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12/16/6 3 <br />For Storm Sewer Improvement no, 79 - All lots within the following described 266 <br />I <br />I <br />i I I <br />I I I <br />I ! I <br />boundaries: "Beginning at a point in the center line of Rutledge Avenue, said <br />point being twenty feet (20') west of the northwest corner of Lot 6, Brookside <br />Terrace; thence east along the north line of Lot 6, Brookside Terrace to the <br />northeast corner of Lot 6, Brookside Terrace; thence southeasterly to a point <br />on the north line of Lot 16, Brookside Terrace, said point being sixty-five <br />feet (65') west of the northeast corner thereof; thence south and parallel <br />to Brookside Avenue to a point sixty-five feet (65') west of the northeast <br />corner of Lot 18, Brookside Terrace; thence west along the north line of <br />Lot 18, Brookside Terrace to the northwest corner of Lot 18, Brookside T.errace; <br />thence northwesterly to the southeast corner of Lot 1, Block 1, Replat of Lots <br />'9 and 10, Brookside Terrace; thence west along the south line of said Lot 1, <br />Block 1, extended to a point on the center line of Rutledge Avenue; thence <br />north to the point of beginning." <br />Tingdale Bros, Brookside; Lot 1, Block 2, Grandview Heights; Lots 1 and 2, <br />Block 1, Grandview Heights; Lots LO, 11, 12, 13 and 14, Block 7, Tingdale Bros. <br />Brookside; and Lot 5, Block 7, Tingdale Bros. Brookside, all including vacated <br />Hopkins Road. <br />For Sanitary Sewer (and Hatermain) Improvement No. 208 - Lot 7, Block 8, <br />Motion for adoption of the Resolution was seconded by VanValkenburg, and on <br />COUNCIL GRANTS LOT WIDTH VARIANCE OVER OBJECTIONS OF NEIGHBOR. December 2nd <br />Public'Hearing was continued on the Petition of C. IJ. Rognas for permit to plat <br />a 40-foot lot in the 6000 Block on Kellogg Avenue, being the North 40 feet of <br />Lot 14, Block 19, Fairfax, At the December 2nd Public Hearing, Nr, Do L. <br />Hargreaves, 6037 Kellogg Avenue, owner of property adjacent to this proposed <br />lot, had objected on grounds that a 40-foot lot in the midst of 50-foot lots <br />would devaluate his property. He reiterated his objections at this meeting, <br />saying the property owners across the street have assented to the proposal <br />because this 40-foot stretch has not been maintained but has been allowed to <br />go to weeds, and the neighbors would rather see a structure there than the. <br />weeds. Mr. Hite reported no objections <br />but that of Mr. Hargreaves. <br />on this proposal. <br />Mr, Hargreave's home and the proposed dwelling; also that the dwelling will <br />contain a garage as proposed by Planning Commission. <br />that Council 'approve lot width variance, and permit the use of the North 40 <br />feet of Lot 14, Block 19, Fairfax Addition as a buildable $ot, was seconded <br />by Macfiiillan and carried. <br />He asked that Council deny request, <br />The Planning Commission has recommended favorably <br />It was noted there will be a distance of some 16 feet between <br />VanValkenburg's motion, <br />RESIDENT'S REQUEST FOR ELIMINATION OF STREET PARKING ON FRANCE AND ~OTH STREET <br />REFERRED TO POLICE DEPARTENT, Council received request from Mr. S. L. Huey, 3301 <br />W.55th Street, for elimination of street p?rking on France Avenue and W.5Oth Street <br />within at least one block of the intersection, <br />Chamber of Commerce has appointed a committee to work with the Village on the <br />traffic pmblems at this corner, <br />problems should be controlled by the Police Department; added the City Traffic <br />Engineer has reported his willingness to bar parking on the East side of France <br />at certain hours providing Edina will do so on the West side. <br />for referral of Ik, Huey's communication to the Edina Police Department. <br />seconded by f-lact-Iillan and carried. <br />Engineer Hite reported that the <br />Trustee Tupa stated he believes traffic <br />He then moved <br />Hotion <br />HEARING ON WEDNESDAY, DECEI~BER 18, BEFOI~E MINNESOTA RAILROAD AND WAREHOUSE CO~.INISSION, <br />ON RELOCATION OF WHITING ST, GRADE CROSSING ANNOUNCED. <br />by the Railroad and Warehouse .Commission at the Village Hall on December 18 at <br />1O:OO A.M., on the Village petition for the relocation of the Whiting St. Grade <br />Crossing at the PINES Railroad Tracks, was announced to the public. <br />This Hearing, to be held <br />E <br />1-2 <br />IHPROVEHENT PETITION ACCEPTED. <br />to Schaefer Road; Schaefer Road from View Lane to Stauder Circle-South Knoll Drive: <br />Petition for Blacktopping of View Lane from Hwy.#169 . <br />and Stauder Circie from Schaefer Road to Old Stauder Circle was received, and, by - <br />motion Rixe, seconded by VanValkenburg and carried, was accepted and referred to <br />the Village Engineer for programming.