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M <br />MINUTES <br />VILLAGE <br />AT 7:OO <br />10/7/63 <br />OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA <br />COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY , OCTOBER 7, 1963 h <br />-* 4" P.M., AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL. <br />. d' Members answering Rollcall were Rixe, Tupa, VanValkenburg and Bredesen. <br />MINUTES of the Regular Meeting of Septeinber 23, 1963, were approved as submitted, <br />by Motion VanValkenburg, seconded by Rixe and carried. <br />COUNCIL CONDUCTS HEARINGS ON PROPOSED ZONING CHANGES: TABLES PROPOSITION TO <br />INCLUDE CLUBS AND LODGES AS PRINCIPAL USE IN OFFICE BUILDING DISTRICT, IN FAVOR <br />OF PROPOSED llINSTITUTIONAL'DISTRICT1lb <br />in Edina-Morningside Courier and posted, Council conducted Public Hearings on the <br />following zoning matters: <br />Pursuant to "Notice of Hearings", published <br />- <br />1. PROPOSED AMENDMENT TO ZONING ORDINANCE TO PERMIT CLUBS AND LODGES AS A <br />PRINCIPAL USE PERMITTED IN THE OFFICE BUILDING DISTRICT: AND <br />DISTRICT TO OFFICE BUILDING DISTRICT, of a Tract located at the Southwest Corner <br />2. THE PETITION OF EDINA MASONIC LODGE FOR REZONING FROM OPEN DEVELOPMENT <br />of W.70th Street and Highway 100. <br />These two Public Hearings were held together. <br />Planning Director Hite opened the Hearings by reporting to the Council that <br />Clubs and Lodges are now permitted in the "Office Building District" by Special <br />Permit; . <br />review by the Council before locating on any particular tract; and that inas- <br />much as Minaesota Courts have ggnerally ruled that Special Permits are invalid <br />in this State, <br />Use" in the Office Building District. He added that, with reference to the <br />petition by Edina Masonic Lodge, concern seems to Have developed on the basis' <br />that the property will be'.zoned "Office Building District" and could be sold <br />as such, should the Masons be unable to develop; or could be sold a€ a later <br />time . <br />definitely feels that there should be a review made by Commission and Council; <br />that this might be had in other ways than providing for their inclusion in <br />the Office Building District--either hg a permitted use in the Open Development <br />District, or by establishment of an entirely new'"1nstitutional District", in <br />which would be included churches, lodges, schools, etc. <br />Mr. Bob Kelly, representing South Gardens Estates Association, reported that <br />the Association has evaluated various uses for the Roberts Gravel Pit; that it is <br />proposed that part of this land be zoned "Office Building DistriCt" and that the <br />Association would like the opportunity to review and discuss the new proposed <br />amendment before such zoning takes place. <br />Temple within 500 feet of his residence. <br />to the South, where the property is already commercially zoned. <br />Corner of Highway No. 100 and W.70th Street, stating that this area will be affected <br />by the proposed interchange at this corner. <br />surrounding the land proposed for rezoning, reporting that the Northwest corner <br />is now vacant, as is the Southeast corner; the Northeast corner containing the <br />Presbyterian Church. <br />Commission has received many requests for non-residential use of this property, <br />including gasoline stations and a medical building; that the Planning Commission <br />&eels the use proposed by Masonic Temple is a good one, and has recommended approval, <br />subject to access on either proposed frontage road or on W.70th Street east of <br />Rabun Drive and approval by Commission of building and site plans and the use of <br />that portion of the property not used by the Lodge building. <br />that the building will be used for regular lodge meetings and some social activities; <br />that its useage will be comparable to that of a church; that, with very few exceptions <br />activitdes will be conducted between 7:30 and 10:30 P.M.; that, because Masonic Law <br />expressly prohibits it, there will be no liquor allowed on the premise's. <br />A Mrs. Anderson from Brookview Heights requested that Council give serious <br />consideration to requiring adequate parkin,g. <br />residents had had with parking for blocks around the Masonic Temple during DeMolay, <br />pancake breakfasts, etc. <br />parking lot behind the building. <br />commercial uses on residential property. <br />for others to secure commercial zoning along W.70th Street, to the West, if this <br />petition is honored. <br />Mrs. Arnold Turk, 5104 W.70th Street, reported she bought her property upon <br />assurance from Village Hall that the property now under consideration for rezoning <br />was zoned residential and never would be anything else; that she does not want her <br />home across from apartment buildings or garages and feels that rezoning should not <br />be considered . <br />that the Commission did feel that Clubs and Lodges, etcb do need <br />the Commission felt that they should be included as a "Principal <br />As to private 'clubs and lodges, generally, Mr. Hite advised the Commission <br />Dr. Lundeen, 4909 Aspasia Lane, told Council he does not want the Masonic <br />He suggested that it be located farther <br />Mr. Hite then reported on the proposal for Zoning the tract at the Southwest <br />He reviewed in detail the area <br />As to the site proposed to be rezoned, IvIr. Hite reported the <br />Mr. Clyde Hegman, Chairman of the Board for Edina Masonic Lodge, reported <br />She cited troubles Minneapolis <br />Mrs. Anderson was told the plan is to build a large <br />Mrs. H. T. Willette, 5100 W. 70th Street, objected to the encroachment of <br />She reported she feels it will be easier