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5/18/64 <br />COUNCgL AHARTIS CONTRACT -TO BURY E CARLSON, INC. FOR STREET IHPROVEMENTS (ASPHALT <br />CONCRETE PAVING AND PCC CURB AND GUTTER) AND GXVES IIdPROVEMENTS PERMNENT PROJECT <br />IWMBERS. filananer Hvde presented Tabulation of Bids taken May 15th on several street I improvements enumerated-below with their temporary project n;mb'ers and the pemanet <br />numbers requested for thep: . <br />Requested <br />GUTTER fN THE FOLLOHING: <br />Present <br />Temporary Permanent <br />Project Project <br />CONSTRUCTIOH OF ASPHAL? CONCRETE PAVING AND PORTLAND CEMENT CONCRETE CURB AND <br />No. <br />STREET IMPR <br />1964-1 <br />1964-2 <br />1964-3 <br />Locat ion No b .. STREET IMPR. <br />Rosemary Lane from Valley View Rd. to Cul-de-sac. BA- 5 7 <br />Dublin Circle from N.67th St. to end of Cul-de-sac. BAG 5 8 <br />tierold Dr. from Grove St. to ISycliffe Rd. BA-59 <br />1964-5 WillXam Ave. from W.5lst St. to Interlachen Blvd. BA-60 <br />1964-6 V.59th St. from Concord Aver to Wooddale Ave.; BA-61 <br />I <br />B..60th St. from Concord Ave. to Wooddale Ave.; <br />W.6lst St. from Wooddale Ave. to Brookview Ave. <br />1964-7 Beard Place from W.62nd St. to Crosstown Hwy. BA-62 <br />1964-9 Stuart Ave. from Grove St. to 60' S, of centerline of BA- 6 3 <br />Benton Ave. ; and <br />Benton Ave. from Stuart Ave. to Tracy Ave. <br />1964-10 . Richmond Lane between Richmond Dr. and 17indsor Ave. BA-64 <br />B-76 Fiest side of Concord Ave. from Southview Lane to <br />CONSTRUCTION OF PORTLAND CEMENT CONCRETE CURB AND GUTTER ONLY IN: <br />School Road B-76 <br />CONSTRUCTION OF ASPHALT CONCRETE PAVING ONLY IN: <br />1964-8 Ashcroft Ave. from Valley View Road to W.6Oth St. A-157 <br />19 64-4.' A-156 View Lane from Highway #l69 to Schaefer Road; <br />Schaefer Road from View Lane to Stauder Circle; <br />Stauder Circle from.Schaefer Road to N. line of Parkwood <br />Knolls 12th Addn. <br />Knoll Drive.from Parkwood Road to Schaefer <br />Replace- Schaefer Road from Stauder Circle north to Knoll Drive; <br />Tabulation of Bids showed receipt of bids from seven bidders, with Bury E Carlson, <br />Inc. low bidder at $116,231.35; Black Top Service Co., second-low at $124,167.10; <br />Hiawatha Cement Co., third-low at $126,972.15, and Reigger Roadways, Inc., high . <br />bidder at $137,162.00. Engineer's Estimate was $151,266.25. Manager Hyde <br />recommended that Council award contract to low bidder, Bury E Carlson, Inc., and <br />rename projects to the itpermanent Improvement" numbers requested. <br />renaming projects as recommended and awarding contract for said projects to Bury <br />E Carlson, Inc., was seconded by VanValkenburg and carried. <br />-0- <br />ment <br />I <br />Tupa's motion, <br />IHF'ROVEMENT PETITIONS ACCEPTED. HEARING TO BE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE FOR SEkER ON <br />HILLPOND PLACE. <br />Clerk presented the following.Improvement Petition for Council action. <br />was made that there is an emergency on 14illpond Place, which has occasioned the <br />petition for Sanitary Sewer, <br />Eiiote <br />1. Petition <br />Residence <br />' 2. Sanitary <br />3, Oiling <br />4. Oiling <br />5.' Oiling <br />6. Oiling <br />7. Oiling <br />8. Oiling <br />9. Oiling <br />10'. Oiling <br />of Dietrich-Francis Co. , Inc, <br />site at 44th and Brookside. <br />Sewer - Millpond Place from WestbrQok Lane to Railroad R/W. <br />Walnut Drive <br />Vilryan Ave.., W.64th St. to W.65th St*. <br />Nilryan Ave. , G1.65th St, to i.I.66th St . <br />Arthur St., tIaloney, North to Turn-Around. <br />Harrison Ave., Belmore Lane to Village Limits, <br />Division St., Brookside Ave. ,to Rutledge Ave. <br />Belmore Lane, Harrison Ave. to VanBuren Ave. <br />Kaymar Drive, Blake Rd. to Eden Prairie Rd.; and <br />Jeffrey Lane,-Blake Rd. to Kaymar Drive. <br />for Vatemain to serve Hultiple <br />VanValkenburg's motion that Petitions be accepted and referred to Village Engineer <br />for programming, with understanding that Public Hearing will be scheduled for "just <br />as soon as possible" on 1-lillpond Place Sanitary Sewer was seconded by Rixe and <br />carried. <br />for June 3. l4eetiag). I <br />(See action of later in meeting, scheduling Hearing for Flillpond Place <br />COUNCIL SCHEDULES PUBLIC HEARING FOR JUNE 1, ON STON PETITIOWFOR REZONING SOUT~AST - <br />CORNER W.70TH ST. AND CAHILL ROAD FOR GASOLINE STATION. <br />his written request of Flay 7, addressed to Mr. George Hite, for Council action &.the <br />petition of The Stow Company for the Rezoning of "All that part of the North 14 Rods <br />of the West 20 Kods of that part of the Northeast 1/4 of the Mortheast 1/4 of Section 8, <br />Township 116, Range 21, lying Southerly of County Road 28", otherwise described as the <br />Southeast Corner, Ckhill Road and W.70th St., for gasoline service station. Mr. Brill <br />Mr. Josiah E. Brill supported