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2/3/64 <br />for the area--total cost of trunk and lift stations being $789,212, as compared with <br />1962 projected total cost of $929,538. <br />which does not have Trunk Sanitary Sewer; that it comprises some 1800 acres, <br />owners of some 500 acres of which have requested the service. <br />PIr. Hyde said many questions had been received from the audience, and most of them had <br />He added this is the last area in Edina <br />In reviewing the Informal Public Hearing on this project, held Honday, January 27, <br />been answered; that the questions most pertinent to this Hearing are: 4 <br />1. <br />2. <br />3. <br />4. <br />Answering Question 3 first, Mr. Hyde reported that we do not know, and Eden <br />trhy shouldn'Z the Park-Golf Course pay more? <br />Why aren't all the Lift Stations included as part of the project? <br />Vi11 Eden Prairie use Edina's sewer, and what will be charged if <br />What about the proposed Southwest Diagonal Sewer being tentatively <br />they do want to use it? <br />planned €or Eden Prairie-Bloomington? ' <br />Prairie officials do not know, that they will ever have a need to use Edina's sewer-- <br />that, because of the limited capacity of our sewer, we can give Eden Prairie capacity <br />only on a temporary basis, for which they would be charged on a Itper cubic-foot-per- <br />second basis--part of which charge would be put into the fund for capital improvements, <br />with Edina assessments correspondingly reduced. <br />ib. Hyde reported that although the line along Nine-Mile Creek in Bloomington and Eden <br />Prairie has been discussed, there is no information, now, on when it will be constructed, <br />or how it will be financed; that if the line follows the tantatively proposed Nine-Hile <br />Creek location, Trunk Sewer C-2 can be connected by a line down Normandale iioad. <br />Relative to the question concerning payment by the 430-acre Village-owned Park and <br />Golf Course, LSr. Hyde reported that he has been attempting to find out what other <br />communities have done along this line; that there are many forinulae followed and no <br />standard paractice. He added that Interlachen Golf Course was assessed on a "per <br />assessable front foot basis", which assessment equalled an assessment against 50% <br />of its acreage <br />As to the Southwest Diagonal Sewer and its relation to this proposed trunk line, <br />Discussion on the proposed project was opened by I&. Carl Eiken, 7200 Normandale <br />Road, who objected to the sewer's being routed through the middle of his land and asked <br />that it be re-routed to the boundary. <br />grant his request, but that if it could not be granted he would be compensated for <br />damages. <br />E4r. Hyde toLd him every effort would be made to <br />Engineer Hite added he feels re-routing can be accomplished. <br />I. I4r. Darrell Boyd, 7204 Shannon Drive, read to the Council a petition carrying <br />some 60+ signatures, saking that "no proposed plat be accepted which requires <br />extensive modification of existing terrain which would destroy the natural beauty <br />of this areaf1, and, among other stipulations, that ''where new lots are adjacent to <br />existing residential areas and where a reduction in lot size is proposed, a buffer <br />zone of intermediate sized lots shall be established." <br />of the petition by saying it is signed by a group of Prospect Hills area residents <br />who do not oppose the trunk sewer as such, and feel that $285 per lot is not an <br />unreasonable price to pay for the service, but who are concerned that installation <br />of the sewer will accelerate development of unplatted property and wish to protect <br />the residential aspects of Prospect Hills and the surrounding area. Me added that <br />special concern is had relative to the 14.P. Johnson and Fjeldheim tracts, for which <br />some two or three lots per acre are planned, rather than the formula of 1-3/11 lots <br />per acre set forth as assessment for the Sanitary Trunk Sewer. <br />Hayor Bredesen, referring petition to Planning Commission for study, told <br />petitioners the Commission is guided in its recommendations, and the Council is <br />guided in its consideration of plats, by the provisions of the present Zoning <br />Ordinance; that the requests contained in the petition are constructive, but that <br />legal troubles could ensue if Council attempted to enforce stronger restrictions <br />than those set forth in the ordinance. <br />ldr. Boyd prefaced his reading <br />I <br />Petitions, signed by some 75 property owners;. requesting simply that "proposed <br />project Trunk Sewer C-2 be rejected and discarded in its entirety" was presented, <br />representing the Indian Hills, Valley View Road area. <br />Letters from J. A. Danens E Son, owner of 78 acres; R.H.P. Investment Co., owner <br />of 21 acres; Wayne L. Twito, owner of Lot 2, Block 1, Schey's Park View Addition; Q. <br />A. Collins, owner of seven acres; and Arvid Carlson & Son, Inc., owners of 37 acres, <br />all in favor of project, were read. <br />Mr. Herrill Gunderson, 5919 Dewey Hill Road, told Council the najority of actual <br />residents of the area oppose the project; that he objects strongly to being asked to <br />subsidize developers, who have no one living in the area at present and who are going <br />to make a profit in selling their new homes; that if developers and the golf course <br />want sewer they should pay €or it. <br />As to Mr. Gunderson's statement about the golf course, Hayor Bredesen reported <br />the Golf Course can be adequately served by a private sewage disBosal system at a <br />much less cost than the assessment proposed for the trunk sewer line--that the project <br />is not proposed because of the golf course. It was added that the 334 platted lots