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5/4/64 10 4 Plr. Shenehon also reported that the Prudential Bldg., (while not a high- <br />A copy of the Shenehon report was submitted to the Council <br />rise, still a massive structure) seems to have had no effect on the surrounding <br />residential area. <br />for reviex. <br />R-4 Zoning, Mr. Neville asked Mr. Shenehon if the high-rises would be more <br />successful economically, and fir. Shenehon replied <br />so, yes." <br />of the property, adding that anyone who has been in New York or Chicago knows <br />of the monotony of this type of development. <br />to the South the Southdale Shopping Center complex; to the West a new hospital <br />and medical building; to the North an expressway (which he described as one of <br />the most effective Barriers which could be developed against encroachment on <br />residential properties), and th the East, double bungalows, 1-Ir. Neville asked <br />Mr. Shenehon if, in Mr. Shenehon's expert opinion, the erection of high rise <br />apartments would have any adverse effect on the valuatiori of the residences North <br />of the expressway; and Mrm Shenehon replied that he could not believe, from his <br />investigation and research that it would have any effect whatsoever on property <br />values. <br />Mr. Benjamin Bermel, was next introduced by Mr. Neville, and stated that <br />as a real estate broker for about eighteen years he is familiar with the area <br />and was asked to take a look at this proposal and study it and (at question from <br />Mr, Neville) that he feels the high-rises will have no effect on the values of <br />the properties north of the Crosstown Highway;.that the high-rises will complement <br />the area. <br />statements as to sale by Dayton Development Company to Devco and the restrictions <br />placed upon this sale. <br />the Southdale development showed the area north of 66th Street as an apartment <br />development (this was in 1952-3); that later, in 1955, the Company came in with a <br />refined plan, which showed high rises in the area; that the matter of high-rises <br />in the location is no immediate surprise to the neighborhood or the Council. <br />Asked by I4r. Neville what he thinks about the effect high' rises will have on the <br />valuations of single family properties, 1-5r. Crear told Council the lots in Southdale <br />residential area doubled in value the day the plans for Southdale Shopping Center <br />were announced <br />Mr. Byron Ireland, Architect for the Devco project, showed a llskyline'l <br />sketch of the area--the Hatertower, 210 ' 9'' talL, the Southdale Shopping Center, <br />1,000,000 Sq.Ft., the Medical Center, 70' tall, the Hospital, 100' tall, and the <br />proposed towers, 170' tall, then the other proposed apartments, and the residantial <br />buildings. <br />' building, straight north, was 1570 Ft.; Northwest, 1200 Ft. Mr. Ireland said that <br />R-4 Zoning would be disastrous, here; that developers are attempting to make some- <br />thing more pleasant by striking a balance of densities; that they cannot do a good <br />job of renting the periphery apartments without the community facilities planned <br />for the center of the project; that he believes the towers will be a tremendous <br />asset to the area. <br />Village and the neighborhood will be enhanced greatly by the proposed plan as opposed <br />to the typical 2-1/2 story complex; that Devco is trying for better use of land and <br />higher value for apartments. <br />of importance to Devco, or they wouldn't come back to Council so soon; that Devco <br />people are decent people; Dayton people are interested in having the development; <br />the Planning Commission has gone into the proposal at some length and has unanimously <br />approved; that he submits this is a matter that is merieorious, and would like <br />action at this time, favorable to construction of the two high rise apartments. <br />compared with R-4 apartments. <br />two and three and one-half million dollars is earmarked for the towers, whereas about <br />half this amount would be spent for the other type apartments. <br />asked as to whether this area is in the Richfield School District. Answer, yes. <br />playgounds and lots of other things that have all disappeared in this area, asked <br />for answers to several questions relative to this proposal, and some questions <br />pertaining generally to the matter of rezoning for high rises. <br />As to this specific proposal, he asked (1) what consideration is being given <br />to the proposed restrictive o d' ance by the State relative to high rise structures <br />surrounding the airport: (2) &e~e there is a Village Ordinance, or a part of the <br />Building Code which requires booster pumps for high-risea; Saying he had asked for <br />a provision requiring booster pumps some time ago, Mr. Tupa suggested that such <br />provision be made a requirement now, before zoning is considered. As to the ' <br />height restriction relative to airport, Nr. Hyde reported the Natertower had been <br />approved, subject to its having a light; and, as regards the booster pumps, Mr. <br />Hite replied that the building code does provide that adequate water supplies must <br />be furnished to each dwelling unit--which would demand installation of booster pumps. <br />Showing a drawing of the type of development pe-issible under the present <br />would be inclined to think <br />He added he does not think the Rw.4 plaan is the highest and best use <br />Describing fhe land useage surrounding the proposed'apartment development-- <br />I <br />Mr. William Crear of Southdale Development Company confirmed Mr. Neville's <br />1 Mr. Crear told Council that the original master plan of <br />I He said the distance from the apartments to -ishe nearest residential <br />I4r. Iver Young, one of the principals of Devco, said he is convinced that the <br />In summing up, Mr, Neville told Council that the matter of the twin towers is <br />Someone from the audience asked what the comparative tax base would bee-towers <br />Mr. Ireland replied about two to one; that between <br />Question was also <br />I Trustee Tupa, saying that the Council has had plans for apartments, showing <br />WE +Rer <br />On the general subject, Mr. Tupa inquired about the contemplated height of the