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2/17/64 <br />A. Construction of a seventeen story apartment building 170 <br />feet in height, with a setback of 142 feet on the North, <br />82 feet on the East and 120 feet on the South--this being <br />the Northeasterly of two units. (Requirement is a minimum <br />setback of 170 feet). <br />Construction of a seventeen story apartment building 170 <br />feet in heights, with a setback of 120 feet on the South <br />and 55 feet on the West--this being the Zouthwesterly of <br />two units. (Requirement is a minimum setback of 170 feet). <br />B. <br />1 <br />Attorney ?hilip Neville of Edina, Counsel for the Devco Company, asked Council <br />consideration of the Company muitiple dwelling community proposal, saying companyT <br />believes it is a good plan and that it will be good for Edina. <br />Byron Ireland, architect and land planner, for detailed explanation of the <br />proposal. <br />A Vu-Graph Slide was shown of the area proposed to be rezoned--which lies between <br />the Grosstown Highway on the north, W.66th Street on the south, the Pearce undeveloped <br />tract on the east, and the Fairview Hospital complex to the west. <br />He introduced Hr. <br />Showing detailed sketches, i4r. Ireland talked atsome, length about this comprehensive <br />plan, which will involve soine 100 two story town house units east of Barrie Road, some <br />200 cluster type 2 and 2-1/2 story apartments and two twin 17 story towers containing <br />192 units, west of Barrie-Road. <br />Objections were raised against the high rise apartments by : <br />would change its recommendation if it examined the site and realized property owners <br />to the north would have to look at these immense towers. <br />Hr. Floyd Slais, 6025 York, who asked that zoning remain unchanged. <br />said he moved to his present home knowing 2-1/2 story apartments were permissible <br />across the Crosstown Highway--but had no idea high rises would ever be considered. <br />Hr. John Xerrill, 6317 Peacedale, who suggested that if Council allows <br />these tall apartments without limitation, citizens will have no way of determining <br />how far apartments can go in Edina. <br />Hr. Ballard, Bancy Lane, who stated these twin apartments are about as tall <br />as the Southdale water tower and somewhat larger in scope than Foshay Tower; that there <br />will be some 132 units above the fifth floor--which will mean that 132 families will <br />enjoy a beautiful view of Edina at the expense of some 30,000 persons who must view <br />the tower apartments from thLground. <br />consideration in keeping apartment buildings down--in allowing no high rise apartments. <br />devaluate residential properties, and suggested that Council arrange to give tax relief <br />because of this devaluation. <br />Dr. Bjoraker, 6133 Beard Place, who told Council he had been assured’at the <br />time the Cross Town Highway want in that building would go no higher than 2-1/2 stories. <br />tlr. Johnson, 6220 Ewing Ave., who said he feels that no &e except the planners <br />is in favor of the high rise apartments. <br />1. Hr. Bede, 6212 Chowen Avenue, who stated he feels the Planning Commission <br />2. He <br />3. <br />4. <br />I He asked Council and Planning Commissfon <br />5. Resident at 6133 Beard Ave., who stated high rises in the neighborhood will <br />6. <br />7. <br />%ss Katherine Pearce, owner of the tract to the immediate east inquired as to <br />what will be constructed along the east line of the Devco tract, and was shown the <br />plan--the sides of the town house apartments being toward the east. <br />explained plan to I-liss Pearce and Council. <br />and Village Engineer Hite replied the pipe which now drains down Barrie Road will be <br />extended to the Pearce property line. <br />Gr. Ireland <br />Liliss Pearce also inquired about drainage, <br />ti Planning Commission’s recommendation, favorable to the proposal, was reviewed <br />by the Council; and I4ayor Bredesen inquired of the Devco representative as to the time <br />schedule on this development. <br />for early spring construction; the garden apartments over atwo-year period; that the <br />high rises would begin the-third year. <br />Llr. Ireland replied that the first 300 units are planned <br />I Tupa then moved that Council grant that part of the petition asking for Rezoning <br />from R-4 hltiple Residence District to R-3 hltiple Residence District of hka+pap+ert <br />Lot One, Block Three, Southdale Acres Addition, <br />Density requirements for R-3 LSultiple Residence District be granted; but that.the remainder <br />of the area remain in R-4 Liultiple Residence District and Council not consider rezoning it <br />until closer to time high rise apartments are ready for construction. llotion was seconded <br />by VanValkenburg, and was unanimously carried. <br />Question was raised from the audience as to whether this action in any way-opens <br />the door to rezoning for the high rise apartments at a later time, and Mayor Bredesen <br />stated this action in no way obligates the Council to rezone, should Devco’s petition <br />for rezoning to R-5 be presented again at a later date--and neither does it prohibit <br />consideration of such petition. <br />proceed with their plan without the R-5 rezoning, and Mr. Iver Young replied that Devco <br />believes in the plan as presented here tonight; they believe this plan is better for the <br />and that variances from Setback and <br />6 <br />Question was asked of Devco representatives as to whether they will be willing to <br />community with high rises than without them; and that if they go ahead with their multiple