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5/17/65 105. <br />I. <br />mislead the Council and audience. <br />the petitioners had not made every effort to correct their private sewage system <br />defects. <br />receive the drainage of swimming pools or similar facilities. <br />Thorson submitted the opposition of the Larsen's to the proposal for lack of <br />"adequate need." <br />and stated that he had a drainfield which was completely under water. <br />stated that it has not been established that Wheeler has an established health <br />problem. Mr. John Frasz, 6540 Tingdale Avenue, interjected that he had a similar <br />sewage problem a year earlier, but had no problem in going through the Health <br />Department to establish the problem. Mrs. Larsen told Frasz to remain silent <br />because he was not invited to this hearing and did not live in the area of the <br />proposed project, <br />Mr, E. E. Quinn, 5209 Schaefer Road, and Mrs, Harold Schaefer, 5117 Schaefer Road, <br />questioned whether or not those smaller properties at the north end of Schaefer <br />Road could be serviced without including the rest of the properties indthe area. <br />Mrs. Larsen stated that she had talked with a realtor recently and received the <br />impression that the Wheeler property did not even have a drainfield. It allegedly <br />had a system that could adequately serve the property for approximately ten years. <br />She stated that if a drainfield were in the property, there would be no problem <br />at this time. Wheeler stated that he did have a drainfield, as required by the <br />Village ordinance, and requested Mrs. Larsen to confine the discussion to the <br />limits of sanity. <br />along the long dimension of the Wheeler property. <br />make another statement at this point. <br />speak again since he was not ''invited" to the hearing. <br />the fact that Wheeler's system was inoperable was not due to a defect in the <br />system itself, but due to the fact that there was excessive surface water on the <br />prcperty. <br />The Aanensons and Nelsons, have had problems with their systems and they have been <br />constructed within two years, <br />of whether or not the majority of abutting properties could successfully oppose <br />such an improvement that the experience of the Council has been that delaying <br />or rejecting such improvements merely compounds the problems and causes the <br />affected property owners to return for the improvement within a few years.' <br />The basic question, he stated, is not immediate need, rather the expected need <br />for sewer within the next several years. <br />comparable lot sizes, such as Indian Hills and Prospect Hills, are presently <br />experiencing trouble with wells and sewage systems. <br />improvement is an insurance forthe Schaefer Road area that when it is required <br />in the near future it will be available, The project could either be installed <br />in the total length of Schaefer Road or could be installed at the north end of <br />the street to serve the properties in immediate need. It would, however, have <br />to be installed at a greater depth in order to allow for the eventual connection <br />for the rest of Schaefer Road, <br />of the proposed sewer. <br />Mrs. Larsen interrupted. <br />the gavel, but Mrs, Larsen continued. Mayor Bredesen informed her that unless * <br />she stopped talking she would be asked to leave the Council Chambers. Mrs. Larsen <br />replied that she would have the Police Department escort her back and that she was <br />not afraid of the Mayor, <br />her out. <br />her that she was not invited to disrupt the meeting. Hite continued to explain <br />that it would be possible to install the beginning of the system, adequate to serve <br />the properties in immediate need, at; a cost of approximately $2,100.00 per lot. <br />The other fourteen lots south of the properties in immediate need would be assessed <br />approximately $500,00 per lot to pay for the additional depth the pipe would have <br />to be installed at to allow future extension to the south. At the time of their <br />connection, they would pay the equivalent of $2,190.00, or whatever the individual <br />share of extending the pipe would ber <br />surfacing, therefore could not be compared to the $2,800.00 proposed assessment <br />for installing the complete project at this time. Mrs. Larsen stated that if any <br />project were to be considered favorably at this hearing that it should be for the <br />complete project, not an abbreviated one with facility for future extension. She <br />would then be in favor of, not opposed to, the complete system so that all properties <br />would pay the same share as her property would. <br />of replacing Wheeler's private system to demonstrate her reluctance to see anyone <br />suffer. <br />it and subdivided if the project were approved. <br />New England, she said. <br />per lot assessment for those not abutting the shorter pipe, would be an acceptable <br />solution, <br />assessment rather than the full assessment Mrs. Larsen agreed. Mayor Bredesen <br />stated that it would be impossible to defer payment fpr an improvement that was <br />installed and ready to use by the Larsens. <br />installation of storm sewer on Schaefer Road were answered by Mr. Hite in stating <br />Thorson further contended that it appeared that <br />Also, according to Thorson, the proposed sewer is not intended to <br />On these bases <br />Mr. Wheeler questioned Thorson's critepia of adequate need, <br />Mrs. Larsen <br />Mayor Bredesen called for order to be established in the audience. <br />Mrs. Larsen suggested that another drainfield then be constructed <br />Mr. John Frasz attempted to <br />Tdrs. Larsen said she did not want Frasz to <br />Mrs. Larsen stated that <br />Mrs. Wheeler represented that two other petitioners for the project, <br />Mayor Bredesen, at this point, replied to a question <br />Manager Hyde stated that areas of <br />He stated that the proposed <br />Mr. Hyde requested Mr. Hite to explain the contour <br />Before Hite was able to explain the progile of the project, <br />Mayor Bredesen attempted to restore order by striking <br />The Mayor told her the Police would be the ones to escort <br />She insisted that she was invited to the meeting, but Bredesen informed <br />This would not include permanent street -- <br />She even offered to bear the cost <br />Mrs. Larsen promised that her property would be voided of the home upon <br />This would allow her to move to <br />Mr. Dahlquist proposed that the partial project, with $500.00 <br />Mr, Thorson requested that the Larsen's be included in the $500.00 <br />Questions regarding the possible