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8/12/63 <br />back from West Lot Line, Lotl 2, B1. 3, S. Garden Estates 4th Addn. , was seconded <br />by Tupa and carried. <br />COUl?CIL APPROVES SUBDIVISION OF LOT 1, REPLAT OF BLOCK 1, EMMA ABBOTT PARK, IiJTO <br />TWO PARCELS. Public Hearing was conducted on the petition of Nr. Ralph J. !!tc€lorrow <br />for permit to subdivide Lot 1, Replat of Block 1, Emma Abbott Park into two parcels, <br />one of which would have a frontage on Division Street (164 feet), and a depth of <br />only 100 feet (Zoning Ordinance requires minimum depth of 120 feet). <br />reported that petitioner has secured the assent of all adjacent property owners; <br />that those members of the Planning Commission attending the August 7th meeting <br />had both recommended approval of petition. No objections were raised from the <br />floor, and none had been received prior to the Hearing. <br />Subdivision of Lot 1, Replat of Block 1, Emma Abbott Park, into two parcels as <br />petitioned , be permitted. <br />iilanager Hyde <br />Tupa’s motion, that <br />Notion seconded by VanValkenburg and carried. <br />AI.IBULAHCE BID REJECTED. Stating that the one bid received July 19th for Ambulance <br />Conversion was somewhat higher than estimate; that we have still not received <br />definite word as to whether Methodist Hospital will have its own ambulance service <br />after January 1, and, that should this not be the case, he feels different arrange- <br />ment could be made for ambulance conversion (station wagon) at less cost, Mr. Hyde <br />recommended that the bid of Astleford Equipment Co. Inc., in amount of $5,262.80 <br />be rejected, and that the matter of other bids be held for 30 days, for further <br />information on the IJIethodist Hospital ambulance. VanValkenburg so moved. Motion <br />seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />CONTRACT FOR PTATER SUPPLY WELLS NOS. 12 AND 13 AUARDED TO KEYS WELL DRILLIXG <br />COI*lPANY. <br />for the Northwest part of the Village, Hr. Hyde reported receipt of five bids, <br />that of Keys Well Drilling Company being low at $64,070.00 ; Layne-Minnesota <br />Company, second-low, at $64,180.00; Nueller Brothers Company, third-low at <br />$65,290.00, and high bid being that of McCarthy Vel1 Company at $88,600.00. <br />Hyde told Council these two wells will be deeper than Wells 10 and 11 (which were <br />awarded at $49,835.00 in 1962); that there has been some increase in wages for <br />well drillers since 1962; and that the low bid is slightly under the estimate of <br />$65,000.00. <br />with the low bidder. <br />and had done a very satisfactory job; that he would recommendzaward to Keys. <br />Tupa’s motion, that contract for Water Supply FJells Nos. 12 and 13 be awarded to <br />Keys Well Drilling Company , was seconded by VanValkenburg and carried. <br />Presenting a Tabulation of Bids covering bids taken today on two wells <br />Ek. <br />Trustee Tupa’inquired as to whether the Village has had past experience <br />Mr. Hyde replied that they had drilled the Hansen Road well <br />CONTRACTS FOR PUBLIC \?ORKS BUILDING AWARDED : GENERAL CONTRACT TO ARKAY BUILDERS , INC. ; <br />ELECTRICAL AND MECHAXICAL CONTRACTS TO HARRIS BROS. PLUtIBING CO. <br />presented to the Council Tabulations of Bids tbken Friday, August 9, 1963, on the <br />Iilanager Hyde <br />- <br />Public Works Garage, showing the following: <br />Arkay Buildkrs , Inc. , lor? bidder at $234,785.00; The Jacobsen Company, second-low <br />at $237,803.00; C. W. Borresen Const’. Co., third-low at $239,770.00; and Haugle- <br />Leek, Inc. , high bidder at $258,583.00. <br />Plumbing Co. , low bidder at $25,539.00; Parsons Electric Co. , second-low at $27,183.00; <br />and P1idtor.m Electric , Inc. , $27,900.00 , third-low; high bid being that of Sterling <br />Electric Co. at $32,480.00. <br />Co., low bid at $51,764.00; second-low, Metropolitan Mechanical ConBractors, Inc. , <br />second-low at $53,455.00 ; and Bowler Company, third-low at $53,509.00 ; high bid <br />being that of Lamb Plumbing E Heating Co. at $73,995.00. <br />% Summary of three low bids showed Total Construction Cost of $312,088, as compared <br />with Architect’s Estimate of $268,557. <br />I.Ir. Hyde reported that bids had been taken, with alternates €or elimination of <br />either one or ;two bays; by eliminating two bays the total construction cost would be <br />$277,857.00. He explained that the additional alternate, for a retaining wall, was <br />entered only as a means of securing prices. <br />considered. <br />$46,800 additional over base bid. <br />which should be stored indoors--most of which is now stored outside because of lack <br />of storage space--Mr. Hyde told Council that he, Engineer Wegner, and Public !Jorlcs <br />Supt. Batko all feel the entire s3ructure should be constructed at this time. <br />said he feels the plan does not represent a fancy building, but does include all <br />needed features, and that practically all of the space to be provided will-he used <br />immediately. <br />told Council that the expenditure necessary for the entire structure would still <br />leave nearly $300,000 balance for 1963. <br />ON GENERAL WORK: Nine bids received. On the Base Bid, including two bays, <br />ON ELECTRICAL WORK: Eight bids received. On the base bid, Harris Bros. <br />ON illECHANICAL WORK: Six bids received. On the Base Bid, Harris Bros. Plumbing <br />He recommended that this bid not be <br />Low bid of the nine received was that of Arkay Build6rs , Inc. , at <br />Reporting to Council that the Village has some $364,000 of mechanized equipment <br />He <br />Presenting a report prepared by Finance Director Dalen today, Mr. Hyde <br />Figures presented were these: