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2f <br />Motion for the adoption of the resolution was seconded by Tupa and on Rollcall there <br />were four ayes and no nays as.follows: <br />aye; VanValkenburg, aye; Bredesen, aye; <br />ATTEST : <br />acldillan , aye; Tupa , <br />4- <br />Ut/ <br />Village Clerk <br />CONTRACT AWARDED FOR 2 DUbP TRUCKS. Affidavits of Publication in' the Edina-Horningside . .". \. Courier and Construction Bulletin were presented by Clerk, which Affidavits were <br />approved as to form. and ordered placed on file. <br />for two 25,500 lb. G,V.W, Trucks with Dump Box of the only bidder, International <br />Harvester Company as follows: 1956 liIodel Trade-in, $4,982.85; 1957 kdel Trade-in, <br />$4,782.85. <br />by the closing of many businesses on December 31 was given as the probable cause of <br />the fact that there was only one bidder. <br />bid to International Harvester Company, as recommended, was seconded by Mr, Tupa <br />and unanimously carried. <br />Manager. Hyde. presented tabulation <br />I Estimated cost for each unit was given at $5,000.00. Confusion caused <br />Mr. VanValkenburg's motion for award of <br />PICK-UP TRUCK TO BE'RE-ADVERTISED. <br />Pick-up truck, which had been advertised along with the dump trucks, it was detemined <br />to re-advertise fob truck bias. <br />Because no bids were received for the 1/2 Ton <br />STREET NAME CHANGE HEARING DATE FOR JANUARY 17 was set on request to change 'IImperial <br />Drive'' to "Malibu Drive", by motion of Mr. VanValkenburg, seconded by &%I. MacMillkn <br />and carried. <br />MORNINGSIDE ANNEXATION ACCEPTED. <br />on the financial implications to Edina of the proposed Morningside annexation, a copy <br />of which is attached and made a part hereof, was considered. <br />Council that the letter from the Minnesota Municipal Commission had stated that action <br />approving or rejecting the proposed annexation must be taken within 30 days. <br />some discussion, Mr. Tupa ofgered the following resolution and moved its adoption: <br />Manager Hyde's report as requested by the Council <br />1-b. Hyde becalled to <br />After <br />RESOLUTION <br />WHEREAS; the Minnesota Piunicipal Commission, has of its own motion initiated <br />a petition for the annexation of the Village OF Morningside to the Village of Edina, <br />and, <br />WHEREAS, the Commission has requested, as of December 15, 1965, that the Village <br />Council of Edina, in accordance with the provisions of Minnesota Statutes 4L4.04, approve <br />or reject the proposed annexation, and, <br />WHEREAS, the Village Council has consiaered a report by the Village 14anager of <br />Edina, dated December 31, 1965, on the costs involved to the Village of Edina if ihe <br />Village of Norningside is annexed, which indicates that Morningside could be annexed <br />to Edina without obligating Edina taxpayers for additional net expenses because of <br />the annexation, <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Village Council of the Village of Edina <br />that the Minnesota Municipal Commission be advised the Village of Edina will accept <br />the annexation of the Village of Morningside if the Commission, after proper hearing, <br />determines such annexation is in the best interests of both Villages, and if a majority <br />of the Morningside voters approve such'annexation at an election called by the <br />Commission. <br />I <br />Motion for adoption of the resolution was seconded by bkcMi1lan and on Rollcall, there <br />were four ayes and no nays as follows: <br />aye; Tupa, aye; VanValkenburg; aye; <br />Mr. <br />ATTEST : <br />Mayor <br />Village Clerk <br />TRAFFIC SIGNAL REQUESTED FOR T,H. 100 AT W. 77TH STREET. Mr. Hyde advised that State <br />plans for ,Highway 100 call for a future grade separation at (1. 76th Street. Mr. Hite <br />stated that with Edina Industrial'Park on the west side and the Rauenhorst Development <br />on the east, traffic conditions are going to become progressively worse. <br />requested Council to recommend to the State Highway Department that signals be <br />installed as a temporary measure until the interchange is completed, <br />he considered this a real problem even at the present time, VanValkenburg offered <br />the following resolution and moved its adoption:: <br />I 24r. Hite <br />Stating that