract, proposed to be zoned "Planned Industrial", will be served by an <br />extension of V.77th Street, which will intersect Highway #lo0 at a I'traffk <br />interchange". <br />will separate the "Planned Industrial" from the "Open Developmentlt zoning. <br />Mr. Hite told Council the Planning Commission has recommended the rezoning <br />being considered at this Hearing; that there is still one tract in the area on <br />which developers and Commission have not reached an agreement, but that this <br />tract is not included in this Hearing, <br />and between Highway No. 100 and CahiIXRoEid; IS-Thd S6uthtreSt'Iportion of the tract <br />is proposed to be zoned "Planned Industrial" to Cahill Road, with an Office <br />Building District abutting Cahill Road directly to the North, between Cahill <br />Road and the Railroad. <br />his neighbors he had found most of them violently opposed to the rezoning. He <br />asked what protection these people have against rezoning way to W.70th Street. <br />Mr. Hite replied that the Planning Commission favors development of residential <br />properties directly to the North of the Nelson Farm tract, with the possible <br />exception of the strip lying along the railroad right-of-way. <br />Mr. Louis Sax, an attorney representing owners of the property directly <br />North of the Nelson Farm tract, reported that while his clients do not objectto <br />the present proposal, they want t.0 make sure they will not be hemmed in by <br />industrial development and multiple resident zoning without some recounse. Mr, <br />Hite repeated his statement to Mr. Webster relative to Commission's recommendation <br />for this property, also showing Mr, Sax that the greater portion of the Nelson <br />Farm tract abutting his clients' property is proposed to be residential zoning. <br />Mrs. Paul Durbahn, 7712 Glasgow Drive, asked if there are any plans for <br />protection against rezoning of the property between Glasgow Drive and Cahill <br />Road. Mr. Hite answered that the only definite recommendation is that CahilL <br />Road be the West boundary of "Planned Industrial." zoning North of old Highway <br />No. 5. <br />plan, Nr. Hite answered that at this time Bloomington's position is that they <br />would oppose any rezoning beyond their "business district" zoning--which does <br />not extend as far west as the Railroad right-of-way. <br />Mr. E. C, Stow told those present that, with 125 residential lots to <br />protect, the Stow Company will do everything possible to create adequate buffers <br />between residential and commercial tracts. <br />allow Council to review preliminary proceedings, was seconded by MacNillan and <br />carried. <br />OF Tracts E, C, D, E, F, G, H, J and K; <br />OF Tracts A and M <br />OF Tract N - <br />It was shown that the northern portion of the 200-Acre developfient is planned <br />The Southern part of <br />A buffer of I'Office Buildiqg" and I'M ultiple Residence" zoning <br />The Nelson Farm lies between W.74th Street &iid::the South Village Limits , <br />Mr. Bruce Webster, a new resident on W.7Oth St., stated that in talking with <br />Asked by one M.78th Street resident if Bloomington is in accord with this <br />VanValkenburg's motion, that Public Hearing be continued for two weeks, to <br />I