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5/13/ 63 95 <br />PETITION FOR BACK-YARD SEWER FOR PART OF CIRCLE WEST was presented, reviewed '"'$- <br />and ordered placed on file. Petition asks for back yard sewer for the property <br />on the East side of Circle West in Hilldale, volunteered to get necessary ease- <br />ments, and asked for a negotiation meeti ng. Manager Hyde told Council a <br />meeting with petitioners has been set up €or next Wednesday; that further <br />recommendation must await outcome of meeting. <br />COUNCIL SCHEDULES PUBLIC HEARING FOR JUNE 10, ON PETITION FOR VACATION OF <br />ALLEY BETWEEN MALONEY AVE. AND BELMORE LANE AND BETWEEN.BLAKE: ROAD AND GRIFFIT <br />STEET. Petition for Vacation of Alley in Block 13, Mendelssohn Addition, was <br />presented, and Tupa moved that Public Hearing be scheduled for first meeting <br />in June, Motion seconded by MacMillan and carried. ' <br />COUNCIL GRANTS 60-DAY TRIAL "NO-RIGHT-TURN" ONTO HIGHWAY 100 FOR TRAFFIC <br />TRAVELING WEST ON VALLEY VIEW ROAD. Messrs. Ralph R. Dunker, 4624 Valley <br />View Road and J. D. Murphy, 4720 Valley View Road, asked that Council take <br />action to prohibit west-bound Valley View Road traffic from turning right <br />onto Highway No, 100. Stating that Mayor Bredesen had consulted him some <br />time ago concerning the complaints of the Valley View residents that traffic <br />has been increasing, Manager Hyde told Council the Police Department has taken <br />a survey of the Valley View traffic. <br />Hyde, dated May 6, was read. <br />of the traffic check taken May 2, and stated in summary, "From the viewpoint <br />of traffic control alone, it would not seem advisable to locate a "No Right <br />Turn'I sign at this intersection since this would induce some of the traffic <br />now using Valley View to cut off at Wooddale and travel north to West 50th <br />Street, or at Concord and Parnell and travel north to West 60th Street---" <br />"I would strongly suggest, however, that a much better signing procedure <br />be used on Valley View south of the Crosstown, directing people to the exact a <br />access to the Crosstown---. I would advise the same procedure be employed <br />at the France Avetlue and Xerxes Avenue intersections with the Crosstown, in <br />order to attract westbound traffic to the Crosstown further east than Valley <br />View,'' Messrs. Murphy and Dunker told Council that they had taken their own <br />traffic counts; that on Friday, between 7:OO A.M. and 7:OO P.M., 4705 cars <br />had used Valley View Road; on Saturday, the count was 3,164; and that today, <br />2,792 cars- had traveled this street. Mr. Murphy added that Valley View is <br />no longer a county road; that Mr. Bennett's statements concerning routing <br />of traffic to Concord and Parnellhave no bearing on this matter because <br />there is no reason why Valley View Road residents should have to be subjected <br />to any more traffic on their Village street than the residents of any other <br />Village street; that Valley View residents were promised long ago that when <br />the Crosstown Highway was opened Valley View would be relieved of through <br />traffic, <br />View were contingent upon improvement of Highway No, 100. <br />Wooddale Avenue is already taking twice the traffic Valley View is carrying; <br />that the "No Right Turn" provision will be most difficult to enforce, and <br />that while the Village is willing to try this, it is believed that it just <br />will not work, <br />Planning Director's statement at a meeting some time ago, fhat the traffic <br />for a normal street is between 350 and 500 cars a day. Mr. Hite explained <br />that this is the traffic for a short street; that it is not uncommon for <br />traffic on a street of some length to run 2,000 to 3,000 cars per day; that <br />Wooddale Avenue, which is only 30 feet wide, carries 6,000. Mr. Dunker asked <br />for a stop sign at the intersection of Concord Avenue and Valley View Road. <br />Some discussion was had by Council, and Trustee Tupa suggested that a trial <br />be made on the "No Right Turn" request, together with the signing recommended <br />by Police Chief Bennett. <br />restriction for west bound traffic at the intersection of Valley View Road <br />and Highway 100; that additional ,informative signs be placed at France and <br />Xerxes intersections with the Crosstown Highway and on Valley'View Road south <br />of the Crosstown in accordance with Mr. Bennett's recommendations, and that <br />the Police Department study the traffic problem at Concord Avenue and Valley <br />View Road relative to installing a stop.sign at this intersection. Motion <br />seconded by Tupa and carried. Mr. M urphy inquired as to the length of this <br />trial, suggesting 60 days, <br />told group it will be at least three weeks before informative signs will be <br />ready for installation. <br />COUNCIL DENIES REQUEST FOR APARTMENT ZONING ON JENSEN FARM. <br />plan, by James Investment Company, for the "Jensen Farm", a 55-acre tractalong <br />the south side of the Crosstown Highway between MNES Railroad and Valley View <br />Road, and bounded on south by The Heights Addition, involved 41 one-family lots, <br />three 2-family lots, and 17 acres of R-3 and R-5 lots, including three tower <br />apartments of about LOO dwelling units each. The plan had been considered by <br />the Planning Commission for some two months, and had received a three-two <br />recommendation for denial on May 1. Rixe's motion that the recommendation of <br />the planning Commission be accepted and request for rezoning denied. <br />seconded by Tupa and carried, <br />Police Chief Bennett's report to Mr, <br />The memorandum showed in detail the results <br />Mr. Hyde reminded gentlemen that promises of relief for Valley <br />He added that <br />Messrs, Murphy and Dunker called Council's attention to <br />Rixe moved that Village try the "No Right Turn" <br />This was agreed on by the Council. Engineer Wegner <br />This comprehensive <br />Motion