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256 I 12/2/63 <br />4. The Clerk shall, as soon as may be, prepare and <br />County Auditor a certified duplicate of said assessment, with <br />installment and interest set forth separately, tq be extended <br />transmit to the <br />each then unpaid <br />upon the proper <br />tax lists of the County, and the County Auditor shall thereafter cause said <br />assessment to be collected in the manner provided by law, <br />be designed as the "Assessment Roll for Street Improvement No. BA-50", and all <br />amounts collected in respect of the assessment therein contained shall be similarly <br />designated by the County Treasurer and remitted to the Village Treasurer and by him <br />credited to the BOND IMPROVEMENT REDEMPTION FUND . <br />Said duplicate shall <br />Motion for adoption of the Resolution was seco <br />were five ayes and no nays, as follows: MacMi <br />VanValkenbur and Bredesen <br />COUNCIL CONTINUES TO DECEMBER 16, THE PUBLIC HEARING ON PETITION FOR PEREiIIT TO PLAT <br />40-FOOT LOT--C.W. ROGNAS. Mr. Hite informed Council that the Planning Commission <br />has recommended favorably upon Mr, Rognas' request to plat a 40-foot lot facing <br />Kellogg Avenue in Fairfax Addition; that Fairfax Addition was platted into 50afoot <br />lots originally and Mr. Rognas, one of the early builders in this plat, built on <br />two lots; that it is now his proposal to move his garage to behind his home on <br />Lot 13, thus creating a 40-foot lot facing Kellogg on the remainder of Lot 14. <br />Hite added that three persons in the immediate neighborhood had not been notified of <br />this Hearing tonight, but suggested that unless an objection is registered at the <br />Hearing the Council approve Mr. Rognas' request subject to his obtaining assent from <br />these three property owners facing his property. Hr. D. Lb Hargreaves, 6037 Kellogg, <br />owner of the property adjacent to the proposed 40-foot lot, objected to 14r. Rognas' <br />proposal, saying he believes that inasmuch as the majority of the lots are 50 feet <br />wide, a 40-foot lot will in no way enhance the neighborhood, <br />for continuance of the Public Hearing to December 16, with a directive to Mr. Hite <br />to have all necessary persons notified. <br />Mr. <br />I <br />VanValkenburg moved <br />Motion seconded by Rixe and carried. <br />COUNCIL APPROVES REQUEST FOR VARIANCE FROM SIDE YARD REQUIREtBNTS AT 5524 GLLOGG AVE. <br />Public Hearing was conducted on the request of Mr. A, L. Heiam, 5524 Kellogg Avenue <br />for a variance from side yard requirements.of the Zoning Ordinance, to permit him to <br />construct a two-story addition at the Vest side of his home, to within less than 13 <br />feet from the lot line; the addition to be located at the rear of the existing house <br />and will have the same setback from the side property line. <br />the assent of the owner of adjoining property has been secured, and Planning Commission <br />recommends favorably on request, He also reported mailing of proper notice Of.hearing, <br />No objections were received at the Hearing, and no written objections had been received <br />prior thereto . <br />Rixe and carried. <br />8 Mr. Hite told Council <br />Tupa's motion for approval of requested variance was seconded by <br />COUNCIL GRANTS REQUEST FOR SIDE-YARD VARIANCE FROlil ZONING OICDINANCE REQUIRENENTS <br />AT 6205 WILRYAN AVENUE, Mr. Hite presepted Affidavit of Mailing of Notice of <br />Hearing on the petition of Mr. James Polson for permit for a three-foot garage <br />overhang into a five-foot said yard on Lot 2, Block 3, James A. Roberts Estafes. <br />Ordinance requires a five-foot garage setback with a one-foot overhang permitted. <br />Mr. Hite explained this lot is adjacent to. the Cross-town right-of-way, and that <br />there will not be any building next to it. <br />from the floor, and none had been received prior to the Hearing. <br />that requested variance be granted was seconded by MacMillan and-carried. <br />There were no objections registered <br />Tupa's motion <br />COUNCIL FGCEIVES EDEN PRAIRIE'S CONSENT TO PAYING HALF THE COST OF ELECTRIC ENERGY <br />HITH COUNTY, <br />half the cost of the electiic energy for operation of the new traffic signal at the <br />intersection of Highway No, 169 and County Road No. 18, and recommended that Edina <br />now execute the formal contract for signal, with the County. <br />accepting Eden Prairie's offer, and directing t-layor and t-fanager to execute contract <br />with county, was seconded by blacliIillan and carried. <br />FOR OPERATION OF HWY.#169-COUNTY ROAD #18 TmFFIC SIGNAL: EXECUTES FORMAL CONTRACT <br />Manager Hyde reported the Village of Eden Prairie has agreed to pay <br />VanValkenburg's motion <br />PETITION FOR ELECTRIC SEMAPHORE AT INTERSECTION OF W.56TH ST, AND XERXES AVENUE <br />IIEFERRED TO HENNEPIN COUNTY. <br />asking for installation of an electric semaphore at W.56th Street and Xerxes Avenue. <br />A petition signed by more than 200 Edina residents, - was presented by Manager Hyde. <br />to Hennepin County €or its determination of need, and for arrangements to be worked <br />out with Minneapolis, Edina and the County. <br />had at one time been considered the "thru street" in this area, Hr. Tupa suggested <br />that the County be asked to study the intersections of W.58th Stb and of W,6Oth St. <br />with Xerxes Avenue, to see which of these three intersections will be in most need <br />of the semaphore. <br />with suggestions for study of the above-named three intersections. <br />by MacMillan and carried, <br />fir. Hyde recommended that the petition be referred <br />. Reminding Council that W.58th Street <br />Tupa then moved that petition be referred to County, together <br />Motion seconded